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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 8

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Aunty Vokeh: “Ebere don’t insult me oo…your mouth don dey sharp shey?”

Ebere: “Aunty, advice no be curse, you don old pass….”


Ebere hadn’t completed the statement when mummy Junior slapped her and she screamed and bolted outside, crying and saw Patrick and I standing at the middle of the compound.She ignored us and left through the gate.So Dr.Patrick ran after her and I called mummy Junior outside.I was really angry with her.

“Why did you hit her?” I asked.

“Make I leave am to insult me shebi?” she replied.And I yelled at her,”I’m so disappointed in you”, I continued “There are other ways to treat this issue…..”

“Free me abeg”, she cut me off.

“What if she tells her mum?” I asked “You know landlady would be upset that you cooked for me”. Then mummy Junior went beserk,”Okay naa…so you support her to insult me ehn?”.She began to rant,”because you dey scatter her nyash”

I tried to calm her down as she was now yelling aloud,

“My thing and her own (she hit her crotch) which one sweet you pass….na im you support am join”.She hissed and walked back inside still angry, cursing at me.

The incident really put me off.And I prayed my landlady or her husband won’t get to hear it.Mummy Junior could expose Ebere and I out of anger and jealousy.The following day was quite dull for me.Though Ebere promised not to tell her mum, both of us were scared of mummy Junior running her mouth.Nurse Lillian also noticed my mood and tried to bring me out of it (though I didn’t tell her anything because she was a gossip). Ebere left the hospital early that day, while Lillian still hovered around me demanding for s*x.Luckily for her we ran into each other around 6:30pm at the car park, on her way back from the labs and I from the cafeteria.She took advantage of the fact that the car park was dark and lonely, and made her amorous advances once again.She stood in my way and grabbed my crotch.

“Stop this Lillian”, I said but she pushed me back to an ambulance and smacked my lips with kisses.

“I feel so hørny baby”, she said breathing hard as she caressed me.

Though I was trying to fight her off, my stubborn d!ck was hungry for her pusse.It was throbbing already.So my hands went behind her and began to squeeze her petite Buttocks as she dug her tongue into my mouth.I kissed the nape of her neck, while my hand worked her buttons open and exposed those set of perky breasts, bringing them out of her bra and began to suck them, and she sighed softly.I nuzzled her nippIes, teasing them with my teeth and tongue as my hand swayed down to her ctotch.And i shifted her panties, inserting my 2 fingers and she squirmed as her juice slurped on my fingers.Then i raised her pinafor up to her waist, turned her round with her back facing me and leaned her on the vehicle, and she wriggled her hips in anticipation.I immediately moved her panties to one side then massaged her wet pusse, tickling her clit and she moaned “hummmm” her fingers scratching the vehicle glass.Then I began to finger f*ck her and she shut her eyes and pushed her buttocks backwards wanting more,”Just f*ck me now baby”, she pleaded but I kept on digging her honey well with my fingers.When I was done, I tickled her clit again between my thumb and index finger and her legs almost gave out as they shook and she cried softly,”Take me now doc…please, f*ck me crazy” and without warning I drove into her from behind and she whimpered like she was going to cry.My eyes roamed the area as I began to drill her dripping cuñt.She was shuddering with each thrust I took, jutting her fair nyash backwards and urging me to pummel her harder.Her pusse was slurping and squishing as I f*cked her hard and deep and she began to undulate her hips.At a point, I noticed her legs were giving away so I pressed her further down the hood of the ambulance and rammed her pusse like i’ve never done before, making her yammer carelessly,”Oh my God, keep f*cking…don’t stop,don’t stop…” and I kept on hammering as my thighs slapped on her now pink Buttocks.I took my hand infront and tickled her clit (once again) between my thumb and finger, still f*cking her deep and her body quaked hard and she shrieked as orgasm racked her body, but I didn’t stop rather kept f*cking her all the way till she began to cry softly,”Uhh, you’ll kill me, you’ll kill me”.I only managed to hear those words because I was out of this world in the confines of her love hole.Then I felt my geez coming, so I grabbed her hips tightly and pumped some few strokes harder and her body quaked again as I withdrew and spilled my seed on her still vibrating Buttocks.I had just taken her on a wild s*x rodeo in a short time.She still leaned on the vehicle catching her breath,while I buttoned my fly.”Are you still hørny?” I asked her but she didn’t reply.

Weeks rolled by and mummy Junior was still not in talking terms with me.She was still angry i had yelled at her for Ebere’s sake.Lucky enough she was yet to divulge our deep secret and I didn’t try to push further so as not to push her to the extreme.I was observing her.She began to greet me formally, absent the compliments.And when i tried to be friendly, she just ignores me or walks away.This went on for a long time and began to piss me off.She could go to hell for all I cared, I thought.

But one morning I woke up feeling very hørny.The konji hold me wella.And my d!ck was throbbing hard.Ebere and I haven’t had s*x since that incident as we were trying to be careful for fear of her aunty Vokeh.And Lillian, the fair pretty gossip, had travelled to see her sick father for over a week.I felt like having a good f*ck.To make matters worse, as I was leaving that morning, I saw mummy Junior outside.She looked sexier than ever.Her hair was in braids and she wore a thin fitted night gown which revealed her contours, and her b00bs were struggling for freedom.I swallowed hard.She noticed I was staring at her and she gave a faint smile (to herself) and walked passed me, back into the house.Her ikebe rolling and dropping, her b00bs bouncing.I swear her husband was lucky! To prevent further arousal, I left immediately.

While at work I could scarcely concentrate on anything.The image of that voluptuous backside kept flashing in my head and giving me hard-ons at intervals.I closed much earlier that day and came back home to find the compound really quiet.The neighbors weren’t around (as expected) and Ebere and her parents were yet to be back.That left only mummy Junior at home.My d!ck nodded.I went inside my house to arrange my stuffs and summoned the courage to go check on mummy Junior.

I knocked on the door and I heard her voice from inside,”I dey come oo”, she said, and I stood waiting, hoping she wouldn’t tongue lash me.Then the door flung open and she saw me, her face creased.She had just a piece of wrapper tied around her body.

“Ehen? Na Wetin? she asked, hissed “mtcheeeew” and walked back inside, leaving me at the doorway.Atleast she didn’t bang the door at me as expected.I felt relieved.So I followed her back inside,”Are you still angry?” I asked her as she sat down.She looked at me sternly and said,”Why I no go para?…Abeg my kids dey sleep I no wan hala here oo” and she hissed again.I assumed she might escalate again and was still mad at me.And i thought within, Konji don deal with me.So I shrugged and turned to leave then she spoke up,”See your head”, she said,”You no know when woman dey pull your leg”.I stopped in my way and turned back to look at her and she was smiling.

To Be Continued….

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