-My Distraction (18+)

Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 13

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Dear readers, it was actually a dream come true when I got the full effects for my transfer.I couldn’t believe I now had a job with Briggs Memorial, the swaggalicious hospital and I was the only resident doctor among the consulting doctors who got the appointment.Even my guy Patrick couldn’t believe it himself.

“What a nice start, dude”, he said when he saw my name on that list.Seriously I was going to miss working with him, and also with Peju the old cleaner lady who would always crack jokes with my punk hairstyle.And so were they going to miss me too.Of all the people to miss me more, it was Lillian (i’m sure you all know why).

She coaxed me to a corner and threw her arms around me in a bear hug.

“I can’t believe you’re leaving us”, she said.And i cuddled and reassured her that I would always be there whenever she needed me (for the bleeps naa), because I knew she would miss the quickies and our wild sexcapades.

“Does that mean you’ll keep f*cking me?” she asked looking into my eyes.I couldnt believe the cunning little gossip was shamelessly asking such a question.

“Of course I will”, I replied not minding the increasing number of women in my life.

“I’ll drop by your place from time to time”, I tried to reassure her.She then kissed me deeply, pressing me further to the wall as I could feel her big hard nippIes from her thin bra.I reciprocated the kiss instantly and squeezed her pettite Buttocks gently, swatting it lightly and causing her to jolt with each swat.Then she released my lips, pulled my face down to hers and pecked my chin and nose.

“I’ll miss you baby”, she said staring into my face, her fingers now playing with my lips.”And you’re the best doc i’ve ever seen”.

We were standing behind the hospital block in our compromising way when we heard heard footsteps approaching from the right flank.In a swift motion, Lillian withdrew from me as Peju the old cleaner lady came approaching.

“Ah ah, doc wetin una dey do here?” she asked, her eyes roaming suspiciously.

“Nothing oo, Mummy”, I replied in obesience.And she turned to look at Lillian who now looked away with her hands in her pinafor pockets.

“And you busy body”, she referred to Lillian,”Hope sey no be tango you wan do with doc because him don get better work?”

Lillian didn’t speak a word, rather she stood tapping her left foot on the gound “tap! tap!! tap!!!……” Then she hissed “mtcheeeew” and walked away, rolling her Buttocks to spite Peju who was now frowning at her.The two women had never gotten along well throughout my stay at the hospital.I stood laughing at the scenario and Peju turned to face me and spoke almost in a whisper,”No look that ikebe oo (she was pointing towards Lillian)…wahala full am gan”, she said in a motherly tone.I couldn’t supress my laughter anymore as I began to cackle aloud “,M’oti gban”, I replied in her dialect, still laughing.Then she nodded in satisfaction and left.

That evening I arrived home in the most cheerful mood and noticed that mummy Junior’s car wasn’t within the compound.Probably she had gone out on one of her usual business paroles.I got to my doorstep, made to unlock the door and noticed something strange.

There was a clogging noise coming from inside the house and I could perceive the sweet aroma of a sumptuous meal leaking through the front window.So I quickly unlocked the door and stepped in cautiously.

The sitting room had been thoroughly put together unlike the way I had left it the previous night, and the dining had been arranged with dinner sets neatly placed on them, proving that someone was really in my house….But my door was locked, I thought.

The clogging noise was coming from the kitchen amidst the running faucet, which would come on and go off at intervals.So I silently walked towards the kitchen on tip-toe and got to the door to find Ebere over the sink washing some plates with her back towards me.She sensed there was someone behind her and turned back to see me leaning by the doorway.She smiled,”You’re back already”, she said, returning her gaze to the sink.

Ebere looked extremely beautiful that evening, with her hair in long braids which brought out the pea shape of her head; and she wore a blue tube top and a turquoise mini-flay skirt to go with.I drooled at her full (and exposed) thighs and big bakassi which wobbled momentarily as she moved her legs on the spot she stood.God bless the day she was born.

“How did you get in?” I asked, stepping into the kitchen.She shook her head in dismay and answered,”I’m the landlord’s daughter remember”.But her answer didn’t satisfy me and she noticed it from the quizzical look on my face and grinned,”Okay…I’ve got the spare keys to the back door”, she said.”…you didn’t change the lock” Certainly she was right.I had changed the lock to the front door except for the back door which kept skipping my memory.And I never knew she had the keys.So i roamed my eyes allover her body once more and drew closer to her, wrapped my arms around her from behind and nibbled her ear lobes as she wriggled in my arms.

“What about Papa?”, I asked.

She scoffed before answering,”I’ve settled the old man”, she said,”He’s asleep and won’t be needing me anytime now”

“And your mum?” I inquired.

“She’s travelled with aunt Vokeh…to be back tomorrow”, Ebere answered.

That was good news to me.At last her jealous aunt won’t be here to monitor her movement to and fro (my house) and I had her all to myself now.

I squeezed Ebere gently within my grip as she continued with the chores and I licked her ear lobes, causing her to jerk in my arms.My hands moved simultaneously to her breasts and crotch (through her skirt) as I squeezed and massaged at the same time, and she let go of the stainless dish in her grasp and moaned softly “mmhhhmm”.

“Let me finish the chores,sweetie”, she whispered, turning her right cheek to rub on my lips.The food was already simmering aloud and she moved her hand to the gas cooker and wound the knob off, then turned to face me as she wrapped her wet hands around my neck, looking into my face.

“What do you want young man?” she asked playfully.I extended my hand behind her to turn off the faucet and replied,”I wanna f*ck you Eby”. Her eyes dimmed seductively as I called her ‘Eby’.She loved it whenever I called her that.Gradually she let go of my neck and teasingly pulled down the top of her tube blouse, exposing her large melons.And she squeezed them provocatively with her eyes still dimmed with desire.

“Then take me…i’m all yours”, she rasped.

I grabbed her like a beast, and my hands mauled her b00bs savagely as my lips overtook hers.She returned my ferrocious kisses instantly, leaving us breathless and her hand went below to struggle with my fly.Soon she succeeded in getting the fly open and my d!ck sprang out into her grasp and she began to squeeze it hard; and my hands roamed behind to lift her skirt only to come in contact with her bare butt.She was totally ñude underneath, and I looked into her eyes,”No panties, Eby!” and she giggled at my surprise.

“You’re such a bad girl”, I said

She giggled louder and replied,”I guess you like me that way”.And I bent down to ravish those jugs on her chest as my hands føndled her buttocks greedily.She then…….

To Be Continued….

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