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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 9

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That was a positive sign I knew.So I walked back to her and squatted before her, placing my hands on her round thighs.Her seductive fragrance hitting my nose.

“Doc you fall my hand, big time”, she said.

“Sorry naa”, I replied.

So she said,”I know sey na konji dey catch you”,and she poked my nose.I laughed, then tickled her and she gave one big wild laughter, her voluptuous body shaking and causing her wrapper to loosen a bit around her bossom.I could now see a great portion of her b00bs.Then she threw her arms around my neck, pulling me closer to her and the wrapper completely left her bossom, I gaped.

“You know sey I like you”, she said,”And I know sey you go come back”

“How?” I asked.

And she replied,”No man wey enter here (she pointed her crotch) wey no go come back”.Wow, this woman was raw and that was what I loved about her.Before she could say anything else, I took a nippIe in my mouth, and sucked lavishly and she winced “psssst” tickling my ears.I moved from one Bosom to the other, føndling and squeezing hard, causing moans “ooooh” to leave her lips.Her body was yearning for me and she was hørny too.Then I stopped.

“What of your kids?” I asked.

“Dem dey sleep”, she moaned, pushing her b00bs into my face and I sucked away.I lashed at her nippIes, sucking and devouring her big melons like a hungry kitten, nibbling them at intervals and she pressed me further.I now took her nippIes between my teeth, teasing them to rigidity and she gasped as her hand roamed around my body.Then she gradually pushed my head down her body and I used my tongue to tease her s*xy** body, till she held me in place between her smooth thighs.Her pusse was gleaming wet.So I lapped swiftly at her clit and she jerked, her b00bs heaving.My tongue worked its way round her labials, tracing an ‘O’ round it tickling her clit along, and she pressed my head deeper, moaning,”Doc, i like the way you suck me” her breath rasping.So I resumed full assault on her wet cuñt.I ate her thoroughly as I sucked her labials and clit, tongue f*cking her along.She began to wriggle like a worm at the mercy of my tongue, her hands føndling her breasts.I was taking her to cloud 9.Then she closed her thighs round my head and spasmed sporadically, before opening them up again.

When she had had enough of my tongue f*cking, she pushed me to the floor and mounted me but I maneuvered her and so we kept rolling to and fro, groping and tearing at our bodies like s*x starved dogs.Soon she had taken my clothes off and lay on her back, spreading her pusse with her fingers.I loved it when she did that.So gradually I penetrated her moist caucus and began f*cking her to oblivion.She grabbed my Buttocks desperately and kept urging me on.And told me to suck her breasts, while I f*cked her.And I did, and that seemed to drive her crazy and she threw her legs up as I banged harder.Her lips began to quiver and her legs gyrated spasmodically, while she moaned aloud,”Yey, yey, yey, ohhh yey….”. Mummy Junior was wild in bed (and I feel like f*cking her again and again).She grabbed me tightly, her manicured nails digging into my back.I was lucky she didn’t rip my skin apart.My thrusts were getting faster and deeper, pummeling the very depths of her honey well and her juice was beginning to leak, making squishing sounds as I kept on nailing her snatch.We were so carried away by lust and passion, enjoying the heat of our ecstacy (as mummy Junior kept on screaming), when someone called from outside.

“Vokeh! Vokeh!!”

Startled, i suddenly tappered to a halt.Mummy Junior scrambled underneath me, a look of shock on her face.

“Doc…na my sister!” she exclaimed.

I was trapped.

I got up in a swift and mummy Junior mouthed the word BACKYARD! BACKYARD!! waving me away.Without thinking twice, I put on my trousers, picked up my shirt and zapped like Usain Bolt, running through the corridor and bursting out to the backyard.I met Junior playing there with his toy.So he was already up, I thought “Small winch”.And I dashed into my apartment through the back door, panting like a stallion.That was a close one.I slumped into a chair “pheeeew” I whistled in relief, my shirt heaped beside me.Then something occurred to me.My boxer shorts! I had left it behind in my panic while I ran to escape from scandal.There was a possibility that my landlady would see it and that would land me in serious problem, even Ebere wouldn’t find it funny.Mummy Junior’s bakassi was about landing me in trouble.My landlady’s voice still sounded outside.

“Vokeh, its about raining”, she said,”And you no care to pack these clothes”

“Noooh Sister, na sleep dey hold me”, mummy Junior replied and went outside to pack the clothes, as I watched her through my window and tried to signal her to get me the boxer shorts but she didn’t see nor hear me.

