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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 6

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Morning came on a short notice the next day,and i got up groggily from my bed.The memories from the previous night flooded back into my head and my Joystick twitched.I looked at the time and was satisfied I had enough time to prepare for the day.It was only in a matter of minutes and I was ready to set off for the day.Ebere had left earlier that morning.So putting my wares together, I stepped out of my house.And while locking my door, I saw a strange woman hanging clothes on the the hanging line at the end of the compound.From my observation I guess she spent the night within the compound, because she had only a piece of wrapper tied around her body.I never saw her the previous day, I wondered.She turned and greeted me,”Chairman good morning ooo” and I replied her still looking at her as I left the compound.Permit me to say she was a beautiful woman with baby face, though mature and probably in her early 40s.She was plump, had an average height, full hair, ebony complexion, with a fat Buttocks and a large pair of breasts.Of course I noticed all these because she had only a piece of wrapper on her and she was worth admiring.

When I got to the hospital I met Ebere and asked her if she saw the woman or knew who she was.And she smiled and said,”Oh you mean Aunty Vokeh.She’s mum’s younger sister.” Ebere told me that her aunty came in late last night and that was why her mum called her.So I asked her if her mom suspected anything and she said’No’.Aunty Vokeh, as I learnt, stays at Warri with her husband.But her husband had travelled abroad for a 6 months course so she decided to come stay with her sister for a while, with her two kids Junior (aged 3) and Tega (aged1).Ebere went further to tell me that her mum was actually from Urhobo in Delta state.And I was surprised.No wonder Aunty Vokeh had the same features with Ebere (though Ebere was taller).Truly they were related.

Mummy Junior (as I fondly called Ebere’s aunt) was a very cheerful person, though she seemed quite strict.She spoke typical pidgin with full Warri accent and always wore one piece wrapper either tied round her body or tied round her waist with a blouse.She never ceased to exchange pleasantries whenever she saw me.And would always give me some little advice once in a while.Meanwhile Ebere and I still kept on having our night romp, still with nobody’s knowledge.

Saturdays were mostly my chore days, as I would do my laundry and put my house in order.On a particular Saturday I had finished with my laundry, spread them outside then went inside to relax and slept off.I was woken with a continuous banging at my front door. Bang! Bang!! Bang!!! came the sound and I rushed in bewildermemt to see who it was, only to find mummy Junior standing at my balcony with my clothes in her hands and she said,”Doc welldone ooo, I sey make I bring your cloth as rain wan fall”

I took them and touched them.

“Dem don dry shaa”,? she assured me

So I thanked her for her help and she replied,”No menshun” (in full Warri accent), and left.

The next day being a Sunday was usually a lonely day in the compound.Everyone usually went out, leaving only me around.Of course I needed to have my rest so i stayed in doors.Towards the evening hours I sat watching a football match when there was a soft knock on my door.Who could it be now, I asked myself and went to get the door.When I opened it, I saw mummy Junior relaxing on my balcony.She wore a short flay skirt and a cotton blouse.,”Doc goodevening”, she said smiling with her baby face.”How e dey naa?” And I answered “Fine”.I asked her what had brought her and she said she was lonely at home, that everyone had gone out and her kids were sleeping.So she was bored and decided to come visit me.Wow! visit me.I was impressed by her gesture.”Thats so thoughtful of you”, I said and beckoned on her to come in, which she did.I showed her to a seat and she sat soggily and her breasts bounced recklessy.That was when I knew she had no bra on.I could see her nippIes faintly and my d!ck jerked in my boxers. She had a nice fragrance on her too.We watched the match together and talked along.She told me she was a Man U fan and all that.At times she would laugh at something I said and her b00bs would heave up and down.They were really big.Our discussion cut across so many issues and I began to enjoy it myself owing to the way she spoke her pidgin, then we delved into romance and then s*x.It made me uncomfortable talking such things with her.Then she said,”I know sey you be bad boy”.

I wondered why she said that..”Madam how?” I asked.She smiled and said,”Something dey tell me sey you go sabi kpash wella”.I pretended not to understand what she meant and shook my head and she continued,”You be small pikin?…Shey you get girlfriend?”, she asked looking at me enticingly.The fact that I was talking about s*x with this strange woman made my d!ck stir.

“I dont have a girlfriend”, I replied.

She looked shocked,”Ah ah?.No be you dey scatter Ebere nyash?

