-My Distraction (18+)

Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 4

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My relocation to a new house was as easy as ABC.Thanks to Nurse Ebere.And for her sake, her father gave me a discount on the house rent.The compound was a very spacious one with 4 bungalows.One building was Ebere’s family house, the other 2 belong to other tenants whom I got to know later as Barrister and Chief, and the last one belong to a new tenant, that’s me **winks**.My apartment was a one bedroom style, spacious and with smooth walls.Ebere’s father had taste.One thing I loved about the place was the fact that I was now Ebere’s next door neighbor.We had begun to familiarize gradually as she got over her grudges.

It was on a Wednesday evening, I came home quite early that day and heared one of the neighbors talking about a vandalized transformer.When I asked he said the transformer was for our street and I hissed, “Power problem again” I thought.I put on my generator set and went to have a shower, after which I switched on a seasonal movie to relax with.Then around 7:00pm there was a knock on my front door.I went to answer and saw Ebere standing by the doorway.She wore a pink knee-length night gown with “spaghetti” sleaves.She then greeted me.

“Please can I charge my phone here?” she asked “Our generator is faulty and the repair man will be coming tomorrow.”

“Why not Eby”, I replied,beckoning her to come inside and she did, apologizing for disturbing me.”No Probs”, I said.

As she bent down to plug her phone, her large Buttocks jutted upwards and I ogled the sight, my Joystick stirred and I mentally told it “Relax”.When she was through she stood before the TV set taking an interest in the movie.

“What movie is this?” she asked

“Spartacus 2″ I replied…She exclaimed, “Really!….i’ve been meaning to watch the movie.I heard its good” And she took a seat, resting the throw pillow on her laps.We kept on watching the movie without talking to each other.Then the movie got to the point when Gannicus had to make love to Onomaeus’ wife, and I noticed her nippIes begin to bulge under her nightie.She began to rub her thighs together, her Buttocks restless on the sofa and I asked,”Are you okay?” She nodded without looking at me.I knew she was aroused.So I went to sit beside her and she turned to look at me, her eyes dilated with arousal.Then I planted a kiss on her lips and she responded instantly, letting the throw pillow fall to the floor as she wrapped her hands around me.We kissed passionately sucking on our tongues and lips and my hand went to her thighs, then carefully going inbetween and she parted them giving me access to her moist caucus.Suddenly she stopped kissing me then looked into my eyes and said,”I missed you” And I replied,”Missed you too”, And we resumed our kissing.My hand between her thighs began to massage her labials and she moaned into my mouth, shuddering.While my other hand tweaked her nippIes.Then she disengaged from me, stood up and headed for my bedroom, beckoning on me to follow her.Who was I to refuse? I dey madt? So without second thoughts I followed behind her.

She pushed me unto the bed when we got to the bedroom, then slipped out of her nightie and mounted me.Her heavy Bosom dangled above.I swear, they were as big as melons and had thumb-size nippIes.Instantly my hands shot upwards and grabbed them and I began to squeeze judiciously and she let out a soft moan, then leaned forward and nestled one of her b00bs in my mouth.I sucked like a starved infant, moving my mouth from one b00b to another as I kept on handling them.She kissed me all over my face and began to slide down, using her tongue to tickle me from my forehead to my Tips and down to my navel.When she got to my groin, she pulled down my boxers (I kicked them away) and gave me a swift lick to the tip of my d!ck and i jerked.She licked again and i jerked once more, before she grabbed my shaft and circled her mouth around it.She sucked my d!ck like a lollipop and I could imagine Lil’Wayne’s voice singing “Lollipop” in my head.Ebere fondled my d!ck carressingly and massaged my balls.Then she asked, “Do you wanna f*ck me?” (still massaging my Joystick).I nodded desperately.

“Are you sure?”, she asked again.I nodded feeling frustrated. Then she said, “Just say it…say you wanna f*ck me….say it loud!”

“I WANNA F*CK YOU, EBY”, I was almost yelling, then she turned around, leaning on her elbows and raised her massive nyash in the air towards me.I was crazed like a savage and attacked her from behind, pounding without reserve.Ebere could perform acrobatics with her waist and she started rotating it clockwise, anti clockwise then began to buck it up and down.Each movement of her hips seemed to bring out the monster in me and my thrust became like a fired piston, in and out of her love triangle.As I f*cked her, I kept watching her Buttocks quiver like silicon bags then I grabbed them, squeezed them and began to spank them, causing swatting sounds to fill the air while she yelled,”Yeah spank me baby, spank me…am so naughty spank me”.Still in my kneeling position, I stood one foot on the bed and placed my d!ck at a 45 degree angle and began a massacre on her big bakassi.She buried her face on the bed, grasping the bedsheets desperately and started to cry out,”You’ll kill me Goodie, oh you’ll kill me, you’ll kill me ooo…..And her moans transcended into screams,”Oh no, oh yeah, oh no”, she kept screaming on and on as I kept on pumping her fleshy pusse without mercy.Soon she began to thrust back, jamming her buttocks on my thighs and whimpering with every thrust i made.Then her pusse walls quaked and she screamed her release,”Oh my God i’m coming…l’m coming…yes i’m coming…l’m comiiiiiinng” her body tremored.And with a few final thrusts I pulled out of her, turned her round and sprayed my geez all over her b00bs, bellowing like a wild bull.We fell silent trying to catch our breaths.When she had rested for some moments she put on her nightie then kissed me and said,”Dream of me”, before she left and i dozed off.

To Be Continued….

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