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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 36

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She kept looking into my eyes, perusing my psyche.There was always something about the way she stares at me that keeps me speechless.Those eyes….those beautiful dimmed eyes staring at me like a confessor from THE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER movie.I watched her silky hair curled behind her, her nurses cap hung on her hair like she was born with it, her big racks heaving slowly as she breathed softly awaiting my response.With all these effects before me, what do you expect my response to be (na human being I be oo). Then I took in a deep breath:

“Eby….”, i said (clearing my throat) “.You know I can’t refuse you anything….But what will your mum say?”

“Such things don’t matter to her now”, she told me,”Please I just can’t stay alone for now”

I stared intently at her and she continued:

“just do this for me….atleast for old times’ sake”, she purred.

“It’s okay Eby”, I agreed.And she threw her arms around my neck, pressing her bossom to my chest.While I took the pleasure of roaming my hand around her back.But what if Dr.Sunil came calling at my house later in the day as usual? What would I tell her.Then I devised a plan.I searched for Sunil…..and when I found her, I told her I would be having some prayers that evening (omo see lie), so I won’t be needing any company till the next day.Sunil wasn’t a christian, so she didn’t complain because she didn’t want to look like she was trying to stop me from practicing my religion.What an emotional black mail.

By the evening of that day, after close of work, I went home with Ebere and smuggled her into my apartment.Standing by the verandah an hour later, I could see Sunil seated on her balcony monitoring the movements around my house.Something told her I was lying and she wanted to see things for herself (you can imagine).On sighting her from afar, I pretended to be praying, without even looking at her, before I went back into the house.The babe was such a monitoring spirit….no be small thing.

When it was time to have dinner, I went into the kitchen to prepare us food.Ofcourse i’m a good cook, and I couldn’t let Ebere do the cooking in her bereaved state.She was lying down on the couch when I served dinner and I beckoned on her to come to the dinning table.Sluggishly she came on, and sluggishly she ate.All the while we ate, she avoided my eyes.I knew what was going on in her mind.The way we parted ways was quite obscure and she was thinking I would broach the subject.But one thing I admired about her that night was her fortitude towards her father’s death.She was holding up very strong beyond my expectation; and I was glad about it, owing to the fact that her mood had affected me earlier.I still had feelings for her you know.

We watched TV together after dinner till she told me she wanted to go to bed.I showed her to one of the rooms and gave her one of my slam dunk shirts which she wore as a nightgown.Afterwhich I returned to the sitting room.Having slept off on the couch about an hour or so, i felt a hand touch my chest.I jerked awake to see Ebere seated beside me and staring into my face.

“What is it Ebere?” I asked

“I’m lonely and cold”, came her reply,”Please cuddle me”.

I couldn’t help but notice her jigging breasts beneath the large shirt on her body.She saw my gaze fall on her racks and rubbed my chest again.

“I miss you Goodie…I still love you” she said

“No Eby this is not the right time”, I replied her.”Moreover you are aggrieved and your heart is looking for a way to comfort itself”

“Just cuddle me baby”, she insisted.

“C’mon Eby, this isn’t right.This could lead to something else”.

“I don’t care what it leads to….I need you now than ever before”.

For sure she needed me that moment than ever before, but she was letting her sadness play tricks on her mind.In some people, s*x could be an escape route in such moments, but it wasn’t the ultimate.After the s*x what next?…..Sadness all over again huh? Just like alcohol.Then I held her hands so as not to make her feel rejected (she was emotionally fragile for that moment).

“Just cuddles right?” I inquired, and she nodded reluctantly.She wanted more than that.So I shifted backwards into the couch to create enough room for her and she lay infront with her back to me as I wrapped my right hand around her body.And my hand brushed her warm Bosom (she heaved).

I knew she would have let me make love to her that night if I had chosen to.But there were moments when one was expected to do the right thing….though my d!ck was already stirring with her big Buttocks against my groin.We lay cuddled up and awake without saying anything to each other as I fought to control my hormones.Soon she fell asleep with her right hand pressing my right palm to her Bosom as she breathed softly in her sleep.

‘This was going to be a long night’ I thought.But nothing would make me take advantage of the emotionally devastated lady in my arms.This was the time to do the right thing….Yes it was.

To Be Continued…

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