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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 30

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Twenty Nine, read it HERE

My eyes twitched as I slept deeply, thrashing my head (from side to side) and breathing deeply in my sleep……I was now standing in the dark school field and there was Timi staggering towards me, his shirt bloodied.”Help me!” he gasped stretching his right hand to me, almost slumping.And I lifted my hands to help him, instead there was a pistol in my hand.How did the gun get into my hand? I asked myself.Then the capone appeared from no where with the Executioner behind him.

“Shoot him” the capone ordered.

And I looked at Timi who was pleading his last and I took the shot…….”Jesus!” I gasped jerking awake from the nightmare and Adaora scrambled awake beside me (we were both nãked).

“Baby, what’s it?” she asked.I didn’t reply but kept on panting.She asked again,”Another nightmare?” and I nodded slowly.The ordeal of the previous night was still lingering in my head and Timi’s memory was acting as a hallucinogen.I looked at the clock on the wall it was 3:00 am in the morning.And I wiped the sweat off my forehead.

“Get dressed and go to your room” I ordered Adaora.She was quite shaken the way I had addressed her without respect (not minding our age difference) but the candour in my voice could not be defiled.She moved closer to me (her big breasts jiggling) and held my chin.

“I wanna be beside you”, she insisted.

“No you can’t it’s almost day break and someone could notice you here”

“Goodie look at me”, she insisted,”Just look at me baby….you need my help”

“I don’t need any help”

“Ofcourse you do.I’m a Psychologist…I can help you”

“No!” I yelled and she jerked looking at me soberly.I had done that unintentionally.

“Look, i’m sorry”, I apologized.

“It’s okay”, she said sliding down the bed to pick up her nightie.I felt guilty as I watched her slip the pink nightgown on her curvaceous body.The s*x we had earlier was damn good in which she moaned beneath me asking for more.

She put on her house slippers and was ready to leave the room.And I spoke up:

“I hope you understand”, I stated,”We could get caught”

“Yeah…I do understand”, and she eyed me and turned towards the door.When she got to the door, she stopped suddenly and turned to face me.

“You can always confide in me anytime.I promise to be all ears and discreet”, she said and walked out.

The lady was right.I needed help.I needed help from myself because I was now riding on self destruct mode…like a time bomb.And it was only in a matter of time and my dark side would get the better part of me.This was not what I bargained for.I wanted a way out of my troubles and ended up acruing more of them.My mum would turn in her grave at what i had become, i thought to myself.And i broke down in tears falling back to the sheets and soaking them in my tears.

We finally succeeded in delivering the package to the third party and were payed handsomely for the job.So the brotherhood decided to throw a party at the capone’s house to unwind from the stress and palaver of the previous week.The capone was a man who knew how to enjoy himself.His lifestyle, just like the rest of us was all about crime and women.And I was beginning to imbibe the lewd culture into my system.I no longer attended lectures and my academics were now secondary or even non-existent in my schedule.I was quickly going down the drain.

“O boy waz up naa?” the capone said to me as I stepped into the party zone.He was surrounded by ladies, some of them I knew from other departments while the others looked strange and weird.The air was murked up with marijuana and alcohol and I shook hands with the capone before going to join the others.We sat in a round table, with bottles of brandy on display as the beautiful ladies flocked around us.

I had invited Kemi earlier to join me but she had told me she would be attending an uncle’s burial in Ogun state which happens to be her state.And I wouldn’t dare bring Nkem to such a place.Her previous experience at Frank’s party had instilled fear into her.So I was rather womanless (if there was a word like that) as I sat sipping a glass of Baileys (Forget the damn hype on champagne.Baileys is the bomb).

The men around were beginning to smoke and pass weed from one hand to another but I declined to have a taste, since I hadn’t tried it before.Then plates of steaming hot pepper soup were served and I began to do justice to it.But there was something weird about the peppersoup.It didn’t have the usual taste I was farmiliar with.I asked the men around if they noticed the same thing and they all laughed aloud.

“Guy why you dey do like jew man?”, one of them said as the ladies joined the guys in their raucous laughter.I couldn’t be fooled for a minute.I knew there was something wrong with what I had just eaten.Then I noticed one of the ladies (sitting opposite) smiling at me.She had been staring at me that way since I took a seat at the table.And there was something different about her from the other ladies.While the other ladies were busy smooching my guys, the lady sat amidst the men, crossed legged and chatting with them.She had this aura which commanded reslect.She leaned towards Muzy and whispered something into his ear, and Muzy turned to look at her.

“Ehhn? Make I tell am? he asked and the girl nodded her head, still looking at me.She was damn pretty.

“Anyway bros”, Muzy said to me.”Na I igbó dem use prepare the peppersoup”.

“What?!” I exclaimed.I thought as much.

“It’s okay hun”, the lady said.”I prepared it myself”.

I couldn’t believe I had consumed weed in edible form.Well, the did was already done.So I had no choice than to empty my plate.

We kept chatting and laughing while the pretty lady kept smiling and observing me.She had now joined the bandwagon in smoking weed and she would puff the smoke upwards, stylishly as if to impress me.She seemed to be a real bad girl.The men were now high, then I turned to Toby who was seated beside me.

