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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 15

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The kind of massive ikebes I saw everyday at work was not something my mouth could describe.Briggs Memorial was really the place to be.You needed to be there yourself to see how all the nurses seemed to be heavy at the rear section, shaking their asses like there was a twerking competition on ground.I even wondered how the other doctors managed to survive in this environment without falling into the sweet temptations of the s*xy** nurses.Abi na only me dey feel the vibes? I don’t think so, because I once stumbled on an incident I wouldn’t forget in a hurry.Let me tell you about it……..

That fateful day I was on call duty owing majorly to the fact my consultant wasn’t around.There had been a case at hand.A woman who had been diagnosed with cervical cancer; and after examining her, there was a need for the Oncologist, so I took the report to the Senior Consultant on Oncology at the Oncology department.I had only reached his door when I heard moaning sounds coming from inside, and it sounded interesting.Quickly I looked left and right to ensure no one was around the corridor before bending to peep through the key hole.What I saw was unbelievable!

The man was banging a nurse.Or would I say a nurse was banging him, because she sat astride him while he was in his chair as she moved her waist like a sewing machine, with his hands grabbing her butt….Mehn see f*ck!

My hand held my crotch to prevent my c0ck from bursting my trousers.I couldn’t make out the face of the nurse because she had her back to me, and the key hole was too miniature to give me a clear view.So I wasn’t the only one feeling the nurses’ aura, eh?. “Well Mr.Consultant, time up”, I said to myself as I arranged my d!ck between my thighs and knocked on the door.There was a sudden silence before the man’s stressed voice came up.

“Who?” he asked

“Dr.Goodheart”, i responded,”May I come in?”

“No! hold on”, he said.And I heard whispers and footsteps before the door creaked open and a bootylicious nurse stepped out, passing me without looking at me or saying a word.Then I walked in.What happened after that was a ‘story for the gods’…….Now, let’s get back to my story.

Though I fancied most of the nurses in the hospital, there was one I didn’t like that much (only sey her backyard heavy wella and her bobbie na milk factory) .Her name was Nurse Mercy, but ironically she had no mercy as she would talk saucily to patients, yell at her colleagues and even at pregnant women in labour.The latter act provoked me on a certain occasion and I cautioned her severely.Ever since that day, the yeye nurse ceased greeting me.Rather she would bounce her oversized b00bs anytime she walked passed as if she was trying to spite me.No wahala! on a good day i would get her and teach her a lesson.No be me again?

Dr.Saha my boss never ceased to get me busy whenever he was around.On a one of my call sessions, he asked me to attend to a woman in labour.But her cervix wasn’t fully dilated.So I checked for Cervical Dilation and got an unimpressive result of just 5cm as she was still in the Active Labour Phase after a long period of time.She needed to reach the Transition Phase of 10cm if she was to push the baby.She was definitely having a delayed labour.So I had to inform my oga.

***2 hours Later***

I was sitted at the doctor’s common room watching TV when a nurse came rushing to me,”Doctor…doctor your consultant wants to see you (oh! not again)…its an emergency”

I stood up instantly,”What emergency?” I asked throwing on my ward coat.

“The woman with delayed labour”, she replied,”She has to be operated on” and she left immediately.I had suspected the woman would be having a Caesarian Section after checking on her 2 hours ago.Thank God her vitals (blood pressure and the others) were sound.

In no time I was already scrubbed up as one of the nurses helped fasten the straps behind my back and I wore the theatre boots, dipped and walked into the Operating Room, where I met the matron standing behind Dr.Saha, and she gave me a smile.

“Come this way youngman”, Dr.Saha said in his sanskrit accent, and we commenced the operation.I must confess that all the while the operation was on, my eyes never left the matron’s backside.Madam Grace would stir and roll her Buttocks wickedly as she stepped about the room, either getting one stuff or the other.At a point I was having a hard-on which I tried to conceal from my boss.The woman was a serious distraction.

Soon the operation came to an end with me cutting the umbilical cord and delivering the placenta.After which I strolled to the sink to wash my bloodied hands.That was when Madam Grace came to wash hers too, and ended up brushing me with her firm b00bs,”Nice job doctor”, she said and squeezed my crotch (i jerked) before walking away, swaying her hips.I was dumbfounded.So I turned back to ensure no one had seen her lewd act; and really no one did, to my relief.The woman was giving me the greenlight and I had to act fast before she changed her mind.I MUST BANG THAT BOOTY! Trouble dey sleep, nyanga wan wake am.

I dried my hands immediately and followed her trail, still inhaling her perfume as I walked down the corridor.I guessed she was going back to her office and that was where I was headed too.On my way I met the wicked b?obicious nurse, Mercy who mumbled something which I believed was a greeting as I passed her (as if i cared about her greetings).I didn’t even answer since i had pressing issues to attend to at that moment.Her time would come later, definitely.

