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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 30

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That same day, I got back home in evening feeling quite spent.The sexual bout with the ‘d!ck hungry’ matron had taken its toll on me, coupled with the hustle and bustle of the day.When I got to the door of my apartment, I looked towards Dr.Sunil’s apartment in the distance and noticed (through the window) the light in her room turn on as her figure paced about.She stopped suddenly and pulled off her top revealing those lovely breasts trapped in a white bra.I quickly turned away so as not to intrude into her privacy (since she didn’t know I was watching). I inserted the keys into the keyhole and stepped into my sitting room.

My back ached.I threw my briefcase on the settee and went in to have my shower.I was still under the running water when I heard my phone ringing.Who could that be? I thought.Wrapping a towel around my waist I stepped out into the sitting room with my wet body.It was a strange number on the screen.


“Hi doc” came the soft but farmiliar voice.I had heard the voice somewhere but just couldn’t place it.

“Its me, Iniobong.Goodevening sir”

Ah ah.How she take get my number?

“Oh’re you?”

“Fine sir”

“Ermm…how did you get my number?”

“One of the nurses gave it to me”

I had warned those nurses countless times not to dish away my number without my notice.Well, the did had already been done, so I had to flow with the tide.

“So how’s your mum?”

“She’s fine.Sends her regards”

Then she told me how grateful her mum was due to the way I had taken care of Emem.

“I can’t stop thanking you doc”

I smiled,”Its okay dear.It’s my job”. Then she fell silent and I hollered into the phone.

“Hello! Hello! Are you there?”

“Yeah”, her voice came up.”Can I tell you something?”

“What’s that?” (I was now wiping the dripping water off my face).

She hesitated before she spoke up,”I…I like you” (shuo!!)

“Sorry Ini.I don’t seem to get you”

“All i’m trying to say is you’re my kind of guy and I can’t get you out off my head”

Now the discussion was no longer comfy for me but I didn’t know how to cut the call.She was being too forward for a lady and that alone was enough to get me worried, based on my mindset.

I could envision her talking at the other end of the phone call and my mind went back to those huge racks on her chest and the softness of her thin lips when she had kissed me earlier that day in Dr.Saha’s office.Truly the lady was beautiful and a fresh meat for me anytime any day.But having anything to do with her would seem like I was taking advantage of her gratitude.

Her voice sounded so endearing and tender as she spoke.And I could hear the huffs and puffs of her heavy breaths as she poured out her mind to me, calculating her words.She was still talking when I heard her mother’s voice calling in the background.

“Let me go answer my mum”, she said.I’ll call you back later”. With that she hung up as the network emitted the usual ‘after beep’ sound.

I went back in to continue my shower.Afterwhich I went into the kitchen to prepare me a dinner.Few minutes I had gone into the kitchen, my door bell buzzed and I wiped my hands,”I’m coming!” i echoed, walking to get the door.I was surprised to see Dr.Sunil standing at my doorstep.

“Goodevening!” she giggled through her spectacles and I ushered her in.She looked lovely in her black leggings and red tank top.Then she noticed the napkin with which I was wiping my hands with.

“What were you doing?” she asked

“I was about preparing dinner” I replied and she laughed aloud.

“So you cook?”

“Ofcourse I do”

And she took the napkin from me and walked ahead,”Where is the kitchen?” she asked.

“Why do you ask?”

“I’m gonna prepare you dinner”

I smiled and led her into the kitchen.Then she told me to go back to the sitting room so she could do her thing.I shrugged and left her as she had demanded.

As I watched TV I could hear the clattering of dishes and perceived the lovely aroma emanating from within.This would be the first time I would be tasting her cooking.She would talk to me from the kitchen at intervals and I would answer.Then I heard my phone beep a message.The sound came from the kitchen since I had left it there earlier while I was about to put up dinner.

“I think you have a message”, Sunil bellowed and I headed into the kitchen only to find her holding my phone in her hand and looking into the screen with a sober look on her face.Then she stared up at me and her faced creased in disdain.What was wrong? i wondered.She handed me the phone and leaned on the cabinet with her arms folded across her chest.And I read the message:








Oh no! No wonder the sunita babe dey para.But wetin be her own sef?

“Who’s she?” she asked

“She just a friend”, I replied

“Really! But she doesn’t sound like one”

“C’mon Sunil she’s harmless”

She hurriedly took off the mittens on her hands and dumped them aside.

“You mean this is how you go about with women huh?”

“No Sunil you’re taking this too far.You aren’t my girlfriend you know”

That statement seemed to daze her and she gaped at me as tears began to well in her eyes.

“I thought you loved me Goodheart”

“Wait it’s….”

“What about the s*x we had? I thought it meant something to you?”

This was the part I hated the most…Emotional blackmail.She never gave me a chance to speak.

“I cheated on my fiance’ because of you and this is how you treat me”

“Look Sunil let’s talk….”

“There’s nothing to talk about doc”, she stated and pushed me out of the way, walking out.

“Sunil wait! Sunil! Sunil!!”

But she had already walked out of the front door, banging it behind her.What was wrong with her? Shebi sake of sey she give me her kpomo na im be sey she go run my life ehh? Which kind wahala be dis? Abi I tell her anything about love?

I opened the door, standing at the doorway.The night was getting breezy and a storm was coming, as I stood watching her stomp into the shadowy night, her hair billowing in the wind.

To Be Continued…

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