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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 29

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Na wa oh! Iniobong…..she seemed like a very interesting lady.The Ibibio language she spoke sounded very s*xy** in her mouth.She was a typical confirmation of the erõtic myth about calabar girls.She took my quivering lips in a wet kiss and I responded instantly digging my tongue into her wanton mouth.Then she slowly took her lips away from me, a sober look on her face.

“I’m sorry sir…i guess I was carried away”, and she stepped back and scrambled out of the office, hitting Dr.Ephraim who was about stepping in.Ladies and their inconsistency sef.No be she wan kiss me? Abi I force am? Dr.Ephraim stepped in closing the door behind him with a perplexed look on his face.

“Ogbeni wetin happen naa?” he asked.

“My brother….the calabar sisi kiss me oo?”

“Shuoo!! Bros your points dey climb oo”

Dr.Ephraim could be funny at times.He loved anything in skirts and loved discussing about them.I knew if I didn’t end the discussion he would talk about it till God-knows-how-long.So I decided to change the topic and talked about a botched anaethesia he performed, and he cackled aloud.As we chatted, i received a message on my phone that I was needed by one of the consulting doctors, so I excused myself and made to leave.

“That calabar sisi go sweet oo”, Dr.Ephraim chipped in as I opened the door.And I walked out shaking my head.Ephraim and woman ehh.

The consulting doctor who had asked for me was Dr.Adeyemi, an ill tempered surgeon.He was yelling at Nurse Mercy when I got to his office.Probably she was beginning to get on his nerves too, just as she did before I thought her the lesson of kama sutra **he he he**.As usual, she put up her ‘I don’t care’ attitude and walked away, rolling her big bum.And I caught Dr.Adeyemi gape for a second at the magical Buttocks before resuming his scolding.I laughed within me at the effect Mercy’s Buttocks just had on the prolific surgeon.That’s what we call buttom power **Lol**. I didn’t waste much time with the surgeon before I left to resume at my duty post.While I left his office, I met one of the cleaners who told me that the matron Grace had been looking for me earlier.Okay what for now? I wondered.

“Tell her to meet me in Dr.Saha’s office” I instructed.

Dr.Saha had left early that day, leaving me in charge of effects.He was always comfortable leaving his office in my care and I was enjoying his trust.I was already sitted behind the desk, turning right to hang my ward coat when the door creaked open and the matron stepped in with a killer smile on her lovely face.Everything about her was seductive.She catwalked towards my desk, swaying her round Buttocks and took the seat infront of me.

“How’s work been?” she asked.I guessed she hadn’t come all the way down here to exchange pleasantries.

“Work’s been fine…hectic as usual”

“Yeah, I know.Is that why I haven’t been seeing you?”

I knew it would come to that question.I had been avoiding the seductress for the past few days.I noticed she was becoming possessive.And i’m not the type to be caged by a woman.

“It’s not my fault.Like I said, I have been very busy”

“Oww c’mon baby (she stood up walking round to me) all work and no play makes you a dull boy”

“That wasn’t my ideology back in medical school.I don’t think I would have been here today if I lived my life on that.And so I don’t want to start now”

She was now sitted on my desk by my right with her legs crossed and her fingers toying with my tie.The woman no wan respect her age.She too dey worry me and me sef don dey wonder.

“Baby, you know I can’t stay without you”

“Madam Grace, please this is not the time”

“But why not sweetie.When last did you touch me? When last did you make love to me? (she was now breathing hard) I yearn for your touch” and she began to caress her robust thighs, making my heart skip beats.I meant to look away from her and she threw her legs open before me (now sitted facing me directly on the desk) rotating her hips sensualy as she sat, and I gaped at the sight before me.Her legs were wide apart and her inner caucus was staring at me.

My heart thumped faster as I stared into her legs, seeing the lacey crotch of her white panties clading her puffy pusse.And her smooth fleshy inner thighs.Chai! This was irresistible.She looked at my face with a triumphant smile, noticing the daze in my eyes and she gave a soft giggle.

“You can touch (she winced) It doesn’t bite”, she breathed.I swallowed hard and my hand involuntarily moved along her right thigh, crawling into her kunja and she bit her lower lip sexily, enjoying the effect she was having on me.My fingers touched her puffy pusse through the thin layer of her lace panties and she sucked in air.Encouraged by her reaction, I began to massage her pusse vigorously as she kept rotating her waist.