When I got to the matron’s office, I didn’t bother to knock before going in.And there I met her sitted crossed-legged on her desk, with a smile on her face.

“I knew you would come”, she said as I locked the door and stepped towards her.I noticed her skirt had slid upwards and a large portion of her smooth thighs were visible as she sat in her position.My rod erected instantly at the lovely sight and I swallowed hard.

“Just couldn’t resist the booty call”, I replied.And she reached for my tie, pulling me closer and grabbed my crotch, massaging tenderly.

“I haven’t had s*x in a while now”, she said, bitting her lower lip sexily and my d!ck throbbed.She responded by gripping it harder, as my right hand caressed her robust thighs.”You’re too hot for your age”, I said in rasped breath and she replied”,I’m as young as ever”, she said fumbling with my zipper and succeeded in freeing my bazooka which sprang out and her mouth went agape.

“Wow! it’s so big”, she lamented with wide eyes, and I could see the hunger in those s*xy** eyes of hers.

Before I could say a word, the milf slid down (from the desk) and turned her backside to me, leaning on the desk.

“Take me from behind” she said impatiently.

That was enough to send my hormones misfiring, and I struggled with the zip to her skirt but her heavy backbump stretched her skirt so tight, almost snapping the zipper apart.There was no time.So I raised her skirt up and….Holy Moses!!…You needed to see these nyash in bare flesh.So massive and wicked.It was what I would call ‘ikebe super’.

While I marveled at her load, I was compelled to bend and kiss her Buttocks cheeks (because they deserved to be appreciated) and she pushed her booty backwards into my face and I knew what she wanted.So I pulled her thin panties down to her thighs and squatted before her butt, facing her pouted pusse.Her labials were dilated and swollen, and I gently inserted 2 fingers into her Kitty-cat feeling its slimy walls as her warmth enveloped my fingers.

I began to drill her cuñt by screwing and digging my fingers deeper, and she squirmed softly, just as I had expected, wetting my fingers with her juice.I continued the act for a while; and when I was sure she was wet enough, I pulled out my fingers and buried my face in her snatch as her Buttocks cheeks massaged my face.Her Kitty-cat tasted so good (like vanilla) and I ate her so well, tracing the tip of my tongue like the letter ‘O’ round her labials and licked her vulva teasingly, nibbling and sucking her big clit repeatedly.She became overwhelmed and meant to pull away from me and I held her back by the hips, and she closed her legs slightly, trying to control the havoc my tongue was wrecking on her.So I pulled away and stood erect, (tore out a CD and slid it over my shaft) and aimed at the entrance of her honeypot.Without forewarning, I plunged my piston into her rings and she threw her head backwards in a gasp, scratching the surface of her desk and moaned,”I’ve not had such a d!ck before”, she cried (How was that my business?). She wanted me to nyash her and there I was ready to given it to her.Instantly I began to hit her hard and she rotated her hips slowly, as her body welcomed the pleasure.

The woman was really s*x starved, as she writhed in pleasure, knocking away the effects on her desk while I f*cked her.Her pusse felt so tight and wet, so I rammed her up with increasing thrusts, causing the nurses’ cap on her head to fall off and she started to moan aloud,”ohh…bad boy, bad boy…f*ck me bad boy”, as I kept pumping that mature pusse.She never stopped wriggling like a worm, spinning and rocking her hips in ecstasy as she continued giving me her backside without reserve and suddenly began to cry out,”Nooo,yeesss…oooh, yeahh”, filling the office with the sweet sound of s*x.Then I slowed and pulled out of her V to catch my breath…spanking her booty twice before lodging in my shaft again and continued ramming her, as she pushed her Buttocks backwards receiving my pelvic assault.Today na today, I thought.

I watched her bakassi shake and tremor like jelly (Chai!!). It was such a wonderful sight which made me want more and more of Madam Grace’s big ikebe, while she kept urging me to bang her harder.And I did…pressing her hips lower and placing my right foot on the edge of her desk as I deepened my thrust, hitting her G-spøt directly over and over again.And she began to hum deeply like a vibrating phone as she hit her climax with a crying whimper (I wish you saw her face).And I kept spooning her till her legs wobbled and spread wider and my balls exploded like a canon, shooting jets of Pour into the rubber sheath.Then I withdrew to watch her juice drip down her smooth thighs.She stood up and turned back to stare at me, with a satisfied look on her face.

F*cking Madam Grace was the beginning of things to come as I went about my daily routine in the midst of those seductresses.What do you expect from a sharp shooter like me.Abi I go carry last? You sef check am naa.

To Be Continued…

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