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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 31

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Thirty, read it HERE

Damn it!….Isla was damn s*xy**.Her round (average size) Bosom was now on display as her black dress dropped to her feet and my d!ck nodded.My vision was blurring owing to the weed, but i could notice her dark areola and curvy hips, and she smiled crawling up the bed.She had this devouring look in her eyes (which scared me to an extent) and i jerked my hands trying to get the cuffs off.And she giggled, bending over my groin and took my throbbing c0ck in her mouth.That singular action by her sent shivers around my body and my hands accepted their bondage.

My thigh muscles were spasming as this s*x goddess licked my d!ck.She slid her tongue (slowly) from the base to the tip and i groaned deeply, jerking, and she squeezed my balls…the pain was pleasurable.

“Don’t move or i’ll squeeze harder” she threatened.

How was i to stay still with the magic she was doing to my body.She wrapped her slender tongue around my ‘cap’ and flicked it repeatedly……ohh, the feeling was awesome, causing me to gasp with my eyes wide open.I was trying as much as possible not to move, but you can’t endure such teasing and stay still.So i jerked involuntarily and she squeezed my balls harder, i groaned.Isla loved giving pleasure and pain together.She was a Dominiatrix, and i was at her mercy.

The weed was not helping matters as it had enhanced the sadomasochistic part of her sexuality, while the room kept spinnig in my eyes as i hyperventilated.And she grabbed the base of my shaft and sucked hard on me, bobbing her head up and down (repeatedly) as saliva kept dribbling down my groin and balls.Then her mouth let go off my d!ck with a popping sound and she wiped her lips with the back of her right hand, and smiled mischieviously at me.

“Weed and s*x huh”, she rasped.”I hope you can handle this”.

I was really enjoying her domineering attitude and she rubbed her pusse with her right hand (she moaned) and extended the hand to my face smearing her juice allover my face.Before i could guess her next action, she crawled upwards and sat on my face with her wet open cuñt on my lips.

“C’mon suck mummy”, she rasped and began to grind her snatch on my lips…

Out of reflex, my eager tongue shot into her Kitty-Cat and she threw her head backwards, drawing in a deep breath.

My tongue began to lap around her vulva and labials (simultaneously) and she moaned softly.I could feel her juice dripping onto my lips as i ate her puss-puss greedily.I used my tongue to trace around her labials and her waist rotated along, grinding on my face.I kept repeating the action over and over till i moved to her swollen clit and sucked on it…she shuddered and gyrated her hips in response.Then i began to play my tongue on her clit causing her to ride my face vigorously and wheezing aloud.

“Ohh yeah…that’s it” she cooed

Her juice was now oozing out and almost sipping into my nostrils (it felt like drowning) and i was almost suffocating between her fleshy thighs as i flailed my head from side to side in search of oxygen.She seemed to notice my predicament and lifted her booty off my face, looking down at me.

“Where did you learn to do that?” she asked and i meant to reply, but my words slurped like that of a toddler.The weed was incapacitating my power of speech, too bad.Before you could say Jack, the Baroness was already riding me like a cowgirl.

Her pusse clenched so tight over my shaft and she kept bouncing her soft Buttocks on me.Her Buttocks cheeks were caressing my groin as she rode me.She was moaning aloud “ohh yeahh, ohh yeahh” pressing her palms into my chest.I loved the expression on her face while she f*cked me.Through my hazy vision, i noticed her breasts bouncing flawalessly and i felt like grabbing them, but my hands were cuffed and that spurred a frustration in me.Imagine when you can see but you can’t touch, no matter how hard you try.

She was now riding me frantically.She was not just a Dominiatrix, she was a tigress in bed.She f*cked me till i began to beg and whimper like a sissy, forcing me to mumble incoherenty: “Ohh mummy…please….ohh f*ck me..ohh stop…i’m dying…i’m dying…yeyyy” and she kept pounding me and smiling victoriously.She wanted to make me beg and she continued riding me non-stop for almost 25 minutes.About 60% of what i said that night was because of the weed and 40% was because of her sexual prowess.So i kept ranting and mumbling in my euphoria,”Ohh the bed is falling….the bed is sinking….i’m sinking, i’m sinking”.And i began to hallucinate, feeling the bed floating in the air and my heart thumped in anxiety at the sexual pleasure and weed induced euphoria as she tweaked my nippIes.This action sent vibes around my body and my waist pumped upwards for a few seconds, and i groaned aloud (she dismounted) as my Fluid shot upwards in spurts with me vibrating in a breathtaking orgasm.

She rode me once more that night till i begged her to stop, before she hit her climax and squirted over my stomach.She had a satisfactory grin on her face (afterwards) as she took off the cuffs.By then i was already worn out and very high (with the whole room spinning in my head) as i gently drifted into a post orgasmic slumber.

To Be Continued…

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