She undid the top buttons of her matron’s uniform and brought out her left Bosom which she caressed as I massaged her pubis.I could feel the stubiness of her clitõris through her panties and I rubbed it with my thumb “Ahhshhhhhh” she moaned with gritted teeth, jerking her waist.

“Take it off! Take off my panties” she purred and i pushed the hem of her skirt further upwards and pulled off her thin panties, bringing her pink pusse into view.Some pusses were meant to be beautiful and Madam Grace’s own wasn’t an exemption.Her pusse was all puffy and swollen, wet and glistening and I inserted my index finger into her, she squirmed “eeeeeww”.I kissed her upper thighs as I finger f*cked her and her right hand grabbed my head, squeezing my hair as she moaned softly.”Ohh baby boy…you’re so sweet”.She enjoyed the movement of my finger within her crevise and began to gasp with wide eyes like she was asthmatic.Then she began to rasp and mumble words I couldn’t understand till I heard her say “suck my cuñt” I pretended not to hear her and she gasped aloud “Lick me baby!” I instantly removed my finger and bent to eat her pusse.

Her cuñt tasted quite tingly owing to sweat, but the heat of the moment propelled me and I sucked madness into the hõrny matron.She was groaning and moaning without control till I took my lips away.She was now uncontrollable and tugged at my trousers unlatching my belt with expertise.Before you knew it, my d!ck was already out and i slipped on a Ruff Ryder condom and she pulled me by the hips between her legs as she guided my piston into her rings.

My waist began to ram hard immediately and she moaned aloud “Heyy, owww, babbyyy, babbyyy, ushhh”. She was really starving for my c0ck, spreading her legs eagle wide while her hands on my waist pulled me deeper as she kept rocking her hips sporadically.Her eyes were fixed on mine with her lips quivering while i pounded her like fufu.She grabbed my waist tighter and threw her head backwards groaning “harder! harder!! harder!!!”.The matron was really s*x starved and I grabbed her by the hair and pummeled faster, causing her to wrap her legs around me and wailing like a banshee.She then let go off my hips and pushed me down to the chair and mounted me, seating astride my c0ck.

Madam Grace can sabi to f*ck ehh.The woman for almost kill me.She jerked her hips like a machine, f*cking me like a possessed woman and throwing my body into spasms as she clenched and unclenched her vãgina over my shaft at intervals.Her pusse tricks were killing me softly and sending warped vibes round my body and she kept clenching her pusse over my shaft till I was almost going mad.Noticing she was driving me wild, the woman bucked her waist higher and slammed harder on me.You needed to see the matron riding me like a matador.I was almost suffocating on her bossom as she squeezed me hard, bouncing frantically on my d!ck, calling my name.

I grabbed her Buttocks and caressed them and she moaned aloud,”Ohh baby, yess.Squeeze them! Knead them! Just make me come”.And I squeezed her Buttocks, using her fleshy buttocks as a pivot and began to thrust back at her roughly, causing my chair to creak aloud.I spanked her Buttocks repeatedly and we began to talk dirty.

“You’re a naughty mama huh?

“Oh yey spank me naughty boy” (I spanked again)

“You love being spanked and f*cked eh?”

“Yes babyyy…Spank and f*ck me! Spank and f*ck me! (I spanked again TWACK!!!) and she shuddered and cried out,”Ahh I love this d!ck, I love this d!ck, I love this bad d!ck in me”. And she buried her face on my left shoulder and muffled her screams as I felt her body shuddering gradually.Then she bit my shoulder, convulsing hard “make me come, make me come, make me come….ohhh poo!” and I felt her warm juice leaking out of her and down my shaft.

Her dirty words and the warmth of her juice was enough to throw me overboard and I bellowed like a bull “It’s coming mama, it’s coming…..” as I filled the condom with my giz.And we slowed to a halt breathing hard with my shaft still in her, while she cuddled up to me, resting her head between my neck and shoulder.She was still moaning in her post-orgasmic bliss.

“Pheeeew!! That was a crazy one” I rasped.

“Yeah baby…it was”, she replied caressing my head.She didn’t even look up at me.

To Be Continued…

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