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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 14

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She then føndled my balls gently as I kept nibbling and playing with her breasts.To be frank I love the suffocating feeling associated with big b00bs when sucking on them.It just turns me on the more.Ebere’s b00bs were no different in that regards as I nuzzled my face between her racks and squeezed her b00bs over my face, breathing hard.She was enjoying the mammary comfort she gave me as she held one of her breasts in her hand and squeezed it into my mouth, urging me to suck judiciously and she repeated the same action for the other Bosom, smiling with her eyes shut and loving the way I slurped on her nippIes.I sucked greedily, causing her to make whimpering sounds repeatedly, while she ran her fingers through my hair, then she grabbed my head gently and lifted my face.

“You suck like a baby”, she said, heaving me away from her racks and gradually went down on her knees (with her eyes on mine) as she slowly took my rigid shaft in her mouth and circled her lips around it.Gently I watched my man meat disappear into her warm mouth as she began to bob her head back and forth, throwing me into unimaginable pleasures.

She teased the tip of my d!ck with expertise, lashing her tongue around it like a serpent and sucked hard at it, before swallowing my whole shaft, and ending her lips on my groin.Her deep thrøating skills was becoming legendary as she gurgled repeatedly on the tip of my c0ck before choking and spitting on it, then wanked it vigorosly, and took it in her mouth once again.The feeling of her tongue on my shaft was out of this world, causing me to suck in air with my eyes closed.She continued her mouth job on me for a long time, almost making me shoot my load.Then she let go of my d!ck with a popping sound from her mouth and got up to place a kiss on my lips.

“Congrats doc on the new job”, she said.

That evening I made sweet love to Ebere like i’ve never done before.I was overwhelmed with excitement (over the job) and by desires as I made her moan sweet words to me in bed.

She lay wriggling in bed as I f*cked her gently, moving my hands to massage and knead her b00bs as well, and causing her to gasp repeatedly.Ebere lifted her head forward to look into my eyes with her face contorted in pre-orgasm and she parted her lips slightly, virtually breathing into my face.She then moved her hands to my buttocks and grabbed frantically, digging her nails in as I spooned her pusse deeper and she moaned deeply, thrashing her head back to the bed.

She then pulled me further to her breasts, clawing and caressing my back as she spread her legs wider and upwards, bucking her waist in pleasure as she gasped aloud “ohhh, God”. I moved my waist circularly in a steady motion and she held and caressed my head as she brought her tongue to my earlobes, teasing like a serpent.And began to whisper into my ears,”Make me come sweetie…don’t stop f*cking me” as her Intimate words seemed to weaken my reserve and I felt the familiar sweet sensation down my groin, causing my tempo to increase.So I began to ram faster, groaning as well, as my muscles spasmed to her notice and she squeezed me harder to her bossom and started to whisper,”Yeah baby, come for me…come in me…just inside me”.And that was enough to send me overboard as I pummeled harder, convulsing at the same time and shot my wad inside her, before coming to a slow halt and she wrapped her legs around me.

Ebere was still rotating her hips slowly as she wanted more, teasing my semi-erect d!ck with the slimy walls of her pusse.I just stayed above her, letting her tease me for a while in that position before resuming my thrust on her snatch again.This time I banged harder but in a steady rhythm as my d!ck became engorged once more, causing her mouth to gape wide open and she began to moan aloud “ohhh…ahhhh”, thrashing her hands as both fists squeezed the sheets like they were going to tear them.

I turned her to position her atop me; and she gradually sank down on my shaft, giving me a wonderful view of her big bouncing b00bs and large pointed nippIes.As soon as she speared her pusse with my d!ck, she began to rock her hips back and forth with her face lifted upwards and eyes deeply shut, enjoying the depth of my c0ck in her.Her hips jerked rythmically as her breasts flailed about and I shot my hands to them, squeezing them, while she f*cked me to oblivion, rotating her hips in circles at some points only to resume banging me harder as her wobbling Buttocks splattered noisily on my groin.Soon her speed started to increase with each bang she made and she fell forwards to me, pressing and crushing her soft melons on my chest, with her palms pressed hard to the bed as she moaned in my ear bouncing her ikebe uncontrollablly over my shaft (wallahi the girl can f*ck).And I felt her cuñt juice increasing and dripping down my c0ck, making squishing sounds as she whimpered aloud,”Yes,yes,yes,yes…oooh yesss”.Suddenly her hips began to buck wildly like a rodeo, rasping her breath as her body tremored in spasms and she came with a loud,”ooohhh!!” twitching her fingers continuously.When she had stopped shaking, she just lay back on top of me gleaming with sweat and speechless (my shaft still within her) as her breath ragged quietly.

