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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 33

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As days went by, Dr.Sunil became more attached to me.She would check on me at my duty post at intervals saying “she just wanted to see my face”.The sunita babe was beginning to adapt to the polygamous nature of Nigerian men through me, as she no longer queried my calls whenever a woman called me or even wanting to know my relationship with every woman around me.She was just trying to win my heart, hoping that one day i would dump the others and be hers forever **laughing in Spanish** No be small thing oo.

During weekends she would take my clothes to the washman and pay by herself, afterwhich she would put my house in other and then i would also put her waist in other **winks** She began to introduce me to her native dishes (see me don dey become Hindi oo) but the delicacy i loved most was the Indian shawarma.Omo the thing na die.No be like the rubbish carbage junk we dey chow for Naija here.Her cooking was awesome and she was a wife material shaa.The babe come love me so teeey she no dey respect and keep to her Hindu hours of prayer at all.Even the statue of the goddess Lakshmi wey dey her house don collect enough dust but she no dey clean am.Every time she dey with me or dey for my house.Sometimes she go spend 2-3 days for my house.Me come dey suspect say other resident neighbours don dey suspect.Sunil was head-over-heals in love with me.I just didn’t know how to tell her i didn’t love her as much.

Then came a day we were together on a certain evening.Her phone rang and it was Karam her jerk of a fiancé.She refused to pick the call till i urged her to and she picked.The moment she pressed the answer button, the Buttocks wipe began to shout on her.I could hear his sanskrit accent coming from the phone.They argued and cursed for a while and Sunil bellowed at him:

“Infact Karam, it’s over between us.I’ve found love here in Nigeria” and she ended the call…..Shuoo! Hope sey no be because of me this fake oyibo wan end her relationship oo.Heeen…see me see wahala.The babe was taking it too far.Me no discuss anything marriage with am oo.She then shifted her phone aside and we continued our discussion.Minutes later Karam called again.She looked at the phone and heaved in exasperation.

“Why don’t you answer the jerk”, she suggested.

Wetin concern me with their matter? Why she come dey drag me inside? But she insisted i should answer after he called again and i obliged (moreover the yeye guy was disturbing my peaceful cohabitation with the babe) and i picked the call.

“Eheh? Ogbeni na wetin?”

He was ranting rubbish in his language.The guy think sey na Bollywood film im dey act.Who get time for that one?

“Mr Man no call dis number again”, i stated and cut the call

He kept calling the line after i ended the call, by then Sunil and i were already making out.I was eating her sweet pusse (while Karam kept calling like a desperado).You go call tire today, i thought as Sunil moaned in pleasure, pressing me between her thighs.That night we f*cked the shît out of our brains.

That was the only thing that mattered to me.

The next morning we got ready for work and left together (she was enjoying my attention….for her mind).As usual, my pot bellied consultant didn’t refrain from bossing me up owing to the fact i was concluding my Residency training.He made sure i worked like a jackal that day till my legs began to hurt.On that same day, i partook in two opertions coupled with unending call sessions from ward to ward in which nurse Mercy assisted me (Nurse Mercy and her big Buttocks sef).The morally deliquent nurse didn’t miss the opporrunity of seducing me while on duty.During a particular call session, Nurse Mercy and i were in a private ward while i checked the vitals of a woman who had just undergone a Caesarian Section.As i bent over to use the sphygmomanometer on the sleeping patient (while Nurse Mercy stood behind me), i felt her caress my Buttocks and squeezing it.I jerked erect and signalled her to stop but she did the worst by squeezing my crotch, before she turned and left, swaying her huge backbump which left my d!ck swollen.By the time i was free, it was already 3:00 pm.

I was walking down the hallway when i saw nurse Becky coming in the opposite direction.She smiled at me and winked before heading into the Nurses’ Changing room.That was definitely a green light, so i made for the changing room.On getting to the door, i yanked it open and Nurse Becky grabbed my tie, pulling me inside.

“I miss you baby”, she said overtaking my lips in kisses.

Na so she start to dey caress me like sey she neva see man since dem born her.Before i know wetin dey happen, my belt don open.Na im she come sidon on top pressing table, pull her pant come open her leg.I rush her sharp sharp dey chop her lips like suya while my hand dey fînger her.She come dey moan like church hymn, dey rotate her waist and na so her hand begin massage my gbola.Her juices were beginning to wet my knuckles when my phone rang out.The sound startled us back to reality and she tried to discourage me from picking the call, but i had to because it was Dr.Leturah on the line.She sounded so formal when i answered her.

