Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 2

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It had been quite a while I romped with Ebere.And I seldom saw her.I know she had had been busy.And I guess she was also trying to be careful.Our last ordeal was a close call.We were almost caught.But my mind kept flashing to that Intimate moment I had with her.The thought of it kept my d!ck throbbing.The only times I saw her were early hours of the morning and she hardly said much to me.Probably not to blow our cover.I was becoming worried..Wasn’t she gonna fulfil her promise any longer?? Anyway,I decided to be patient,bidding my time.Afterall the patient dog gets the fattest bone,I thought.

Work around the clinic went on as usual and I soaked myself so deep in my duties inorder to keep my mind from drifting to Ebere.I think it worked,though not for long.During one of the health workshops organized by the Chief Medical Director (CMD),I was called out to make a speech.To talk on how I and my team have achieved success so far in our duties..While I talked at the podium, I couldn’t help noticing Ebere sitting right there in the front row.I took my eyes off instantly, to prevent them from landing on her thighs.That would really kick me off balance in public.But once in a while my eyes would land on her face as she stared intently at me, listening with rapt attention,her eyes dimmed…Those eyes so seductive.But I was in control here ( or so I thought).I wouldn’t let those eyes get to me; not here not now.

I was about rounding off my speech when something weird happened.In my usual confidence,my eyes swept round the large auditorium,and I could see the satisfaction on the faces of every one and some noded in agreement at each point I made,then my eyes hovered further and I saw it……pink panties!! ? Her legs were quite open.Not Ebere this time, but Nurse Lilian.In my shock I choked on the mic and water was brought to me.No one understood what had just happened.My CMD gave me a hand-sign to take it easy.How I wish he knew what I had just experienced, and I cleared my throat for the sake of it.I had to conclude as soon as possible.But as I spoke on,Lillian would open and close her smooth thighs at intervals,making me stammer and pespirate.Soon I was done and relieved to leave the podium,under applause, using my ward coat to cover my erecting d!ck as I walked to my seat.Looking at her she had this mischievous look on her face.”This nurses no go kill me ooo”, I said aloud,taking my seat.My colleague turned to me “Guy you sey wetin?”,he asked.”No mind me bros,you no go understand”, I sighed.I couldn’t wait for the workshop to end so I could accost Lillian.She almost ruined me.

Finally when it came to an end,I saw her say something to her friends and then departed in a different direction while her friends Ebere and Vicky took another route.Lilian was up to something.I can tell because i know she’s crafty and a gossip, and attempted seducing me.The ‘panty flash’ was a way to get my attention.And I must confess she has.Afterall she was a beautiful Lady, though not as buxom as Ebere, but she was a classic.Fair skinned,full legs,curvy,chubby cheeks and small round lips.As I went after her,I felt the mixture of sexual anxiety and discomfort.But why the discomfort? The feeling of sexual anxiety is what I can explain but I couldn’t explain the discomfort.Could it be an omen? 

I noticed she had increased her pace and I followed suit.She knew I was following her (ofcourse that’s what she wanted).Soon she cornered into the quiet corridors and that was where I caught up with her.I grabbed her arm and spun her around.
“What was that all about?” I asked in pretence. She stared at me for some seconds and chuckled.
“You want to know?” she asked.”Yes”, I said.
“Okay”, she shrugged,”Just wanted to give you a bit of what Ebere has been giving you.”
Damn!!….i was shocked.She knew.The crafty biach knew all along…But how?
“Guess you don’t wanna jeopardize your fresh career ” she said wryly. Then she grabbed my crotch lightly and whispered into my ears.”If you wanna settle this,meet me by 7pm at the old dispensary”.With that she gave my d!ck a soft squeeze and it sprang to life.She felt it and giggled sexily,”Wow..someone is having an urge for me…..anyway….7pm”, she said and walked away.There I stood,speechless watching her disappear from the corridor.

I later headed for the common room and sat there watching a TV series before I dozed off.I couldn’t tell for how long I had slept when I woke with a start.I looked at my watch and it said “7:05pm”.Jeez! I was late for Lilian’s appointment.I prayed she hadn’t lost all sense of reasoning and gone ahead with her threath.I knew what gossips like her were capable of doing.Flinging on my ward coat, I made for the old dispensary.As I walked down there,i began to wonder if Lillian had been bluffing.And even if she hadn’t, one part of me wanted to know how juicy her honey pot would be.I mean why wouldn’t I? Afterall It had been a long time since i had s*x, and Ebere had been distant all these while.I couldn’t deny that I needed to ‘do it’ badly.My d!ck stirred.Looking at my watch I increased my pace, anxiety visible all over me.Let me not forget to mention that with each couple of paces I took, I looked over my shoulders to ensure I wasn’t being followed.My heart raced with unusual excitement.

