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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 31

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The next day, Dr.Sunil kept me at bay as she did everything possible to avoid me.I accosted her at the Doctors common room and she ignored me, walking away as if I was non existent.Well, since she wanted it that way, I had to respect her wishes and stay off her grid.Even when she brought a message for me from Dr.Saha, she just deliver the message with formality come turn dey go.Maybe she expect say I go come dey beg her again….for where! Me no get that kind time again.Na Naija she dey, no be India.If na malice she wan keep with me…no wahala! Me get grade one for malice sef.When I been small I sabi quarrel and keep malice ehn.You sef go fear.That day na Thursday shaa and I no get plenty work to do.Na im be sey me go close early.Kpata kpata 2 o’clock I don close for the day.

It was around 1:00 pm when my phone vibrated in my pocket and I brought it out…<> Wow! I was surprised and pressed the answer button.

“Hello dear”, she purred

“Hi madam”

“I’m back in the country”


“Yesterday” she replied.

She asked me if I was done for the day, and I told her I just had one hour more.

“Okay then…i’ll be coming over by 2″ she said.

“No p then” i replied and she dropped the call, only for me to turn back to see Sunil leaning on the nurses’s post and eavesdropping on me as she pretended to be talking to a nurse.This babe sef, i thought as I ignored her and walked passed.

Thirty minutes later my phone beeped with a text message from Mrs.Amanda.She said she was parked across the road waiting for me.Rounding off with all I had to do, I left the hospital premises and she drove to the spot where I stood and I got into the car.Her lovely face beamed with a smile.She looked ravishing wearing a short grey gown with a high waist belt that lifted her firm bossom.I just couldn’t take my eyes off her s*xy** body.

“How’re you today?” she asked

“I’m good”, I replied staring lustfuly at her exposed full thighs.Damn!! The woman was a knocker.Her husband was one lucky chap. She seemed to notice my amorous glances and waved her right fingers in my face “Hellooo” she said and I jolted back to reality.Then she started the car and we drove away.Mind you I had no idea of our destination.All I knew was I just wanted to be with this s*xy** woman, and if possible get into her panties.I didn’t want to raise the issue of our last encounter during her check up with me because I didn’t know if she still felt that way towards me or she just wanted to be friends with me.So (as a badt sharp guy) I played along with her.

“Where are we off to?” I asked

“To my place ofcourse”, she replied without smiling.

“Your place?” I asked.

Shey dis woman wan put me for trouble.How she go carry me go her house wey be sey her husband know me wella as im friend Dr.Saha boy.See me see trouble oo.

“What about your husband?” I asked

“He’s out of town”, she replied.Then turned to look at me.”Hope you aren’t having any silly Ideas about taking you to my place?”

“Nooo”, I cut in.

“You better not, doc.I just want you to know my place as my friend” she stated.

Na wa oo.This woman was not giving me the green light like the previous time we met.I thought she liked me that much to want to f*ck me, judging from her previous advances towards me.Why all the sudden friend and cordial talk.Anyway no be must sey I go kpansh her.Afterall she was my patient and maybe was trying to be nice.Issorait! Nothing mega.I go maintain.

We now arrived her beautiful compound and drove in.And we alighted from the car as she led the way into her house.She offered me a seat and asked me what I would take but I told her I was okay.And she shrugged.

“Feel comfortable”, she said and walked into the house as I had a nice view of her large hips.But wait oo.What was I even doing here? I thought.I had felt I was coming for a hot shag not knowing this woman just wanted me to come to her place and look at the ceiling.Nna vex come start to dey catch me.Which kind rubbish be this.Infact…where this woman?….I wan start to dey go.Shey na her place she want me to know.Ngwanu I don see the place.I was about getting up to announce my departure when she called me from inside the house.

“Dr.Goodheart!” please I need your attention here.

So na to come help her do one or two things she carry me come here abi? Kai see wetin töto don cause for me.A whole dockie like me.Well I get to form gentleman for her make I no crash my rep.

“Where are you?” I asked crossing into the corridor.

“Over here!” she sounded and I followed her voice and came before an oak door.I knocked on it.

“Come in”, she responded and I opened the door and stepped in.

I passed what seemed like a small sitting room before walking through a connecting door and stepped into another room where I saw Mrs.Amanda lying flat on her tummy (on a big bed) with just a towel tied around her body.I swallowed hard instantly as I ogled her exposed inner thighs and smooth back.She raised her head and turned to look at me.

“I need a massage on my back”, she said placing her cheek flat on the bed.

“Wow! massage?” I asked.

“Aren’t you a doctor? Am i not your patient? Is massage not a therapy in medicine?”

“Erm…don’t mind me”, I said walking towards her.

I sat close to her right thigh and brought my hand close to her back and she spoke up:

“And please doctor, try to be professional” she stated.

