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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 29

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Twenty Eight, read it HERE

I landed with force to the ground, hitting my occiput hard on the interlocked floor and felt a sharp pain in my head.As I fell backwards in that twinkle of an eye, all I could think of was surviving.I was either going to leave that place dead or alive.One was certain.

The Executioner was doing a good job and covering for our movements.So I crawled round the car, package and gun in hand and hoping no bullet would pierce through me.Luckily I made it to the other side of the bullet riddled Hyundai to join Fly and Muzy who were ducking low as the bullets kept richocheting and flying in the air.

The atmosphere felt very tense and the assailants meant business, and were better armed.I rose above to peek through the window to see one of them advancing round the road as the others created a fire-cover for him and I bent under the car and aimed a shot which took out his two legs as he fell writhing in pains.From were the capone was ducked, he turned to look at me with a look that seemed to say ‘weldone mate’.

We were definitely at the defensive as the Executioner was already out of ammo.By then, three of the men were already down leaving two who were not ready to give up as they kept on with the offensive.

“Fly take us out of here!”, Muzy called out on seeing Timi sliding inside the space wagon to take the wheels.And the capone and the executioner followed suit.Instantly, Fly crawled back into the car and was followed by Muzy.Then the right-back door flew open and I dived in, closing the door and laying low.

Timi started the engine of the space wagon the same time Fly started ours.That was when a bullet shattered the driver’s glass and hit Timi by the left arm and he cried out audibly to our hearing.Then we noticed the Executioner maneuver into the driver’s seat of the space wagon to hit the throttle.Without wasting time, Fly pushed the gear and steered the wheels of our car swiftly and we screeched into the road heading back the way we had come, amidst the rain of shots from the assailants and approaching police siren.

The red SUV followed behind us shortly after we drove off.And I turned back from time to time (guaging their closeness) and urging Fly to speed up the car as we drove carelessly on the freeway, spiting other road users as we tried to avert our pursuers.We could no longer hear the siren.Probably they had lost us.

The brown package was still clutched in my grip as the capone’s instructions kept ringing in my ears.What could be in this brown wrap that could warrant all this wahala, I wondered.Here I was, an only son, seeking for refuge in a brotherhood but caught up in the throes of death associated with the same brotherhood.What an irony you may say.

The capone’s space wagon had already overtaken us.The Executioner was a better driver than Fly owing to his ‘hit and run’ experience as we watched him take a sharp turn into Borokiri road which was at the south of Old GRA (we followed immediately) and I knew what the next step would be.We would have to stash our cars and make the rest of the flight on foot.I knew this because Borokiri (if you know the place) was a very populated and dense area, and was noteable for its unwholesome activities.It was the perfect place to disappear.All these while my body oozed of perspiration beyond normal as I prayed to survive the ordeal.

We drove through Rex Lawson street and sped on (with the SUV still in pursuit).And Fly’s phone rang aloud.He signalled Muzy to pick the call and Muzy rummaged Fly’s right pocket, brought out the phone and pressed the answer button.I could faintly hear the capone’s barritone voice as he spoke through the phone.

“No Boss”, Muzy replied looking back at the package in my arm, and turned to face forward.The capone was probably inquiring on the safety of the package,”Okay boss!” and he tapped Fly on the shoulder.

“Capone talk sey we go dock around Baptist Boys”

Ofcourse I knew the place.I heard the Executioner was an ex-student of Baptist Boys High school.Definitely he knew his way around here.

We had now approached the school in the dim lit road and the space wagon screeched to a halt ahead of us and the capone stepped out as the Executioner did same with Timi staggering out of the car clutching his injured arm.We followed suit instantly and jumped over the school fence into the pitch darkness of the wide field.We had finally lost our pursuers.

Owing to the chilly air, Timi ‘Timer’ couldn’t make it anymore and he fell on the grass, panting hard.His lungs was failing him and his bloodied shirt plastered tight to his body.That was when the capone broke the camel’s back.

“Someone gave us away.We have a mole in our midst”.

That was when it dawned on me.How had the assailants known of our movement.Such an information could only have come from inside.Only within six of us.And the capone stared intently at Fly, his suspicion visible.

“Capo na wetin naa?” Fly asked in defence as the brute leader came standing face to face with him.The two men stared into each other’s eyes clutching their pistols at the ready.Suddenly Timi’s phone rang and he managed to bring it out of his pocket (still lying on the grassy field) and looked at the screen.The look on his face turned tense and he cut the call quickly and tried to switch off his phone.That was when the capone felt uneasy and strolled to where he lay and snatched the phone from his hand.

Timi was weak and badly injured, yet he mustered the strength and staggered to his feet panting “No! No!!” as he tried to snatch the phone away from the capone but the Executioner held him back.Then the capone dialled the last received call, putting it on speaker phone.The receiver picked instantly.

“O boy you f*cked up”, the receiver spat out,”Where your guys dey? Dem still hold the package?” and the capone cut the call.

“So it was you all along”, the capone said and we all fell silent in awe.I couldn’t believe Timi was the mole despite being one of the most loyal to the capone.And he began to step back as the boss kept advancing towards him.

“Capo….please…I can explain”, he begged.

“Timer you know the rules”, the capone stated pointing his pistol at the mole who tried to make a move for his own gun and then…..In a split second Timi fell sprawled and lifeless on the ground with a bullet to his head as the nuzzle of the capone’s gun smoked in a dirge of blood thirst.I felt a chill run down my spine.

“Let this be a warning to the whole brotherhood”, he sounded cold and turned to collect the package from me.”Weldone”, he said to me, handing the parcel to the Executioner who had said no word since the escapade.And the capone turned and led the way as we followed behind him.My stomach churned in anguish at the thought of the lifeless body of Timi which lay behind us and I felt goose pimples erode my skin.

That night, I got home quite late by 10:30 pm looking disheveled and reeking of alcohol (due to the large quantity of Esplendido brandy I had consumed earlier).My strict aunt went raging mad at me when she saw me and yelled at me for keeping late night.

“Listen here youngman”, she yelled,”You must learn to keep to my rules so far as you live under my roof” and I turned and meant to walk out on her and she held me back,”You even reek of alcohol”, she: lambasted.

“Look aunty i’m now a grown man and…..” THWACK!!! She gave me a resounding slap which left my eyes dazed with stars.I could feel the anger welling in me.I wanted to hit her back and hit her so hard but something within me stopped me.And I turned and stomped away, climbing up the stairs.On getting to my room, I sat on the bed with my face in my palms, recounting the whole ordeal of that evening.Too bad Timi was gone, and I felt a film of tears cloud my eyes.Then my door fell open and Adaora stood at the doorway staring at me.She walked in, closing the door behind her and came to squat before me.I could see her inner thighs because she wore a mini-skirt (as usual).

“I guess it’s another trouble”, she said peering into my sweaty face.But I kept mute staring into thin air and seeing flashes of Timi’s anguished face.

“Is there anything you’ll like to tell me?” she asked.

“No”, I growled heaving aloud and she cupped my face in her palms.

“Goodheart, I care about you and you know that”

“Yeah I know”, I replied

And she leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips.”It’s okay”, she said.”Go take your shower now.And i’ll be back later in the night to spend the night with you” and I looked surprisingly into her eyes and she smiled.

“Yeah baby…I miss you”, she said.With that she pecked me and got up to leave, swaying her lovely bum as she left my room.And I inhaled deeply.

Ofcourse I would treasure her company that night.Nothing would calm my nerves more like a good round of s*x.

To Be Continued…

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