OMG! this woman was so vulgar.And she knew about Ebere and I (but how?) .She saw the shock on my face then laughed aloud and said,” No worry I no go tell anybody…And na because I like you oh” and she winked seductively at me.My d!ck sprang up.What was this woman up to, I wondered.Then she juggled her heavy b00bs in her palms,”I know sey you dey like dis kind things”, she said.At that point my shaft had formed a large tent and her eyes ogled the sight and she stood up, walked towards me and said,”I wan see dat thing wey dey scatter Ebere nyash” and she sat on my lap, with her eyes still on my tent.I must admit that her big soft Buttocks felt good on my lap and i was damn aroused.This woman wanted me and it was clear.Then she began to caress my face, kiss me deeply and took one of my hands to her breasts.I squeezed it hard and she hissed like a snake, licking her lips.I was mad with arousal and I instantly threw her on the sofa and tried to take off her blouse, which proved difficult so I tore them apart (to her shock) and attacked her b00bs.I sucked those giant breasts like an animal (and to her pleasure) nuzzling at her nippIes and getting soft moans escape her lips, while she squeezed me to her bossom.It was wonderful.She urged me to squeeze and suck more and I did, teasing her areola with my tongue, and mangling and kneading her b00bs like flour.They felt like balloons and were wonderful.”I know sey you like am”, she whispered, and I nodded and continued ravishing her huge breasts, while she moaned.When I was done, i kissed her all over, down to her abdomen and belly button and gradually pulled down her skirt.She wore no panties! She saw the surprise on my face and chuckled, parting her thighs to reveal a very lovely pusse, neatly shaven and dripping wet.I admired the sight then dived at it and began to give her head, causing her to groan.Her moans were more of groans and gasps.And she brought her hands behind my head and pressed my face into her wet snatch.I began to lap and suck her big swollen clit and she shuddered continuously, gasping in pleasure and her legs eagle spread.I sucked her for a long time and soon she began to gyrate her hips uncontrollablly, moaning,”oooh” and “aaah” and then she convulsed.Her whole body spasming as she came.She was now whimpering in ecstasy,”Shai Doc…you don kill don kill me….” I ignored her yammering and maneuvered her into doggie position.I wanted to feel her Buttocks and watch it bounce.She now had her b00bs flattened on the couch and i held her wide hips and penetrated her.The feeling of her warm pusse overwhelmed me as I drove in and out of her slowly with my eyes shut, savoring the taste of her womanhood.Then I picked up the pace and began to bang her hard.She was a real screamer.The harder I f*cked her the more she screamed and her b00bs kept jiggling and her nyash quaking.I reached from behind and grabbed her breasts, squeezed them and then grabbed her quaking Buttocks trying to hold it in place.I had a lot to grab and hold.At some points I would stop and then bend to suck her pusse from behind and resume thrusting her again.Soon she moved from the doggie position and took the scissors style on the floor, spreading her pusse lips with her fingers and i drove in again.She urged me to f*ck her without mercy and I followed her orders, pummeling her and tickling her pusse at the same time then she began to scream vulgarly,”Yes…dey hit am…scatter my nyash…hit am wella…” she kept on yelling while she squeezed her breasts.bleeping mummy Junior was one of the sweetest thing to do as her pusse was so sweet, and she knew how to say dirty things.I kept spooning her pusse with my d!ck and then noticed she was about to come and so was I.She held unto my neck tightly digging her well manicured nails into my flesh and began to convulse again,”shai..shai..shai” her whole body shaking with spasms and she gave a loud,”Ooooooh” as she came again and I was carried away by the sweetness of her honeywell and I released inside of her.She disengaged instantly the moment she felt my seed hit her pusse wall.”You pour am inside?” she asked, and I tried to apologize (catching my breath).Then she said,”No gi me belle O!” and smiled at me, her hands rubbing my chest showing her satisfaction.She then picked up the shreds of her blouse,

“You na maaad man”, she said.”See as you condemn my cloth”

I simply laughed aloud and apologized and she continued,”Anyway no be your fault”

“Whose fault then?”, I asked.

“Na me carry my nyash come find your trouble shaa” she said ignoring me.

I laughed further.She was so vulgar and I loved it.She still sat on the floor Unclad and examining her blouse when I went inside my room and came out with one of my polo shirts which I threw at her, and she put it on and wore her skirt.She was about leaving and I saw her off to the balcony.She gave me a thumbs up,”Doc you dey too much”, she said fisting her palm.I knew what she meant.And i swatted her voluptuous Buttocks she walked away.

To Be Continued….

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