The old dispensary was quite distant from the hospital block.It had been abandoned for a long time and people seldom came there except on necessary occasions, and probably not tonight I guessed.At the rate I walked, it didn’t take me long enough to arrive there…..As usual,the place was quite illuminated, say for the few (working) flourescent tubes along its alley…..I yanked the door open, and there she she was, the crafty beauty, seated on a cabinet.Lillian looked smoking hot the way she sat.The buttons of her clothe undone to her waist revealing a set of round perky b00bs; and her pinafor raised to her inner thighs giving me a wonderful view of the thin pink thongs cladding her ‘V”, with a black garter attached.Her thighs were damn smooth.My shaft responded instantly as I closed the door behind me.Her attention now fixed on the large tent growing between my legs.
“You are quite late”, she pouted sexily.
Mehhn this babe was a knocker! She then smiled and said,”Anyway let’s get down to loving”, her arms wide open inviting me in.I walked into her embrace and she heaved her excitement, giving me a close hug and began smouldering me with kisses.I pretended not to be interested, but my gonzo was now so hard almost ripping my trousers apart.I must confess that Lillian was a good kisser which made me wonder if these were the things they teach them in nursing school.Slowly and steadily she kissed my lips and the nape of my neck, causing me to moan stiffly. She was good.As she kissed me, her hands groped round my body hungrily from my back to my Buttocks which she squeezed severally and said, ” You got a firm Buttocks baby “.Slowly I began to respond,while she went on caressing my body, feeling my muscles.She took of my coat, then my tie and opened my buttons, baring my broad hairy chest.Her sleeky hands traveled along it, through the hairs which she fondled carefully giving me pleasure from mild pain.Lillian drew closer and began sucking my hard Tips, biting gently with her teeth, tickling with her tongue and wetting each with saliva.Wow! this was good.All these while my hands were dug in her hair, as I enjoyed her torture.She took one good suck at a Tip again and I sucked in air.Then she looked up at me…..It was my turn to reciprocate.

I gently peeled off her pinafor from her shoulders, kissing each as her cloth left them.My lips locked with hers and we kissed deeply, entwining our tongues and softly biting our lips.I let my hands sway to her b00bs and I squeezed and she shuddered.I squeezed again and her mouth widened in pleasure, her fair skin turning red .Out of their own will my hands travelled behind her and unhooked her black bra, setting her b00bs free.Her b00bs were a handful and looked beautiful as I unclad them.Though she had tiny dark nippIes, her smooth dark areola stretched around the surface of her b00bs,making it look enticing.Gently i took one of her nippIes in my mouth,nibbled at it and she moaned,”ooooh”.I began teasing her areola with my lips, sliding them upwards and kissed the nape of her neck (she inhaled sharply).Then i resumed full assault on her fair round b00bs.I sucked them greedily one after the other, taking her nippIes between my teeth and at a point my lips.My moist tongue worked tiny circles round them causing her eyes to shut deeply and her lips parted.She now had her hands around my head directing me from nippIe to nippIe….With my mouth still on her b00bs, I explored downwards between her smooth thighs.I could feel her juice sipping through her undies.She was drenched.Slowly i shifted her panties and inserted a finger, she moaned aloud,”Oh yeahhh” and I began to finger f**ck her, making her hips gyrate to my rythm and her wetness increasing as I sucked away on her b00bs.As if to blow her mind I inserted one more finger into her and she squirmed,”Hhmmm,f*ck me baby….f*ck me now please”, and her hand began to massage my throbbing d!ck through my troussers.I could feel my d!ck aching for her p*ssy so I unbuckled my belt, while she took down my zipper,letting my d!ck spring out like a piston…At the sight of it she gaped with wide eyes while I pulled off her undies and her legs flew wide apart,hungry for my man meat.Gradually i introduced my 7″ cocker into her juice spot,……finally sinking in and she bit her lower lip with her eyes tightly shut,enjoying the feeling of her hole being stretched by my Joystick.

I began to move in and out her p*ssy gently at first (making her moans sound like hums), then increased the speed making her head bob from left to right as I pummeled her p*ssy with her juice lubricating my shaft.Her dripping wet snatch was begining to make slurping sounds which filled the room and her juice now forming white lather over my piston.And as i kept thrusting deeper and harder she threw her legs wider apart, overwhelmed with ecstacy, clamping her hands around my neck for support.I pounded her like my life depended on it and she reached out and grabbed my Buttocks pressing me further in, mumbling incoherent words.

As i f*cked Lilian,i watched her b00bs bounce up and down and that drove me crazy so i adjusted my shaft (while still f*cking her) to my killer angle and located her center of gravity, her eyes shot open, her mouth quivering like she was going to cry….Then she went wild thrashing her head around, her widely spread legs gyrating uncontrollably.She started moaning louder.
“Oh God! f*ck me…..yes! f*ck me…..don’t stop baby,harder”, she cried
And I did as she said and banged her harder causing our thighs to make slapping sounds against each other.

bleeping Lillian was a wild adventure.She was a total vixen, and we were so enjoying every bit of it that we didn’t here the door open…….
“Lillian!” a voice called out,startling us.

To Be Continued….

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