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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 21

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Nurse Mercy….she never ceases to amaze me.Can you imagine after the quickie with her in the office, the lady bacame so submissive and friendly **ha ha ha** That’s what a good f*ck can do.Even her colleagues noticed the sudden change in her but couldn’t fathom the cause.She began to form busy body whenever she saw me and would wink at me discreetly.And guess what she began to call me….’Dr.Do-Good’ (very funny ain’t it).And most times when she walked passed me while on duty, I would spank that jelly booty of hers.You can bet I was sure having a swell time.

Apart from Nurse Mercy and Becky, I was beginning to gain popularity amongst the rank of nurses in the hospital, owing to the fact I was flirty and heart warming (and strict when necessary).Even the patients were not left out on the buzz.Among such patients was Mrs.Amanda (name changed) who was in her late 30s and was a regular visitor at the hospital.

On a particular day, she had visited and insisted on being checked on by me.That would be the first time the lady was asking after me, and it got me surprised since she always preferred Dr.Saha my oga.Though we have exchanged pleasantries on certain occasions and she seemed to enjoy chatting with me.

That day I was seated at the common room tapping a game of soccer on my phone when a nurse walked up to me.

“Doctor you are on call”, she said.

“For who”, I asked not taking my eyes off my phone (I was so engrossed) .

“Mrs.Amanda….she’s waiting in Dr.Saha’s office”, she replied.

“Mrs.Amanda?” and the nurse turned and walked away.

Mrs.Amanda was yet to conceive after her first child 7 yrs ago, and the situation usually brought her to the hospital.It took me few seconds to get to the office where I met her seated with a look of anticipation on her face.

“Good day doc”, she said flashing a smile.And I replied her, taking my seat.She told me she had been having severe abdominal pains for a week and had come for a check-up.

“I thought you do check with Doctor Saha?” I asked and she creased her brows.

“Don’t I have a right to choose my doctor?” she replied.I apologized for the question.And had to put her through series of checks for infections and appendicitis which turned out not to be the case.So I double checked her personal history before opting to conduct a pelvic exam on her, inorder to rule out any problem with her reproductive system.So I told her to take off her tight jeans and panties, which she did.

The woman was now Unclad from her waist down with just her blouse on, and my eyes beheld one of the most striking body i’ve ever seen.She had a perfect curve, not too large an Buttocks, with full round thighs and a neatly shaved crotch (don’t be surprised I noticed all that.We doctors are also human).I gestured her to the examining table at the end of the wall and she cat-walked towards it, and lay atop with her legs wide spread as the stirrups held her ankles apart.Permit me to admit that Mrs.Amanda was a very beautiful woman with lovely dimples which graced her rosey cheeks.

I was now standing before her and gently brought my gloved fingers before her pusse and she held back my hand,”Please be gentle, Dr.Saha is quite rough”, she said and I smiled at her,”Of course I will” and she let go of my hands as my fingers pierced her softness.I carried out the routine processes, proding and touching and I think I heard a soft moan escape her pink lips.Her hips was gently gyrating and i could feel her moisture increasing (though that happens), while her fingers clenched tightly to the edge of the examining table.Honestly I was temtpted to finger f*ck her, but I withdrew my hand since I hadn’t detected any problem with her.And she opened her eyes and stared at me quizzically.

“Is that all?” she asked

“Yes, that’s all” I replied indifferently.

“But that’s not how Dr.Saha does it”, she stated, and I frowned.”Then you can go to him”, I told her.The truth was nothing was wrong with the lady and I wondered why she had come.So I asked her,”Why are you here since there’s nothing wrong with you” and she laughed,”I’m the one paying the bills ain’t I?”

Then I shrugged and made to take off the gloves and she stopped me.

“There’s one more thing doc”, she said.

“And what’s that?” I asked.Then she sat up with her thighs still spread.

“My husband can’t seem to locate my G-spöt”, she said (making a baby face) “Can you help me locate it, so I could show him?” and I stared agape.What was this woman driving at? Well, she was a patient and I had to attend to her.So I stepped forward and a smile creased her lovely face.

“Lie down”, I said and she instantly lay down and I slid my middle finger into her honey pot and she moaned (I ignored it).

I proded inside her Kittycat trying to locate her Grafanberg Spot otherwise known as G-spõt, as I explained each step I took to her but she showed no interest in what I was saying as I could hear audible moans of pleasure coming from her.

My d!ck was beginning to neglect the proffesional code and was stirring to a tent as I now located her G-spõt and she held my hand tightly in place.

“Keep touching it”, she rasped in hard breath and I teased her centre of gravity, drilling my middle finger within her and she moaned deeply “ooooh” and her hips began to move in circles, while her right hand massaged my arm.She was really enjoying the lesson and her mouth gaped in a gasp as she was now pressing my fist deeper within her with her eyes tightly shut.I was virtually finger f*cking her and I knew that was what she wanted, making me step beyond the ethics of my profession.And I got a hold of myself and swiftly withdrew my hand as her eyes shot open, staring at me with disappointment.

“Get up and get dressed” I ordered taking off the gloves.She got up reluctantly with disappointment written all over her face as she put on her panties and jeans.And she came round my desk to seat close to me.

“You stopped when I was enjoying the lesson”, she purred touching my chin and I swallowed hard.The woman was trying to seduce me as she began to tease my lips with her sleek fingers.Then she told me how much she fancied me and would like to be closer to me (see me see wahala).So I hurriedly prepared her report and handed it to her, but she took it from me and dropped it at another end of the desk.”I’m fine” she said in a serious tone, and took my pen from me to scribble something on a writing pad which she handed to me.

“That’s my number”, she said,”Call me whenever you like”, and she pecked me and walked away, swaying her wide hips.This was an open offer from a very s*xy** woman, married and my patient…What do i do? Do I accept?

To Be Continued…

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