“Dr.Goodheart can you come to the office, please” and she dropped.

“Who was that?”, nurse Becky asked

“That was Dr.Leturah”, i replied, adjusting my cloth.

Becky had a disappointing look on her face.

“What does she want with you now?”, she asked suspiciously.

“Becky!….how would i know?”

I knotted my tie properly, while Becky slid on her panties, eyeing me profusely (do i give a damn).That one na her business.Me i don dey commot.

“I’m leaving oo”, i said.She only nodded (adjusting her pinafor), then i left.

It was only in a short while i got to Leturah’s office and walked in.Her face beamed with smile.

“Heeey sweetie”, she purred getting up from her seat to embrace me.”I thought you wouldn’t come”.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world”, i replied cupping her soft buttocks.She loved it when i did that and she pressed her crotch onto my engorged d!ck.I could feel the heat emanating from her body and the heat around her groin area.She had this burning desire in her eyes and kept crushing her groin on me as her breath became deep and hard with arousal.She looked like she would devour me.

“I’m on heat you know”, she rasped, unlatching my belt just the same way Becky had done earlier.Her breath kept rasping as she undid my fly, and my c0ck sprang out like an athlete.She cupped my balls and massaged my shaft.

“Ohh i love this c0ck”, she muttered with alacrity.

I meant to grab and kiss her, but she pushed me away and turned her backside to me (giving me a view of her round bubble Buttocks) She didn’t seem to be in the mood for any fõre play.She was really on her heat.

“Just f*ck me right away”, she commanded and i lost all control (to the extent i forgot to slip on a condom) and lifted her brown knee-length skirt to her waist.Facing me was her fair skin booty in a thin purple panties.Wow! That booty could make a preacher cry.Her nyash was fresh and too fair.I shifted the panties aside with expertise (she arched her back spreading her legs) and i drove into her at point blank…she threw her head backwards and gasped the moment i penetrated.And i began to blast her right away.

Her waist wriggled out of pleasure as she hummed like a broken record, feeling the impact of my thrusts.

“Ohh yess…f*ck me, ohh f*ck me babyyy” she kept moaning as i slammed her like a piston.Her lips kept quivering with each thrust and she would mutter inaudible words and moan as well.Leturah’s pusse was tight and welcoming as i bleeped her and she began to thrust back urging me to f*ck her harder.

“C’mon Goodie, harder! harder!! ooh harder!!!”

She wanted all of my d!ck in her so i placed my right foot on the chair and deepened my thrusts and she howled like a banshee clenching her spasming fists.

By now i was already in the clouds and i didn’t care if someone would hear us and i held on tight to her waist and pummeled harder like my life depnded on it.She began to wail and mumble,”Ouuushh, ohhh Jeeeesus, ohhh shît” and she kept on mumbing “Yes don’t stop, ohh don’t stop….keep f*cking me, keep f*cking me babyyy”. Her sounds were beginning to get to me and i slowed down so as not to expire quickly.

I began to rim her squelching cuñt with expertise and she groaned in pleasure, slamming her fist to the table.I was overwheming her.

“Oh my God you’re so f*cking good”, she cried out.And she began to bounce her Buttocks on me, hungry for more (she was like fire).

I drove in deeply once again and she arched her back further, her pusse swallowing my d!ck. “Give it to me”, she growled, but i remained motionless caressing her Buttocks.I wanted her to beg for it so i spanked her buttocks SPLAT!!!

“Beg for it you sissy” i demanded

“Keep f*cking me please”

I spanked again “Say what?”

“Please don’t stop”

I spanked again and she cried out,”Please f*ck me mooore” and i pressed her waist lower and pummeled her puñy in hard strokes; and she wheezed frantically, her lips quivering (she was getting uncontrollable)

I kept f*cking her in that manner till i felt her body quaking violently and her Buttocks vibrating spasmodically.And she screamed her release, tightening her vãgina over my shaft and i felt my seed coming as i pumped faster in and out of her lovehole.The feeling was so overwhelming that i didn’t know when i shot my seed into her hungry pusse, and she jerked away from me instantly.

“Oh my God!” she gasped,”Why did you do that?”

“Do what?” i replied (we were catching our breaths).

“You came in me…i’m ovulating” she sighed

Yepa! how could i make such a mistake? Damn it! What if she gets pregnant for me? Tori don get K-leg be that oo.

To Be Continued…

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