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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 24

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I really didn’t know how to get around her question.Why was she interrogating me? Abi na because she don give me nyash, for that she feel sey she fit do any how.Or she wan begin to take the affair personal? See me see wahala.So she stirred and turned to face me (expecting an answer) and I feigned a cough, sputtering and wheezing frantically as if I was choking to death.And she sat up instantly in shock.

“Are you okay?” she asked and I kept wheezing and coughing.

“Wa-ter” I stuttered and she sprang up swiftly, rushing to the fridge to pick up a bottle of water which she handed to me.I broke the seal and gulped a mouthful before handing it back to her,”Thanks”, I said to her and she smiled, tracing her fingers around my cheek.

“it’s okay baby”, she replied.

My trick had worked and she had forgotten all about the question.What a big relief, I thought.

Nurse Becky was now sitting erect on the couch, looking down at me where I lay.And her hand rubbed over my chest, playing with the hairs and tweaking my nippIes.We were still nãked.

“You know…i’ve always fantasized about f*cking you”, she said without looking at me (her eyes on my body).

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah.It has always been like that from the first day you resumed at the hospital”

I now moved to lay on her laps, looking up at her,”But you never gave me a green light”, I said.

“But you never noticed earlier”, she replied.And I moved my right hand to her Bosom, tickling her nippIe and she looked down into my eyes:

“E neva do you?” she asked,”I thought you’re satisfied”

“No Becky, how….” and my phone rang, cutting off my words.I sat up to pick it, only to discover it was Madam Grace.What a wrong time to call.Maybe her t?t? don dey scratch her again.All these Milf dem sef. E be like sey na dem f*ck pass.So I put the phone on silent, tossed it aside and lay back on Becky’s laps.

“Who was that?” she asked.

“Someone I don’t want to talk to”, I replied (the phone stopped vibrating).

“I know its a woman”

“No Becky, it’s not”

And she shrugged indifferently as my phone began to vibrate again.It vibrated severally before stopping.

“Okay oo, randy doctor”, she said,”Keep avoiding your calls”

I tickled her nippIes again,”I guess that’s why you like me”, I told her.Then she moved my hand away from her nippIe and bent down to nuzzle her breasts in my face, wanting me to suck them.I caught a nippIe in my mouth and began slurping like a puppy, while she remained leaning over me with her bossom in my face like a Bosom-feeding mother.I f*cked Nurse Becky once more after that, making her cry literarily, before she left my apartment around 8:00pm.I was totally saturated with s*x by the time she left.

The next morning, being a Monday morning was a busy one as I went round my call sessions.While on it, I accosted Nurse Mercy a number of times and she would wink and pout kisses at me, almost to the notice of the other nurses.At a particular time I met her upstairs at the balcony by the ICU. She was bent over on the balcony, making a phone call with her Buttocks protruded backwards.In her position, her uniform had elevated and her lower thighs were visible, revealing her white garter which was attached to the white panty hose running up her legs.The combination of the garter and panty hose made her look er?tic.My d!ck stirred in my trousers.

She turned back to notice me coming and started to wiggle her large bum to get my attention (and she did), while she kept talking into the phone.Her busy body around me was too much.When I got to her, I guessed she was talking to a guy over the phone, judging from her countenance.I stood behind her and she turned back to wink at me seductively and continued wiggling her Buttocks which had an apple shape and i ogled at the attractive sight.I began to wonder how on earth a woman would be talking with a guy over the phone and at the same time seducing another guy behind her.Only if the mugu she was talking to knew what she was up to at that moment.She giggled aloud, probably at something funny the guy on the phone had said, and her whole body including her bottom jiggled provocatively.I stepped closer to her and she looked at my groin and saw the bulge between my legs and her eyes widened with surprise.Then she transferred the phone (from her right hand) to her left and moved her right hand to my crotch and began to massage my c0ck through my trousers.The lady was morally decadent.The call was taking long and she was enjoying whatever the caller was saying to her; and she left my crotch and flicked her fingers, signaling me to unzip my fly.This babe was crazy, I thought.Well, na my advantage shaa.So within seconds, my fly flew open and my d!ck bolted out.

Nurse Mercy looked over her shoulders, left and right (with the phone plastered to her left ear) to ensure we were alone before wrapping her palm around my erect shaft and began to ‘hand job’ me.

“So when are you coming back to Nigeria?” she said into the phone.That was when I knew she was making an international call.No wonder she was taking time with her phone.All this while, I leaned on the balcony with my right elbow, while she did her debaucherous thing on me.Then she turned to look at me and mouthed the words,”SPANK ME” as she jutted her ikebe backwards and I tapped the surface of her round buttocks with my open palm, causing it to vibrate.Nurse Mercy had a kinky attitude towards s*x, and I liked it.

I kept spanking her big Buttocks and massaging them at intervals before she rounded off with the phone call and turned to face me, placing her left hand on my shoulder while her right hand continued massaging my thing.

“Hi doc”, she said with a mischievous smile on her face.That was when we heard a footstep approaching and I quickly detached from her and stuffed back my scooby as she headed back into the ICU.She had been busy inside before she had the call.When the footsteps drew closer, Madam Grace came into view and she gave me a serious look.

“You’ve not been picking my calls”,she said

“No dear”, its not what you think”, i replied walking away from the balcony to avoid Nurse Mercy seeing us.And Madam Grace hugged me closely the moment I got to her.

“I miss your rooster in me, doc.I’m so hõrny?” she purred.

And I lifted her chin up and looked into her eyes,”Gracey baby”, I called her (she seemed to like the pet name which made her feel younger) and I continued,”I’ve been quite busy this period, but i’ll make it up to you, I promise”. Then she devoured my lips in an unending kiss, roaming her hands all over my body.

‘God save me from this women’, I thought.

To Be Continued…

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