-My Distraction (18+)

Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 37

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Truly it was a long night ahead as she kept stirring and mumbling in her sleep.I guessed she was dreaming.And for a while I began to imagine what her dreams held for that night.Probably it would be filled with pains amd sorrow flamed by the retrospect of her grief.I felt deep pity for her, most especially her aged mother.Meanwhile my JT kept rearing it’s head like an enraged hydra and nudging at her ikebe and she would wriggle her butt on me, holding on tight to my arm as if I would run away.It didn’t take long before dawn approached and I left her side to make breakfast afterwhich she had her bath.That day was a Saturday.

I was under the shower when she was ready to leave and she called out to me.

“Goodheart, I’m about leaving”, she said.

And I bade her farewell from the bathroom as I heard the front door slam close.I knew she was disappointed I had allowed her to leave on a Saturday morning (when I had no work).And also disappointed I hadn’t cared to say a proper goodbye which entailed the eye contact and hugging scenarios.Actually I had avoided the aforementioned spectacle inorder not to fall for those seductive eyes of hers (which was my weakness).I didn’t think I would be able to muster any more form of self control once things got out of hand.And this was exactly what I wanted to avoid.

The moment I stepped out of the shower I heard my phone beep.On picking it up, I found out it was Dr.Sunil calling.

“I saw a lady leaving your apartment few minutes ago”, she said.

“And is that how to say goodmorning?” I asked in upset tone, and she stuttered slightly before greeting: “Goodmorning doc”.

I hesitated for a while before answering.By the way…so she was still monitoring my apartment? I wondered.

“Were you snooping on me?” I asked.

“No dear I wasn’t”, came her reply, but I could tell she was lying from the way she spoke.E be like sey she don start again? Shey na dis kind thing bring quarrel for us before?

“Anyway”, I stated,”The lady you saw was a former colleague and she came just this morning to see me”.

“Really?” she growled.

I knew she wasn’t convinced by my answer but hey….who cares?

“What are you doing now?” she asked.

“Just finished having my bath” I replied.

“Can I come over?” she suggested.”Probably to take your clothes to the laundry or anything”.

Honestly I was in no mood for the babe that day.But telling her NO would break her heart.

“Alright….come over”, I replied and I think I heard a soft giggle before she ended the call.

It was under few minutes and i heard the doorbell ding.I went to get it open and Sunil stepped in looking radiant and i was compelled to hug her closely.

“How’re you?” she purred kissing me and i answered.

Without wasting time she bobbed into my bedroom to pick some of my dirty clothes which she packaged in a thrash nylon.And began to mop the entire house, complaining how dusty it had become since the last time she cleaned it.We were still on our chit-chat (with me in the room), while she mopped the kitchen floor, when the door bell rang again.

“Go check who’s there” I told Sunil and she strode to the door and i heard the door creak open but there was a sudden silence.Something was not right.

“Sunil, who’s that?” I asked from the bedroom but there was no response.So I stepped out towards the front door to see the reason for Sunil’s sudden silence and a shocker met me.

Standing at akimbo was Dr.Sunil staring quizzically at Matron Grace who was standing before the doorway with a look of bewilderment on her face.

To Be Continued…

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