I monitored the day turn to dusk, expecting to hear my landlady scream in anger at the discovery of my shorts but nothing came up.My heart thumped whenever I heard her voice and I would go close to my back window to listen carefully, expecting the worst.Soon it was midnight as the day came to an end without my landlady coming to knock on my door or sending for me.Then I knew I was quite safe.Probably mummy Junior had been fast enough to put the shorts away.I felt a slight relief, but tomorrow was another day.

Twilight saw me up from bed so early as I expected mummy Junior to come over and hand my shorts to me.I had thought of going to check on her to know the situation of things, but that would amount to a risk.So I waited patiently.And when I had gotten ready to leave, I looked round the compound to see if I would see her as usual, but no sign of her.Well that wasn’t the only shorts I had afterall, I shrugged and left the compound.

That day was a very busy day, and it helped take the paranoia from my mind.Ebere and I even got the chance to talk and I tried to find out from her (without her knowledge) if there had been any recent issue about me in their house and her answer came as a NO.But she was quite suspicious of my interrogation, so I talked her out of it and she swallowed my words Hook, Nail and Sinker.At least the information I got from her was a positive sign to start with, since her mum hadn’t made a fuss or said anything that suggested foul play on my side.

My duties hadn’t expired for that day, but I closed early and headed home seeking for an opportunity to talk with mummy Junior.Their flat was locked when I got home.And her KIA cerato wasn’t parked within, giving the impression that there was no one at home.So I went into my apartment to freshen up, hoping to hear mummy Junior knock on my front door.As I took my bath that evening, amorous thoughts of her kept racking my head, making my d!ck erect.And I wondered how it all began and how s*x with her could be so breathtaking.If I would rate her s*x skills in percentage, I would give her a 90 and Ebere a 70.I smiled to myself,”Guy you dey chow oo”, I said aloud amidst the running shower.

It was already evening around 8:00pm when I woke from a deep sleep.The cold shower had really calmed my nerves and soothed me to a slumber.I went to the sitting room, turned on the TV and slumped soggily to the settee, feeling light headed and relaxed as I got carried away by the movie on the screen.My thoughts were totally absorbed by the movie, when there was a rattle on my back window.I looked in the direction wondering what it could be.Then the knock came again.This time more of a thud, continuously before stopping.Feeling quite perturbed, I walked towards the window and slid the glasspane alongside the netting only to find the beautiful baby face of mummy Junior smiling at me.I was taken aback.

“Where have you been?” I asked in a whisper.

“Doc no vex”, she replied,”I been dey busy”

She told me not to worry that her elder sister hadn’t noticed anything, and I felt totally relieved.Then she said,”I even wash your boxers so I sey make I come return am” and she handed the blue shorts to me and I snatched it from her hand and thanked her.I was about closing the window pane, when she held it back and signalled me to come out.

“What is it again?” I asked

“Come out joor”, she insisted, her facing looking serious.What could she want from me by this time of the night, I asked myself.So I slid the window close, flung the shorts on the sofa and headed for the back door.She was no where to be found when I got to the backyard, and everywhere was faintly lit.Then I heard a “pssssss” as she signalled me and I turned to my right and saw her some feet away, in a dark corner, relaxing on the hood of her car.She beckoned on me to come, and I hesitated before walking towards her.

Mummy Junior seemed pleased to see me as she threw her arms round my neck and gave me a long hug, before I managed to free myself from her bear grip.She was acting like a little girl.

“Is this why you called me out?” I asked her.

And she smiled and said,”I dey miss you naa, and me sef don dey love you small small”

I was shocked. LOVE!!

“Mummy Junior you’re married with kids”, I said.My words seemed to upset her as she creased her brows and looked into my face,”And who talk sey married woman no fit flex?” she said standing akimbo.”Abeg oo, Warri no dey carry last”, she snapped, waving her hand in my face.I was in trouble.

