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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 18

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It had been a cloudy and rainy day all through that morning, casting a moody gloom within the hospital, while I sat in an empty cubicle shielded by the green screens chillaxing.My consultant Dr.Saha was yet to arrive thereby putting me through a marathon call session which had me pacing from ward to ward attending to worried patients.Gynaeclogical cases were strictly about women and so the complaints from patients were usually high owing to their feminine nature.

While I sat, my body felt weak (probably due to the weather) and my eyes were beginning to give up as I was almost drifting to slumber when I heard the familiar blaring sound of the ambulance which broke the ambient silence, swirling its amber lights around the hospital lobby.And the footsteps of scampering nurses accompanied by their incognible tensed chattering as the lobby doors were thrown open for the trolley to be rolled through.That was definitely the sound of an emergency and I jolted in my seat.Then the P.A systems went live “Dr.Saha your attention is urgently needed! Dr.Saha your attention urgently needed!!”, the call kept coming and I knew it was duty time.Dr.Saha wasn’t available on seat so I was the next available personnel so I picked my stethoscope and hurried to the patients’ waiting room to find a pregnant woman being rolled passed by the nurses. The woman had been involved in a terrible car accident (owing to the blurry weather) which left her bruised and bloodied.The woman was still alive, but had gone into Anaphylactic Shock (sorry for the jargon) by one reason or the other thereby making her condition more than just a trauma but a complicated case.She was immediately rushed to the Emergency and Trauma Unit of the hospital while I sent for Dr.Adeyemi who was a senior consultant and an expert in handling traumatic situations.Together we commenced work on the woman.

From all indications the woman’s heart beat was stepping down, and her lungs were failing, coupled with a drop in blood pressure.All these observations made it impossible to carryout an operation on her to save her baby so we had to perform a Cardiovascular Pulmonary Resuscitation on her to step up her heart beat and pulse rate (permit me to be descriptive here) while I administered Epinephrine into her system to help bring her out of the shock, before she was finally put under the oxygen mask and moved to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) .It had been a tasking but yet successful ordeal.I was stepping out of the ICU when I met Dr.Leturah at the corridor and she didn’t hesitate to give me her usual smile.

“Doc how far naa?” she inquired giving me a s*xy** look.

“Hi Letty”, I responded and she drew closer and asked,”How’s she?…I mean the patient.Hope she’s stable now?

“Yes she is”, I responded.”Her vitals are improving”. Then she looked over her shoulders for any sign of someone approaching and threw her arms around me, smouldering me with kisses.She was almost sucking the life out of me while crushing me in her bear hug.I only managed to free myself from her grasp.And she looked up at me.

“I’ve missed you baby”, she said roaming her hands all over my body and my hands went behind her to squeeze her fleshy backside, and she jerked in my arms.”I love it when you do that”, she cooed.And my hands went round her back caressing her softly.

“You know I love the feeling of your soft Buttocks”, I said and she giggled like a little girl (i loved it when she did that).

“Can we meet today…in my office?”, she inquired looking into my face expectantly.

“It all depends on my schedule”, I answered and she pouted, making a baby face and I chuckled.”Okay expect me in your office later today”, I assured her and her eyes brightened with glee.The chic no dey tire for f*ck.This kind woman sef.

“I’ll be waiting for you, handsome”, she said pecking my lips and walked away as her fingers brushed my crotch making my scooby alert.

As I walked down the corridor, I accidentally bumped into a nurse on the stairs, knocking some files away from her hand and she gasped “Sorry doctor”, apologizing in her sweet voice and immediatley bent down to pick the papers as I also went down to help her gather the stuffs.

“It was all my fault”, I said but she gave no reply.

Her name was Nurse Becky, a pretty hot lady at that.And she was a close assistant to Dr.Leturah on paediatrics.She was bent over, facing me as she slipped the papers from the ground.And from my squatting position, I noticed the topmost button of her pinafor was open, giving me a flash of her succulent orange sized b00bs.Then we both stood erect at the same time as she collected the last piece from me, and she looked into my face.

“I’m sorry sir”, she apologized once again and meant to walk away but I held her back and she turned to look expectantly at me.

“Its okay Becky”, I said (she heaved a sigh of relief).Then i asked,”Can I ask you for something?”.Her face creased with interest.

“And what is that doc?”, she replied.

“Can i have your digits?” i asked trying to intimidate her with my gaze and she looked down shyly.”My number you mean”, she said.And i gave her my phone to punch in her number, which she did, then handed the phone back to me.

“Dr.Leturah needs to see this files”, she said and hurried away, while i stood there watching her disappear from sight.


It was already past noon when i was almost done for the day and i knew Dr.Leturah would be waiting for me.So i headed upstairs to see her just as i had promised.She had her face down to a paper work when i stepped in, then she looked up to see me and a smile played on her face.

“I thought you wouldn’t show up anymore”, she said looking pleased.And i walked round her desk and stood before her.

“Atleast l’m here now”, i told her and she embraced my torso, resting her head with her left cheek on my crotch, while i stroked her hair.She felt my d!ck come to life and looked up at me with an evil grin on her face.

“I can feel something big in there”, she purred and began to fiddle with my zipper.In no time she unleashed my shaft which jumped out like an athlete and she grabbed it firm, working her fingers over it.Before i could ease my breath, she swallowed my c0ck, deep thrøating me instantly and i gasped as her fingers føndled my balls while she kept slurping on the d!ck in her hand.

I watched her head bob back and forth my d!ck, enjoying the expression on her face when i heard the door knob jerking (whoever was at the door was finding it difficult to get the door open since the knob seemed to be jammed).And i dived in a swift motion, ducking under Leturah’s desk (imagine!) and the door finally opened and a nurse stepped in as i could see the hem of her pinafor from beneath the desk.

“Here are the reports you asked for?” the nurse said and i heard a thud above as she placed something on the desk, before taking the seat infront.It was the pretty Nurse Becky.

She sat with her knees directly facing me and her thighs slightly parted, without the knowledge i was under the desk, and i instantly had a fair view of her inner thighs and the V shape of her panty clad crotch.Though it felt perverted looking into her caucus, it was a nice sight to behold anyway.Afterall me na badt guy.Why i no go look (if na you nko?)

Nurse Becky was now discussing something on the case of a child with pneumonia with Dr.Leturah and her thighs parted a little wider and my mouth fell agape.I could now see everything…..the smooth roundness of her ebony thighs and the pink thongs housing her treasure base (kai! see kunja).I felt tempted to extend my hands inbetween her thighs but got a quick hold of myself.Mehn! no be small thing oo.When she was done with Leturah, she stood up and took her leave and i emanated from beneath the desk sweating profusely.

“Oww, sorry dear”, Leturah said damping my face with her handkerchief while i zipped up, and my phone beeped.I looked at it.The message said i was needed by Dr.Saha, and the same message began to voice on Leturah’s intercom.So i hurried out of her office adjusting my tie.

That was a close one, i thought.I was almost caught by a nurse.SEE AS TØTØ WAN PUT ME FOR WAHALA…..Na wa oo!

To Be Continued…

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