-My Distraction (18+)

Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 5

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My reunion with Ebere didn’t stop me from bleeping Lillian whenever I had the opportunity.But I was more careful this time.Lillian and I still had crazy s*x anywhere and anytime, while Ebere and I usually had s*x almost on regular basis, but hardly at the clinic but at home.She would steal into my apartment mostly from the back yard to prevent her parents (Mr. & Mrs.Ibe) from having a hint of our affair.I was too sure of what would happen if they found out I had been banging their daughter.As it is, I had Lillian who usually gave it to me at work and Ebere who services my shaft back at home.Infact I was having a swell time.

I came back home on a particular day feeling very tired.My weakness had nothing to do with work, but no thanks to Lillian.I had gone 3 rounds on her that day and the babe was still asking for more.Mehn, she was such a nymph0.When I came in my landlady who was seated outside noticed my plight.She asked me what the problem was and I told her that I had a hectic day.She felt pity for me and promised to send her daughter Ebere later that evening to help prepare my dinner, since I might be too weak to do so.I thanked her for the nice gesture and she replied,”No problem my son.I’m doing it because I know you are good boy and I trust my daughter with you”.I laughed within me.Only if she knew what the rat has been doing with the fish, I thought.It didn’t take long before Ebere came home.She had been assisting a surgeon in a major operation and that was why I had the opportunity of banging Lillian for a long time.Ebere didn’t even take of her clothes when her mum told her about my plight, and she headed straight to my flat and walked in.I had just had my bath and laid like a slug on the settee.Quickly she went into the kitchen and prepared me a sumptuous dinner which she placed on the dining and promised to be back, then she left.I ate and rested.

It was about 8:30pm when she called my phone for me to open the back door for her, which i did and she came in looking ravishing.

“Hope you’re strong now?” she asked.And I replied a ‘yes”.I knew why she asked.She wanted a good f*ck that night.To be frank I wouldn’t have obliged, but owing to her ravishing looks I got carried away.Soon we were tearing at each other’s body like cats in heat as we fell to the dining table.I took off her night gown and kissed her all over, worshipping her body with my lips and touching her delicate points with my tongue.When I got to her honey pot, I kissed her inner thighs and licked her outter labials.One thing I loved about Ebere’s pusse was the puffiness of her labials.It usually gave me pleasure sucking and lapping at them.Her legs were now eagle spread as I began to suck her clit and she took short breaths, pressing my head deeper and started to moan,” Oh yeah…suck me baby…suck me good” And I sucked her good as she wanted, taking my tongue from her pusse to her butt crack and back to her pusse.I repeated the action several times and it drove her crazy.”Give it to me now” she rasped, “Just f*ck me please”.And I took down my shorts, lifted her legs (with my hands under her thighs) and slid into her love hole.She began to make humming sounds like,”hmm..hmm..hmm”, as I blasted her.As I f*cked her, her giant b00bs bounced from left to right, up and down, repeatedly; while she arched her back sucking her right index finger out of pleasure.When we were done with that position, she came down from the dining table and pushed me down to the settee, then mounted me.Gently she speared her pusse with my d!ck and began to ride like a cow girl.Her buttocks were slapping my thighs and her breasts flailing in the air, jiggling carelessly as she rode harder and faster.To be sincere, she had never riden me that way before.She pressed my face to her b00bs and I sucked them while I lifted my waist from time to time to meet her poundings.Then she began to jerk and her wetness increasing as the moisture from her pusse began to get warmer and then she whimpered, coming with a spasmodic shudder, humming as well, as she pressed my face to her bossom almost suffocating me.We remained in that position without moving (my Joystick still in her), with sweat gleaming on our Unclad bodies and our short breaths breaking the silence.

“You were wild tonight”, I said.

“I had been h0rny throughout the day”, she whispered still trying to catch her breath.Then we heard her mother’s voice calling “Ebere!” severally, and she hurried into her night gown and pecked me before running through my backyard,”I’m coming”, she answered as she hurried along.Soon the sounds of her footsteps disappeared and I prayed her mom hadn’t suspected anything.

To Be Continued….

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