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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 32

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Iniobong and I were now becoming best of friends (after 2 weeks of knowing each other) and we were enjoying the dividends.Though we hadn’t had the chance to be together, we were not far from each other as we would chat on the phone for hours.Even so tey we come dey do this MTN free call awoof sef (because me no fit dey burn dat kind credit for woman matter).She was now getting closer and bolder to me and was beginning to flirt with me.Most times i would sit in the common room and chat her for long on whatsapp.And it was on one of such days she sent me a picture of her jug-like b00bs and her pink pusse (on whatsapp).Omo! I no fit shout.The bobbie even big pass for picshur and the tõto just pink come wide as I dey zoom am.Kai!! This calabar babes no go kill person oo.Throughout that day I couldn’t concentrate as i kept drooling over that clip of cute Kitty-Cat on my screen.

On the night of that day, while we chatted on the phone, she asked me a question:

“Have you f*cked a calabar babe before?”

Meehhn.The question just make my pr!ck stand like NEPA pole.Na im i tell am sey I neva kpansh calabar babe before oo.Na so she come laugh with that her sweet voice.I just dey imagine as her Bosom go dey shake as she dey laugh.So I come ask her wetin she dey do at that moment wey we dey chat for phone.She tell me sey she lie down for bed.Na so my dirty mind come begin to fantasize.

“So what are you putting on?” i asked

She giggled sexily,”I’m putting on a see through night gown”, she replied.My heart skipped.

“And what color of panties?”

“You’re such a naughty boy”, she purred

“C’mon tell me naww”

“Lilac undies”, she rasped.

I could hear her breathing hard into the phone.Our dirty chat was getting her aroused.And so was I.

“What’s your fetish?” I asked her.

She seemed to sit up on the bed, because I heard her heave with the sound of rummaging bed sheets.

“I love having a guys c0ck in-between my b00bs”.

“Wow! that’s so erõtic”, I replied.”I wish I could have my d!ck between those big jugs of yours”.

And she took in a deep breath,”Ohh doc, you make me so wet now”, she whispered into the phone.”I feel like doing it with you”

I knew she was already hõrny and wet as she kept breathing hard into the phone.Na im I come tell her to remove her pant where she dey.

“What are you up to doc?” she asked.

“Just do as I say”, I stated firmly.

Women loved such suspense and surprises.So she quickly peeled off her panties (while I imagined her doing it).

“My panties are off”, she whispered (expecting the next instruction).

Na im I come tell her to use her hand dey rub her tõto.She come start to dey massage herself as I come dey tell her so many dirty things wey girls dem dey like to hear for bed.

“Touch your pusse for me you slüt”

“Oh babyyy”, she moaned into the phone,”I feel like grinding my wet cuñt on your face”.

“You do?”

“Yeah baby”

“Then keep teasing that pink pusse for me”

She seemed to increase the vigour of rubbing her kitten, as I heard her groan deeply.

“Ohh…i’m teasing myself so good”, she wheezed.

By then my pr!ck sef one burst and me sef done dey massage am wella.I just dey enjoy the way she dey moan and breath for the phone.Na so Iniobong continue dey finger her tõto.Me sef come start to dey hear the tõto sound for background as the thing just dey do ‘fiki fiki fiki fiki’. Ewoo….see machinery.This babe kunja go sweet.Checkout the kind sound the thing dey make.

Then I heard her breath ragging in the phone.

“Are you going to come for me?” I asked

“Yeahh….i’m going to come for youuu”.

“Tease that cuñt till you Pour”.

And her moans increased (I hoped her mum wouldn’t hear her).And she groaned deeply, “I’m coming for youuuuu” and I heard her breath hard and fast continuously, till her breath slowed to deep heaves.

“Did you come?” I asked

“Don’t ask me”, she purred shyly.”My bed is now wet”

I laughed aloud,”That means you came hard”

“Go joor.Bad boy”, she said in a baby voice.

We talked for a while, then she told me she was feeling sleepy.Ofcourse she should, after such an orgasmic encounter.So I decided to let her go to bed.I had just blown her mind in the weirdest form.And I knew this would make her hunger for more…make her hunger for the real thing, thereby leaving her with lewd and wild imaginations.

“I got to go now”, she said sleepily.

“Alright dear…goodnight!”

“Goodnight Cassanova”, she chuckled and cut the call.

And i went to bed knowing Iniobong would have a night sleep filled with erõtic dreams.

To Be Continued…

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