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***The next week***

The EKG machine beeped repeatedly as we struggled to salvage the patient in the Operating Room.There was tension in the air as the nurses perambulated in anxiety.I know you may be itching to know about this scenario.This was a situation we faced regularly in our line of duty.Well, let me give you a short run down.


It was around 2:00 pm that Monday afternoon, when the ambulance came blaring its amber lights around the lobby, eulogizing its carriage of another set of emergency.As usual, the nurses scampered like termites, pushing the trolley and heading for the exit.I and Dr.Ephraim were in Dr.Saha’s office when a nurse bolted in, panting.

“Dr.Saha there is an emergency”

“What’s the situation?” asked Dr.Saha clutching his stethoscope.

“Assault and battery on a pregnant woman…7months on actually”

Then Dr.Saha dismissed the pretty nurse with a wave of his hand and beckoned on Dr.Ephraim and I to join him.We rushed down to the hallway and came in contact with a gruesome sight.Seriously it was a case of battery but to a high degree.The pregnant young lady who seemed to be in her early 20s lay struggling for life on the trolley with fresh bruises and contusions on her face as she bled profusely between her thighs (sorry for the graphic description).Actually her name was Emem a 24 year old pregnant lady.Beside her was her aged mum and a beautiful lady crying and heaving helplessly as her large breasts seemed to bounce each time she wailed in her Ibibio language.She looked so much like the pregnant lady, but looking older.She was indeed magnificent, but there was an emergency at hand, so I took my attention back to the subject matter.

Miss Emem was an unmarried young lady who had gotten pregnant out of wedlock and had eloped with her lover.Few months after she eloped with her enstranged lover, her family got a message from a concerned relative that the so called lover had turned her into a punching bag.The present situation was the height of it as the guy in question had almost knocked life out of the poor Emem before her family called for the ambulance.Let me say something here.I wanna use this avenue to pass a message to the men folk out there ***Marriage no be by force.You musn’t beat up a woman to show your lack of interest in the union.Though some women give rise to this by throwing themselves at men.Women are delicate beings that need to be nurtured like flowers, and a scratch on them easily ruffles their petals.Female battery is not ideal, talkless of battery on a pregnant woman (I wonder how a man can raise his hand on a pregnant woman by the way).I have seen an excess of female battery while on duty to know it’s becoming a norm.Please let’s say no to female battery!***

Dr.Saha took a quick run on her vitals and confirmed she was sound enough to undergo a Caesarian Section.We had to save the baby.Though the pregnancy was 7 months, it couldn’t endure the trauma and shock experienced by the mother so a C.S was inevitable.By the orders of the attending physician, Dr.Saha, the young lady was taken into the Operating Room.And we prepped for an operation.Now let’s go back to the beginning of the story.


The young lady was running into a cardiac arrest as we fought to rescusitate her few minutes after the operation was successfully carried out by Dr.Saha.The EKG machine was almost flat-lining, indicating an eminent death as young Emem popped her eyes wide, gasping and fighting for survival.She was beginning to asphyxiate and I turned to nurse Becky

“Oxygen! Get the oxygen” I bellowed and she ran to get the cylinder which I nuzzled over Emem’s buccal area.Several times I tried to step up her pulse and heart rate but to no avail.The anxiety was becoming overwhelming.Since my young career, I had lost just one patient and I hoped Emem wouldn’t be the second.I began to imagine what her mum and the other lady would do if she passed away.How would I break the news to them? I was almost giving up on her when the EKG machine picked up gradually and Emem took in an audible deep breath and I began to see signs of a steady heart rate.Then Dr.Saha and I ensured she was stabilized before wrapping up with the whole procedure.

Moments later I stepped out of the O.R and walked down the hallway when Emem’s mother and the pretty busty lady ran up to me.

“How’s she….can we see her?” the busty lady asked.

“She’s fine, and has been taken to a private ward.You’ll see her at the right time”

“Oh thank you sir”, the old mom said to me and I excused myself and took my leave.But the busty lady still followed me up to Dr.Saha’s office.She seemed not to be satisfied with my answer.

“I said she’s fine!” I said to her stepping into the office and she looked at me softly trying to discern if I was telling the truth.She was indeed pretty.With an oblong face, full racks and a moderate hip size.

“Who are you to her?” I asked

“My name is Iniobong.I’m her elder sister”

“Sincerely she’s fine.I ensured it myself” and her face brightened up and I continued,”I’ll make sure you see her as soon as possible okay”

More to my surprise, she ran to me and hugged me tight to her body, pressing her ample bossom on my chest.She was sobbing (but I guessed they were tears of joy).

“Thanks for saving my little sister’s life” she said.

“Its okay, I thank God for everything” I replied and tried to break free from her bear hug but she wouldn’t let go.So I was compelled to hold her close and she snuggled up to my chest filling my nose with the olive scent from her soft hair as I began to feel her nippIes poking my chest so hard.Her hands were now caressing my back.What’s wrong with this lady? I thought.Then she lifted her face to look at me.

“You’re such a nice man”, she said amidst sobs.”You’re an angel….my angel” and she pecked my lips softly, leaving my heart racing.Abasi mbok! See me see temptation!

To Be Continued…

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