“But you can’t love me”, I pleaded noticing my dilemma.Her hand now began to caress my bare chest.And she calmly said,”Doc true talk be sey you dey handle me the way I like”, she continued,”My husband no dey even last reach 3 minutes sef”.I stood looking at her speechless.This lady was clearly insane.And there was no point beating the discussion further.So I excused myself and turned to leave but she held me back, gripping my arm tightly.I turned to look at her face and caught her eyes dilated with desires.”F*ck me again”, she said.But I meant to leave again and she hugged me,”Doc…abeg”, she insisted.Before I could muster an answer, the seductress had turned her backside to me and leaned on the hood of the car with her wrapper raised to her waist, exposing her big apple shaped ikebe, and her pusse slightly parted.My jaw dropped instantly.This woman was trying to put me into trouble.Without wasting time, my eyes scanned the vicinity and I pulled down my shorts and slowly parted her tight labials with my bulging d!ck.Slowly I watched her pusse swallow my 7″ rod and she moaned “hummmm” and began to rotate her hips in pleasure.

Her plump Buttocks was pressing against my groin giving me a wonderful feeling.And as my d!ck moved in and out of her slowly, I savoured the feeling of her honey pot, enjoying the cold night air caressing my face.It was a wonderful feeling f*cking outside under the night breeze.Mummy Junior was really d!ck hungry and she began to bob her hips back and forth the length of my shaft, moaning as she worked on.I let her perform the task for a long time and stood motionless watching her Buttocks take charge, bouncing and wobbling at the same time.At times she would rock her hips faster and then slow down, spinning her hips in a circle.I was enjoying myself.When she felt I was no longer contributing, she slowed down and turned her head to look at me,”Ah, oya naww”, she moaned and shot her Buttocks backwards as I grabbed her hips and began to bang her hard.Immediately she started thrusting back, making my d!ck go deeper within her as I heaved with each thrust and she started to moan aloud,”Oh doc, oh doc, yes doc…oh doc”, she cried out my name wiggling her waist as her pusse kept on swallowing my thrusts.

I knew I was driving her crazy, afterall that was what she wanted.And her buttocks were wobbling carelessly as they massaged my groin.So I pressed her hips further downwards and slammed harder and she stopped moving and arched her back in place receiving my assault to her snatch as her head went up and down at intervals.At the rate I was pounding her, her legs were begining to shake and she was now on her toes, leaning on the base of the hood for support as she was almost falling off.Then she began to scream softly,”Yey…God…ohh…God”.And i didn’t slow down for a second but kept hammering harder and faster as her buttocks and thighs kept vibrating. And with time, her moaning became like a whimper as she grabbed and squeezed one of her breasts, humming like the intro of a song.Her fingers grasped the surface of the hood for support as she tried severally to get a hold of it but my thrusts wouldn’t let her.Then she finally let go, overpowered by my pounding and unconsciously let her hands slide down and pin on the ground, her Buttocks was now in the air in the ‘touch your toe’ style and she began to cry out,”Nooo…doc nooo…nooo”.She was pinned down as I leaned a foot on the fender of her car and deepened my penetration, making her wail like a banshee,”Shai…shai…shai”.And she began to mutter in rasped whispers, words I couldn’t hear.Never have I seen a woman’s ikebe vibrate like Vokeh’s own did that night.Her body was virtually enveloped in pre-ørgasm as I noticed her pusse tighten and loosen severally around my c0ck.

I brought my leg down from the fender and she tried to rise up but I pressed her back, down on her hands.And began to spoon and tease her pusse in a circular motion, letting my d!ck peruse her very depth and she moaned softly, appreciating the tempo, as her juice gradually leaked down her thighs and stomach.She undulated her hips slowly and began to moan,”Oh doc, I love you, I love you, I looooo…..” and I impaled her faster, cutting short her abominable profession of love and she screamed aloud.I believed someone would have heard her but I no longer cared, as I kept pummeling her hard, hitting her G-spøt at point blank and making her cry in ecstasy.Then I slowed to a halt and went down to lick her wet cuñt.The velvety nature was enticing and I slid my tongue to her puffy labials and teased them, nibbling and sucking her big swollen clit and she moaned “oooooh” taking her left hand behind to press my head deeper within her crack.Her juice was now squished all over my lips, and I got up and leaned her once more to the hood of the car as I inserted again.My hands travelled in front and I grabbed her bouncing b00bs and pummeled her once again, positioning my d!ck to locate her G-spøt and tickled her clit with my hand infront and she squirmed continuously, spreading her legs further.Suddenly she began to shudder, convulsing and spasming.And I felt streams of fluid hit my thighs as she squirted with her fists clenched and legs wobbling as she groaned like a crazed woman…..Then I withdrew and shot my seed on her Buttocks, collapsing atop her back, trying to catch my breath.Her breath was now short and sharp.

“Baby i love you”, she said, her breath rasping.

To Be Continued….

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