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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 34

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Leturah cleaned herself up and brought down her skirt, while i adjusted my d!ck and zipped up my fly.She looked satisfied but not too happy as a look of despodence clouded her face.I knew she was worried i had Pour in her, and i too was quite perturbed owing to the fact i wasn’t ready to be a father.She then walked round to her chair and slumped into her seat, puffing out in exasperation.

“How could you forget to use a condom?”, she asked in a shaky voice.

I walked to her seat and sat on the desk (facing her).

“I’m sorry Letty.I was carried away by the moment”

“Then you had to come in me too, heh?”

I fell silent watching her and she hissed before saying: “The truth is yesterday was my peak day, but anything can still happen”.

“Everything depends on how we handle it”, i suggested and she cast me a sinister look

“See your mouth.Its easy for you to say”, she said,”What if the measures fail and i still get pregnant…you go marry me?”

I knew her question was more of an inquisition concerning our future.The babe wan use style know whether marriage dey my mind for her.Na me she wan try? So i gave her my answer.

“Is it wise getting pregnant before marriage?”, i replied.”Atleast i know your dad won’t accept it”. And she studied me for a while then smirked softly.I guessed she knew i was evading her question.Then she spun her chair to the left and opened her drawer, rummaging in it.I didn’t ask her what she was doing but watched her keenly; and she brought out a card of pills (i identified them right away).They were contraceptive pills…which she popped out and i stood up to get her water from the dispenser and she swallowed the drugs.

“I just hope this works, if not….”, she heaved

“If not what?” i asked

“If not be ready to become a father” she stated.

I gasped in slight shock.And she said: “Ofcourse naa…Do you expect me to abort it? I can’t oh, abeg” and she adjusted her seat to face the laptop on her desk.I felt like slapping her face.Look at her telling me she won’t abort it.When she dey urge me to f*ck her, she no remember sey she dey ovulataion? You can imagine.Now she wan blame me…Mtcheeew!

“Are you upset?” i asked her.

“Not really”, she answered,”But next time don’t forget the condoms…No condom no s*x”

“Yes ma’am”, i replied playfully

“I’m serious oo”

And i drew closer and bent to kiss her softly on the lips, fõndling her breasts and she hit my hands away “Gerrarahia” she purred,”Randy doctor like you” as i turned to leave her office…Blowing her a kiss (which she responded to), i left her office while feeling her gaze behind me.On my way down the corridors, i walked passed the office of the senior consultant on Oncology and heard something strange.It sounded more like a moan which emanated from the doctor’s office.As i got closer, i heard the sound clearly as the lady inside (whoever she was) kept moaning,”mmmhh, yess, ohh yess, f*ck me, yess”. That was definitely the sound of s*x.So this doctor na baddoo, i thought.I meant to walk away, but the strong urge to peep got the better part of me and i made sure no one was around before bending to peep through the keyhole.What i saw got my c0ck twitching in my trousers.

The senior consulatant was frantically pummeling nurse Mercy so hard from behind, while her Buttocks vibrated like jelly.She was humped over the desk with her big nyash in the air and squeezing her right Bosom as she received the man’s thrust, moaning (he was really digging the kunja).To tell you the truth i’m not into voyeurism, but that particular scenario caught me static.Kai! I swear nurse Mercy was a real whõre.You needed to see the way she was bouncing her bakassi and nyashing the man while he kept on pounding like a s*x starved dog **So no be only me dey notice nurse Mercy big calabash eh?** I looked down to notice my d!ck was already engorged and i squeezed it (imagine me wey just come out from Leturah tõtõ not too long ago).Who wouldn’t get aroused while watching such debaucherous act.Even a Buddhist monk will gain an erectiõn….or don’t you think so? So i decided to leave.The sight was doing me more harm than good by giving me serious konji.As i began to walk away, i met an Indian guy Dr.Paresh coming opposite me; and his gaze fell on my swollen crotch which i quickly covered by putting my hands in my pockets.We walked passed each other without saying a word.The guy no dey like talk to person.So me kwanu no dey talk to am.Afterall 2face sey “if you no send me…me no go send you”, abi na how im talk am sef…whatever.All i know be sey the guy notice my gbola wey don stand.That day rounded off in a spectacular manner and i must say it was fun.Picking up my monostrap bag, i left for my apartment at the Resident’s quarters.


The next day saw another busy day for me as i arrived as early as 7:00 am.i didn’t want my boss to arrive before me.I no get time for im preaching.It didn’t take long before Dr.Saha arrived in his usual grumpy nature and i ran after him like when the disciples ran after Jesus.Little did i know the surprise that would accost me that day.

Work went on well as usual for me, with Dr.Saha bossing me around.And he would say: “Be up and doing…you’re almost a consultant now” mtcheeeew….as if i no know.Make thunder fire that im bald head.It was during such a session when i heard the hospital ambulance wooping aloud outside the lobby.That was always the sound of an emergency.Only God knows what it is this time”, i wondered.Instantly the wooping sound was followed by the scampering footsteps of nurses as they rushed to the entrance with trolleys.I was now walking into the waiting room when i saw the nurses’ behinds as they pushed the trolley ahead into the hallway muttering “It was an accident! It was an accident!!” and i walked towards their direction.Suddenly the entrance door opened and someone rushed in.I didn’t bother to see who it was and the person began to ask some of the nurses questions while sobbing softly.It was a female voice.I think i heard her ask “Where is my father?” The voice sounded familiar and i turned back to see nurse Ebere standing with one of our nurses before our gaze met in a flash.For a second we stood agape staring at each other before i mustered the morale and walked up to her.

“What brings you here?” i asked,”Aren’t you supposed to be at work?”

“Goodheart, my father just had an auto accident.And i learnt he was brought here” she replied.

“Don’t tell me the accident victim is your father?”

“Yes he is” she broke down in sobs.

I held her firmly and led her to a seat as i tried to comfort her.At that moment, the squabble we had in the past wasn’t important as my professional etiquette came into play and i assured her everything would be fine before excusing myself to be back in a jiffy.

I met Dr.Adeyemi (who happened to be the hospital’s best in traumatic situations) and pleaded with him to do his best on my former landlord, Ebere’s father.

“Just promise me you’ll do your best”, i pleaded looking into his eyes.

“I promise i will”, he replied before heading for the Emergency Room; and i walked back to the waiting room to meet Ebere pacing up and down.

“He’ll be fine”, i assured her,”Our best doctor is attending to him”.

Twenty minutes later, i had succeeded in putting her at peace and she was now flashing some faint smiles (to my relief) when Dr.Adeyemi walked into the waiting room, heading towards us with a weird look on his face.I quickly stood up, as well as Ebere when he came to us.

“How was it?” i asked and he heaved shaking his head.

“I’m sorry he couldn’t make it”, he replied.

And in a split second….”Jesus!” Ebere gasped collapsing to the floor as i rushed to her screaming “Get some help! Get some help!!”

“Ebere! Ebere!!” my voice echoed down the hallway.

To Be Continued…

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