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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 3

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I looked back and there was Ebere staring in awe to find me pants down between Lilian’s thighs.She was too speechless to talk.And Lillian used me as a shield to hide her face…That was when I remembered Ebere was assigned to do away with the expired drugs in the old dispensary…..Then she stomped away banging the door.Why was she taking it so personal I asked myself.Afterall I ain’t her boyfriend and never said anything of such to her.We were just f*ck mates.Yet I had a conscience.She was a woman and I knew I had hurt her.I disengaged from Lillian to her displeasure ( which I didn’t care), dressed up and seconds later I dashed out running after Ebere.

I arrived the hospital lobby sweating profusely, my eyes scanning for any sight of her.I could notice the nurses staring at me so I comported myself “See as dem dey look like mumu”, I said within,”Bloody gossips”

And I went ahead to check the lobby, and then the common room, yet no sign of her.So I decided to check the emergency wards upstairs.I hadn’t finished climbing the stairs when I saw her leaning on a balcony, her a$$ curved out.On seeing me she hissed,”mtcheeeeew” and went down further, wanting to stay away from me.I walked down to where she stood and didn’t know how to begin.Then I said,” Look Ebere, I…..”

“Hold it please”, she cut me off.”What have you come to do? Apologize? “,she scoffed and continued,”I know you aren’t my boyfriend, but the fact you’ve had me a couple of times is enough to stop you from f*cking any other person within this same place”. Ebere was really upset and I tried to pacify her,”I’m sorry Eby, it wasn’t my fault”, I said.That seemed to further infuriate her then she asked,”Whose fault then?…Anyway you doctors are all the same…cheap bloody womanizers”.

That one really got me angry,”Enough Ebere”, I yelled, “Remember i’m still your superior here”

She scoffed,”Superior indeed”, she replied,”But you didn’t think of that when you were getting into my pants abi?” Then she hissed and walked away.What could be her problem? I wasn’t her boyfriend naa.Na wa ooo.

Days passed by and Ebere seemed to find it hard to forget the incident.Our closeness was now official, the doctor-nurse relationship.And Lillian never stopped hitting on me, neither did we stop having s*x.Most times we would steal into an empty ward and get down to wild f*cking.Lillian was a real s*x freak.She seemed to be enjoying the attention now and sometimes I would squeeze her b00bs or swat her a$$ whenever we bumped into each other while on duty.She was such a crazy girl.Crazier than Ebere and loved to do anything crazy.The crazy things aroused her more.One of such was a scenario where I finger f*cked her at the back of a hospital mini van.

I was billed for an outside duty by the CMD and Lillian opted to come along.I would have loved Ebere to join me instead but she still bore grudges, so I went for the Lillian option.We got into the back of the mini van, skipping the middle row ( which was Lilian’s idea) and hit the road.No sooner had we gone long and Lillian took down her panties and opened her legs, telling me to finger f*ck her.Good thing the glasses were tinted and not even the driver Mr.Okpara would see anything because the seats at the middle row would hamper his vision from the rear view mirror; moreover he seemed engrossed with his driving and was listening to a radio programme.Lillian sat by my left and I used my left fingers to work on her.I spat on my fingers and gently bucked one of them inside her.It slipped in gently and I began to move it.Her eyes closed and her lips pouted as her body welcomed the pleasure.She started moving her hips, rotating them on the leather seat and even stretched her right hand groping for my swollen d!ck.I put one more finger in her and she made rasping breaths.She loved having two fingers in her and noticing that her moans would give us away, I said to the driver,”Increase the radio volume abeg”.And he did immediately thinking I was enjoying the programme.”Doc e be like sey you dey gbadun the thing?”, he asked gleefully.And I agreed to it.He tried to make more conversation but I didn’t have such time and I continued with teasing Lillian.The expression on her face almost tempted me to have her there, but it wasn’t possible.She finally succeeded in bringing out my d!ck and began to hand job me.At a point she took the risk of giving me a BJ, since the driver had his eyes fixed on the road.She sucked the tip of my d!ck almost forcing me to make gurgling sounds, while I raised her pinafor from behind and squeezed her Buttocks.She was a good c0ck sucker.Lillian deep throated me severally and began pumping her hands furiously over my shaft.She wanted me to come.As she did her naughty job, she kept looking at my face, enjoying the expressions she saw.Lillian worked me so good and even licked my balls several times and teased the skin with her teeth.Soon I felt it coming and I signalled her and she opened her mouth wide over my d!ck

and my load shot sporadically into her mouth.Damn! she was so naughty.She sat upright and wound the glass window and spat out my geez.Then gradually she put on her panties and adjusted her cloth.

Weeks Later:

The news of the renovation of the medical quarters by the government filled the air that morning as I walked into the lobby.Trust Lillian, she told me first.No news ever escaped her grasp.Funny enough I stayed at the medcal quarters and it was now a case of a sudden evacuation to a temporary place till the renovation was completed.Though the hospital board promised to provide a place, I didn’t take them serious so i made up my mind to search for a new a place.Most of the houses I saw were either having power problems or not close enough to the hospital.I even lost some money to a house agent in the process.I felt really bad.As fate would have it, one day I stood with a colleague at a balcony chatting up when Ebere walked up to us.”One minute please”, she indicated at me.I shrugged and followed her.She excused me for my colleague and took me down stairs.

“I heard you are yet to find a place”, she said.

And i nodded in agreement.Then she paused and looked away for some seconds then looked back at me and said,”There is a vacant flat, where I live, in my father’s compound” My eyes widened with surprise and she continued,”Of course its close to the hospital”, she concluded, looking away.That was the best news I had heard in a long time.The news elated me and I attempted to kiss her but she threw her face away and said,”Just did it for a reason”

“What reason?”, i asked.

She gave a faint smile and said,”No one ever f*cked me the way you did”.Then she turned and left.I smiled and knew there was hope.

To Be Continued…

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Wat A Rubbish Dnt Read Any Of Diz Book Again It D Devil Postin It Any Time I Read It I Fee5 Like Sum1 Stab Me

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Dis is a great imagination book

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