On resumption at Briggs Memorial Hospital, I was properly welcome by my new colleagues.And Dr.Leturah took time to introduce me to everyone including my Consultant, Dr.Saha an Indian, under whom I was to round off the remaining one year of my Residency training in ObGyn (Obsterics and Gynaecology).He was also the Attending Physician in the Obsterics unit and I was now a Senior Resident Officer.

“Welcome aboard, doctor”, Leturah said before retiring to her duty post.My new place of work looked quite demanding and tasking, owing to its standard which every staff worked hard to uphold.And it didn’t take me time to fit into the new fold as I did everything to please my Consultant who was a very strict, pot bellied man (not to forget he was short) who wouldn’t accept any lapses from any Resident under him.

Yet, amidst all the Jeez and whiz, I didn’t fail to notice the hospital housed a large number of s*xy** female doctors (in which some were Indian) and nurses who were also ravishing.Amongst all the nurses I admired, the Matron, Madam Grace (whom I later found out was a divorcee) was the eye knocker.She was the perfect effigy of a greek goddess.And was in her mid 40s, with a medium sized b00bs and a whooping killer Buttocks, which gave her the perfect strike of the figure ‘8’.She was moderately built, not fat, not slim.Maybe plump I would say.And was looking 10 yrs younger than her age.I always stole quick glances at her whenever she walked passed me, rolling her huge backside like she wanted to seduce someone.Something within told me she was an amorous woman, though we hadn’t had the opportunity to break a meaningful conversation.I could also tell she was the serious type as she would always crease her beautiful face when on duty.Honestly I always imagined what it would feel like to massage that big bakassi of hers, which always stretched the V contours of her pant line as I noticed through her sparkling white skirt.So i made up my mind to get between her legs no matter how.Trust me naa!

On a particular day, my boss Dr.Saha asked me to retrieve a patient’s file from Madam Grace.As I got into her office, I caught her seated in her chair with her robust thighs spread apart and eyes deeply shut as she was vigorously massaging her pusse with her fingers, moaning softly.She didn’t seem to notice me standing there, and she had forgotten to lock the door.I stood at the doorway staring in awe and enjoying the spectacle before me, massaging my c0ck through my trousers, then the door creaked close, and jammed with a bang which startled her out of her indulgence.She quickly drew down her skirt and adjusted her blouse.

“Can I help you, doc?” she asked defensively, her eyes noticing the bulge below my belt as I came forward to take the seat infront of her desk.

“Dr.Saha sent me to collect the file on the case of the Ovarian Cyst…that’s the woman in ward 3″, I answered.She looked quizically at me,”But that’s a nurse’s duty”, she said, and I smiled within.Probably she would have preferred a gossiping nurse to catch her in the unholy act abi? ….this woman sef.She seemed to read my thoughts as she waved her hand indifferently,”Anyway…whatever!” she said and got up, walking to the metal drawer close to her desk.She stood there rummaging the top cabinet with her back to me, giving me the ample position to check out her s*xy** figure, admiring the white snickers on her feet, which matched her uniform so well.

She didn’t seem to find the file in the first 2 shelves and she bent over, jutting her Buttocks backwards as she reached for the other shelves below, and I stared agape at her ikebe which made her thin panties look like they were going to snap anytime soon, owing to her position.Believe me, I was tempted to almost grab her huge behind, before coming back to my senses (Chai! see nyash).

Madam Grace soon found the file and she stood erect, flipping through it while I watched her.

“Doctor Goodheart”, she called, with her eyes still in the file.And I answered,”Yep?”

“Hope you didn’t see anything when you came in?”, she asked in her mature tone and brought down the file to look at me.

“Anything like what?” I asked.

She then walked towards me and adjusted my tie,”If you must know…”, she said,”I have a very strong influence on this hospital.And Dr.Briggs in whose memory the hospital was built is my father” My eyes widened in surprise.Then she handed me the file,”Just thought I should let you know Sir, since you’re new here”, she concluded, walking back to her seat.Was she threatening me? Imagine the guts! Anyway I knew it was just the usual woman gra gra and I must still nyash her.

“You don’t threaten a doctor, you’re a matron” I said establishing superiority.And she looked at me with her s*xy** bulgy eyes,”Did I?” she asked innocently as I sat motionless staring at her.Damn! she was a very pretty woman and was also s*x starved as I had just discovered.That was an avenue to get into her panties.Only heavens knew what her cuñt would feel like around my shaft, I thought..So I envisaged her rubbing her clit infront of me as she had done earlier and the thought made my d!ck stir eagerly.And I shook my head.

“I have to take my leave now”, I said but she made no response as I got up and walked towards the door, then she spoke up”We could become best of friends, you know?” and gave me a seductive wink…Wow! this woman was just as bad as I thought.I only smiled back at her and hurried back to my consultant.

I was just new in this hospital, and things were already getting interesting.For sure I was going to enjoy my stay here, I smiled to myself.

To Be Continued…

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