“Who be that babe?” I asked indicating at the girl.

“Her name is Ada (real name witheld),”Toby explained,”But we call her Isla”.And he sucked on his wrap of weed.

Toby told me Isla was the Baroness of a female Sorority (i.e female fraternity / name withheld).And was the daughter of the Vice Chancellor of one of the state owned universities in the country.Little wonder she commanded such respect among her peers, even amongst my guys.

I was now beginning to feel slightly dizzy and my eyes were becoming heavy.I guessed it was the effect of the peppersoup and weed.Isla seemed to notice my predicament and stood up, walking round the table and came to seat next to me.

“I guess your friends have told you about me”, she said blowing her smoke on my face.

She was wearing a black slitted gown which exposed her fleshy thighs (through the slit) as she crossed her leg.And her cleavage was on full display as her average size b00bs were almost popping out the top of her dress.She was chubby and s*xy**.Isla noticed me staring at her b00bs and she rubbed her thigh sensualy.

“You seem to like me”, she said observing me.

“No…err…yes”, I stuttered and she cackled like a witch (she was damn high).

“You fit carry? Your weight reach?” she asked.

“No be tõto you get? Abi you dey chop person?” I asked

She tilted her face sideways and observed me for a while and burst into laughter, turning left to nudge Toby.

“Toby I like this your guy oo”, she said and turned to face me.”You seem like an interesting fellow” and her face creased seriously.Then she brought the weed to my lips and I turned away, and she looked intently at me.

“You wan fall my hand? A whole Lycan Emeritus”, she said.

That was my title as a past leader and founder of Lycans.The fact that the title was coming from the mouth of a very s*xy** woman and the challenge attached was enough to make me succumb.And I reluctantly sipped on the wrap of weed as my lungs bloated instantly and i coughed sporadically.Isla tapped my back continuously in a bid to control my cough.We smoked the weed together, chatting and laughing as her breasts would bounce each time she laughed and my d!ck stirred.

By now she was as high as the mountains and she drew closer to me, our heads almost clustered together as we began to chat in whispers like junkies.We were now in a world of our own not minding the presence of the people around (typical feeling of being high).At a point she started caressing my thighs and fõndling hers.Then she flicked her left index finger beckoning on me to draw closer, which I did (I thought she wanted to whisper into my ear).And she licked my ear and burst into laughter (I joined her in laughing).

I was beginning to feel light headed and giddy.And everything seemed funny to me.I was now on a different platform and the euphoria felt so wonderful.I felt like I was ontop of the world and my surrounding seemed void and non-existent.Soon Isla rested her head on my right shoulder and we began to say lewd and dirty things.

“Owww, I want a d!ck”, she purred.

Her right thigh was now fully open and I must say it was smooth and spotless.Isla could pass for a beauty queen, walahi! (Her hand roamed my chest)

“Are you hõrny?” I asked.

“Yeahhh….so f*cking hõrny”, she squeezed my nippIe.”I feel like taking off my panties”.

“You wanna take off your panties?”

“Yerrrr…like I hell I want to boy”

The weed was making me very bold and my right hand moved to her thigh and slid upwards to her crotch, touching her pusse (her panties was soaked).And she wrapped her thighs around my fingers, cherishing the feeling of my fingers between her legs.

“I’m so wet”, she rasped and whispered into my ear,”You wanna see my pusse?”

“Yeah”, I replied breathing hard.

“Guess the color of my panties”




She giggled, “No”.

“Okay, you tell me”

She came closer to my ear,”Red”, she whispered and licked my ear again,”The red is for blood.I’m a bloody Mary”.

The nasty things we were saying was getting my d!ck as hard as steel.All I just wished at that moment was to take off the panties of the s*xy** Baroness and go down on her.

“It’s a lace panties afterall” she added.

Wow! apart from thongs, lace panties were a big turn on for me (you can call me a pervert.No be my concern).

“I like lace”, I told her.”Can I see it?”

She licked her lips,”You’re sure you wanna see?”

I nodded.

“Then follow me”, she whispered getting up,”I’m gonna show you more”. And she walked to where the capone was and whispered something into his ears and the capone gave her his room keys and she beckoned on me to follow her, while the capone gave me a thumbs up.

We got to the door and she turned it open and we stepped in.Immediately she pulled me to herself and kissed me deeply, dragging my shirt upwards.Then she tugged the shirt of my body and pushed me down to the bed.Isla was so full of surprises.She opened her purse and brought out black cuffs which she brandished in my face.It was going to be a bondage s*x.

“I love kinky s*x”, she purred and began to cuff my hands to the bed posts.That would be the first time I was going to have a bondage s*x.My heart thumped with anxiety as she cuffed the last hand and stepped away from the bed, staring at me seductively.We were being controlled by our lust and the effect of the weed as the whole room seemed to be rotating and I felt I was sinking into the bed (kai! weed is bad).

“Isla, the room is spinning”, I stuttered sheepishly, and she laughed at my naivity.

“It’s the weed baby”, she rasped and began to take off her dress teasingly.

This lady was hõrny and high.And here i was cuffed to the bed at her mercy.

To Be Continued….

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