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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 32

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Thirty One, read it HERE

I woke up the next morning to find Isla dressing up.She was seated on the bed with her back facing me as she clasped on her bra.She had already put on her panties and her ebony smooth back reflected in the early morning glow.The lady was adorable.Too bad she was a walking killing machine….Yes she was the leader and Baroness of a female fratertnity.And her callous and cold hearted nature was masqueraded by her striking beauty.Yet she was a she-devil.

I stretched and yawned, and she turned back to see me wriggling on the bed.

“You’re awake”, she said.”I was thinking you were waiting for your capone to come kick you up”

I could feel a pang of headache and slight drowsiness.Then the events of the previous night began to fall in place….the weed….the alcohol….the wild s*x….oh my God.My head hurt.

“Ouuuch”, i winced grabbing my head.

She stood up and began to put on her gown.

“You whimpered like a baby last night”, she said amidst chuckles.


“Yeah….you even begged me to stop…even calling me mummy” and she laughed out.

“I guess it was the weed”, i cut in

“That’s the more reason you shouldn’t dope again.It’s not your thing”. Then she threw my clothes at me,”Get dressed!” she said picking her purse and walking to the door” That was when i saw the mermaid tattoo (through her slitted dress) on her right thigh.

“Hope to see you again”, she said on getting to the door,”And for the records…i enjoyed your d!ck” and she walked out, slamming the door behind her.

“Flame! Flame!!”, i heard the Capone call out to me.”O boy come out from my room.You no dey go lectures?”

Imagine Capone asking me about lecture.Wonders shall never end.Instead im go talk sey he want me to start to dey go.

“Boss i dey come”, i hollered sliding on my boxers.

When i was done, i strolled out of the room to meet the whole place in disarray (aftermath of the party) with bottles of liquour and used condoms while semi-nudë girls lay on the tiled floor, and some on the sofa.I guessed the ladies had an õrgy with my guys.One of them even mumbled in her sleep “oh baby i want more”…..imagine this junkie.These girls were really wild.Most of them were Isla’s girls.It was later i learnt that Isla was involved in a prostitution and drug ring in and outside the campus.She was a stunch Pîmp too.And the capone was networking with her.They both struck deals frequently in which she brought the deals and the capone executed them (with our aid).Afterwhich they shared the spoils.In a sense, it wouldn’t be wrong to say Isla was more conected and powerful than Sloane, the capone, owing mostly to her father’s influence.But when it came to being brutal, the capone was flawless.

The guys were sitting at the capone’s verandah outside by that 9:00 am when i met them.Some still had their shirts hung around their shoulders.And they looked up the moment i walked towards them and began to cheer me.

“Niggie how far naa?” Muzy asked,”The babe squeeze you wella?

“You no hear am dey shout like he goat last night?” one of the guys said.His name was Skontoribo…or Skonto for short.

“Well, she was awesome”, i replied taking a seat. The guys told me how lucky i was to f*ck Isla.Muzy told me that the capone was the only person within the brotherhood to have tasted the Baroness’ honeypot.And this was an opportunity they always longed for.

“Guy you lucky oo”, Skonto stated.

Gradually the sleeping babes began to file out from the house, announcing their deparure (while some of the guys took the pleasure of spanking their butts as they passed by) and some left us with pecks.We were still basking in the euphoria of the beautiful women when my phone rang and i picked.

“Why all man no dey pick call naa?” he asked.

“All of us dey outside.Na only me dey here with my phone”

“Omo yawa don gas oo” he sounded tensed.

“Guy na wetin be that?”

“Omo, ship don sail…a brother don fall”

“Ship sail for where?” i asked putting the other guys on edge as they sat up in alert.

“Make una fall in school, for Choba campus…make una lie low oo” and he cut the call.

I passed the message to the others and the capone before we all dispersed.This was a Code Red, so we didn’t need to be together at that moment.

That same morning i got to Choba campus to find a crowd gathered round at a spot.The whole place buzzed with the situation on ground as people shrugged and murmured (as they left the spot) at the sight they had just beheld.So i moved closer to the crowd, fighting my way through and then i saw it….the lifeless body of Henry.He was one of us.His shirt torn and bloodied as he lay still with a look of desperation on his face.Who could have done this, i wondered.Information revealed that he was gunned down by the early hours of the morning just after he left the capone’s house.

As i watched Henry lie still, i imagined what his last thoughts were…what he felt before his last breath.This was someone’s only son lying dead….A dream cut short….A dream never to be achieved.What a pity! I saw the other guys step into the crowd seperately, and we all pretended not to know each other.Like i said earlier, this was a moment to lie low.So as not to raise suspicion.

We were still there within the crowd when the police arrived, walking briskly to the spot (as my guys began to walk away one after the other) and i identified one of the officers as Detective Kolawole.He was the one who had interrogated me at the hospital when Frank’s group made an attempt on my life.It wouldn’t be nice if he saw me there, concerning the same fraternity related fiasco.It would point a suspicious finger at me.So i discreetly left the crowd, avoiding his lingering gaze.


The recent event (concerning Henry’s death) called for an emergency meeting within the fraternity.So on that dark night, we all sat quietly on tree trunks, round a bonfire with bare torsos awaiting the the capone’s arrival..We sat silently absent the usual gyrations and chantings.There were no liquors and festivity.It was a sorrowful moment for us and a time for vengeance.No man uttered a word to the other as each man reflected within himself.It didn’t take long before the capone stepped in with the ‘ever frowning’ Executioner behind him, and we acknowledged his presence.

“We have lost a brother”, the capone began,”But we cannot let it go just like that.We must find the culprits”.

(we all murmured in unison)

The capone told us he had called on our patrons for assistance.The Patrons were Lecturers and Elder-statesmen (some politicians) who sponsored us.The patrons always made weapons and cash available to us through middle men; and not everyone knew who they were.

“This is a hit on us”, he continued,”And our Intels will go to the length of the earth in search of the culprits….and then we shall strike back”

“WE SHALL STRIKE BACK!” we all chanted

“They have opened the gates of hell”, the capone said coldly,”And now they shall feel our inferno”

This was war!!!

To Be Continued…

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