-My Distraction (18+)

Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 41

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I locked lips with her one more time before pulling out from her juicy honeypot.She was still wheezing and panting with her forehead creased in sweat.

“That was awesome”, she rasped, putting on her black panties (I’ve got a fetish for black panties too.It has this s*xy** appeal on fair women)

“I was about saying the same thing”, I replied.And she gave me a s*xy** eye.

“You know baby, I love the way you f*ck me”

“And I love the way your pusse feels” I responded.

“Awww….baaad boy”, she purred seductively, tracing her index finger down my forehead to my bearded chin.She was now putting her breasts back in her bra with smiles of satisfaction allover her face.

“I hope this ends the suspicions?”, I asked.


“It better does because this would be our last lovemaking”.

The matron couldn’t complete her statement before I dropped the bombshell.She just gaped in bewilderment.

“Did you just say something?”, she asked amidst shock.

“I want us to end this relationship”, I stated avoiding her beautiful eyes.”You can tell the board to sack me…..I don’t care”.

“C’mon sweetie….what’re you saying?…what have I done? Okay I know I overstepped my boundaries by suspecting you….but i’m sorry”.

I wanted to put the matron at the pleading side.I wanted to humble and tame her like I did to Sunil.Even if I must continue sleeping with her, I wanted her to know I didn’t belong to her.I needed her to understand that she couldn’t threaten me even with my job, simply because she was part of the hospital board.With the responsibility Dr.Saha was about handing to me, I needed to make the coast clear.So I had to make her believe I didn’t care about the job afterall, hence dropping the bombshell.But na big risk oo.

“I’m serious Grace”, I continued,”My mind is already made up”.

“Really?…Then be ready to loose your job”, she threatened.

“Fine Gracey…Fine!….Like I said, i-don’t-care.Maybe the hospital board will also like to know you’ve been f*cking me in your office” and I turned to leave, but she ran after me, pulling me by my right arm.

“Please baby….I need you.Don’t do this to me” she pleaded.

“Just let me be”, I stated, wrenching my arm free and stomping out of her office with a sinister smile on my face.

To Be Continued In Season 2

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