See me don become masseurs.This one na home service extended from hospital.Okay here we go.I roamed my palms allover her back, massaging and kneading her Trapezius muscle and she let out a soft moan, closing her eyes.I kept massaging while she heaved continuosly and I felt the softness of her supple skin which I caressed as well.My touches were rewarded with series of moans and groans causing my d!ck to harden as steel while she commended my efforts by saying either “Yes there” or “Just like that”.

“Go downwards”, she rasped

And she wriggled her torso, freeing the towel around her chest and lumbar area and I dug my hand lower, pulling the towel downwards.

Her back was as smooth as jelly and I longed to see more.Trust me naa.I kept pulling the towel lower almost leaving it close to her waist and concentrating around her hip region.I could now see the sides of her Bosom and my d!ck throbbed hard, almost bursting my trousers.I massaged her sides, brushing her breasts and she didn’t flinch.So I began to caress her breasts (from the side) and a faint smile played on her lips accompanied by a louder moan.Encouraged by her reaction, I slid my hand downwards to her hips and fõndled the upper part of her Buttocks.She was still putting on her panties.A pink panties precisely.The color looked attractive on her curvy hips.There was no time.I had to make my move sharpaly.So I dug my fingers into her panties and squeezed her bum and she jerked and her eyes flew open.

“Chineke! doc what are you doing?”

Imagine question.When I dey rub her Bosom she no notice am.Then she tried to raise back the towel over her Buttocks and I held it back (to her surprise).Omo see as this opportunity wan pass me by.So I moved my left hand lower, going under the towel and caught the crotch of her panties.She meant to slide upwards (away from me) and I expertly shifted the panty crotch and dug in my middle finger, locating her center of gravity instantly.She squirmed.

“Oh stop it doc.I promised my husband never to flirt again”. (wetin concern me.Na Im she carry me come her bedroom.She no serious).

I began to flick her center of gravity and her waist rotated on its own accord as she moaned, clenching her fists.I began to finger f*ck her and she became soppy wet drenching the sheets with her juice.Then I withdrew my finger which was now shiny and slimy in her juice and turned her to face me and the towel fell away.

Her round firm breasts were now pointing accusingly at me and her eyes were already dilated with desires.

“I don’t want you to f*ck me”, she moaned, and I tweaked her clit, she gasped.

“Do you want my d!ck?” I asked

“Oh…I don’t know”, she rasped, and I tweaked again.This time rubbing it vigorously and she lifted her head off the bed.

“Oh shît.Now you’re going to make me want that d!ck”

“You want it?”

“Yeah baby”.

Before you could say PUSSSY, I peeled off her panties and she spread her legs.I quickly took off my clothes (while she played with her cuñt) and bent over her breasts, taking a nippIe in my mouth.She gasped the moment I sucked her Bosom.

I finger f*cked her sporadically while I kept nursing on her breasts.She moaned and heaved continuously.

“Give it to me now. Ohh take me now you bãstard”

And I spread her thighs so wide and pierced through her pink wet cuñt.She creased her face passionately and began to shriek as I started ramming into her.

Mrs Amanda wriggled and writhed in ecstacy, rotating her hips and grasping her hair as I continued pounding her.We f*cked for like 20 minutes while she kept urging me on and on “Oh yeah, harder, harder baby”, and I gave it to her like she wanted it.She rested her right leg on my shoulder with the other leg wide apart as she began to lift her waist to meet my rapid thrusts. She thrashed her head from side to side, moaning and grasping the sheets as I impaled her harder.I could feel her juice dripping down my ball sack and I knew she was nearing her edge.So I closed her legs and pummeled faster and her body shook in tremors, her breath rasping as she cried out,”oh God! oh God!! oh God!!!” and she came so hard, clenching her vãgina muscles over my shaft and I withdrew from her and shot my Fluid over her tummy.We rested after that, after which we went one more round before I got ready to leave.And she dropped me right at the gate of the medical quarters around 7:00 pm.

“You are the baddest doc i’ve ever met”, she told me as I was about stepping out of her car.”Hope i’m gonna see you again?”

“Sure.I got more therapy for you”

And she smiled and zoomed off.On getting to my doorstep, I saw Sunil seated on the balcony.

“Goodevening”, she greeted.

I responded (not paying any attention to her) and began to unlock my door.

“I’m sorry Goodheart”, she said holding my arm.By then my door was already ajar.Swiftly she threw her arms around me in a deep hug and wept on my shoulder.

“I need you baby”, she sobbed.”I swear i’m not gonna fight with you again”.

I felt pity for the sunita babe.And I cuddled her to my chest.

“It’s okay Sunil.I forgive you”


“Yeah…sure”, i assured her.And she took my monostrap bag from me.

“Can we go in now?” she asked.

“Ofcourse we can”, I replied pulling her inside the house, my right hand resting on her curvy backside.

To Be Continued…

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