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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 25

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That particular month of October seemed full of surprises.Mrs.Amanda had gone on a business trip to Dubai as I had found out from the last time we talked over the phone.I had put about 2 calls through to her since the last time she was with me for a check up.And we were now quite close, while I waited for the right time to taste her cherry.I was trying to be careful here because her husband whom I knew to be a ‘no nonsense’ man was well connected, and could ruin my career if he found out any affair with his wife.And his friend, my boss would be outrightly disappointed in me.But I just couldn’t stop imagining what it would feel like to make love to the beautiful Mrs.Amanda and listen to her soft moans **smiles** (Don’t mind my dirty mind).

Within that month, there was an influx of new resident doctors into Briggs Memorial.Though most of them were males, the few females among them were hotties.Among them was Dr.Sunil from Kolkata in India who now added to the growing numbers of Indian doctors in the hospital.She was a typical Hindu of average height.Plump with chubby cheeks, small pink lips and a pair of dreamy eyes.Her b00bs and Buttocks was on the moderate side and she had a curvaceous body which made her look like a goddess.I swear she fine like mammy water Chai!!.I usually admired the way her half-moon spectacles hung on her nose like a night owl.And her long silky black hair was always in a pony tail.Her lovely face had a sort of innocence which was sexually appealing to the masculine psychology (you know the kind of innocence associated with those goggled high school actresses in X-trated movies).And she had this unperturbable charisma which made her more alluring.But she wasn’t much of a talker and preferred keeping to herself.I guess i wasn’t the only one struck by her hindi charms as I noticed some ‘backyard’ moves on her by some of my colleagues, especially Dr.Ephraim (an anasthaetic doctor) another randy doctor in the hospital.He was also popular amongst the nurses and they usually called him Dr.Effy (mtcheeeeew).He had almost every nurse at his beck and call, and would sometimes boast to me that he would bed every nurse in the hospital.The guy like woman dieee.Even pass me sef.I dey throway cap for am.I even suspected he had been sleeping with the matron too, because I had seen them in a compromising attitude a couple of times.Though it’s not my business shaa.Afterall whatever the matron and I have in common was just a f*ckfest and nothing more.All I owed her was changing her engine oil any time her engine needed servicing **winks**. Abeg let’s go back to the Indian babe tori.

Dr.Sunil used to be a personnel with the Geneva branch of Medecines Sans Frontiers (in English: Doctors Without Borders) an international health organization bent on providing free medical aid round the world.And she had decided to hook up with Briggs Memorial the moment she got into Nigeria with the organization.From all Dr.Leturah told me, she had met Dr.Sunil a few times during her stay in Geneva, hence the close relationship between the two of them.And to crown it all, she was under Obsterics & Gynaecology with me.The several times we went through call sessions together left me pondering on her stunning beauty and aura.And her scent was simply out of this world, so enticing.Despite those times we had come in contact while on duty, we were yet to break a meaningful conversation.But an opportunity came calling on a particular day.

On that fateful week the hospital health care sponsor, Roche Pharmaceuticals had organized a 5 day medical outreach to the host community of Briggs Memorial.It was already the 4th day of the outreach, and as usual we were supposed to join the staff bus to the venue off the programme.But on getting to the bus that day, I discovered it was already filled up, so I had no other option than to wait for the bus to go and come back on a second trip.Moving back into the Doctors’ common room, I sat down and fiddled with my phone.I hadn’t sat for long when Dr.Sunil came up to me.Instantly her seductive scent hit my nostrils.I was surprised to see her standing by my right looking at me with those dreamy eyes.She was looking as stunning as ever in a mauve knee length gown which fitted to her body, as she held her ward coat in her arms.

“Excuse me doc”, she said (as I turned to face her),”Aren’t you part of the medical team?”.

“Ofcourse i am, but i’m waiting for the bus”

“Why don’t you join me in Dr.Saha’s car.His driver will be taking me there”, she said before hurrying away.I was honestly surprised at her offer.She had never been that cordial towards me since she arrived the hospital.Our relationship was strictly formal and this was the first time she would be cordial with any male doctor within the 2 weeks she had spent in the hospital.But why me?

I hesitated before getting up and followed after her.As I walked behind her I watched her Indian hips sway and jiggle sexily reminding me of those Indian ladies in the Kharma Sutra X-trated movie, and I smiled to myself.This sunita babe no know me oo.This was a case of inviting the rat to pair with dry fish.Shey you know wetin go happen naa? **winks*

To Be Continued…

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