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Must Read: My Distraction (18+)… Part 12

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She winced aloud, licking my chin and breathed into my ears,”You turn me on baby”, she moaned, devouring my lips once again.We kept føndling each other’s body, engrossed with our desires when there was a knock on her window and we startled.A security man stood by the window talking, his words muffled by the glass.She turned and wound down the glass.

“Madam na person frontage be dis abeg”, the man said rudely.We were already in the GRA were Leturah lived, so she apologized and we zoomed off; with my d!ck stiff all the way.

It was all in a matter of minutes when we got to her house.And we got out of the car, groping at each other’s body.Our lips locked again as she wrapped a hand around my neck while the other hand fiddled with the key hole.She succeeded in unlocking the door and we bumped in, humming as we kissed.

“….the bedroom”, she whispered, and I scooped her into my arms, while she pointed the way forward.

Once we got to the bedroom, I sprawled her on the bed and she sat up and grabbed me, tugging my shirt off my body, then turned her back for me to unzip her dress.And I slowly peeled off her silky panties revealing her beautiful crotch.Leturah had a lovely body, with full round breasts (34DD) and a wide hips which was supported by full fleshy thighs.Her light skin complimented everything.We were now n?ked, rolling frantically on the bed like cubs in the heat of passion.Swiftly, she maneuvered to the 69 position and sank her dripping pusse into my face, bending down to gobble my d!ck at the same time.

My tongue instantly shot into her honey pot and she jerked her hips as her mouth tightened around my shaft.She wasn’t a good c0ck sucker, but she gave a nice try, slurping on the cap of my d!ck continuously and moaning along.I squeezed her fleshly buttocks while sucking on her labials, teasing her pusse with my tongue and lapping lavishly around her vulva, causing her mouth to leave my d!ck as she moaned aloud,”uhhmmm…yeah baby….” and she resumed her mouth job on me.I could taste her cuñt juice on my tongue as I proded deeper into her pusse, tickling her clit and she began to grind her pusse on my face, and f*cking my tongue.I responded immediately by thrusting my tongue in and out, to her rhythm and she let go off my c0ck and moaned louder,”Ohhh…mmhh…oooh”, jerking her hips gently.Encouraged by her response, I moved my tongue to her butt crack and teased her (she shuddered) and sucked her clit steadily, causing her to jerk upright on my face as her whole weight sank my tongue once again into her Kitty-cat and she squirmed,” oooh…God”, f*cking my tongue steadily and gyrating her hips as she squeezed her breasts, moaning aloud.

I licked her pusse voraciously as I ate her labials like they were chocolate, tracing my tongue round her cuñt.And she went into a frenzy, jerking rapidly on my face with her hand holding my head behind as she kept moaning.I was eating her to ecstasy.Suddenly she disengaged from her position, with her breath whizzing and lay on her back, throwing her thighs wide apart, exposing her stuby clit.

“Ride me baby”, she moaned, her gaze fixed on my throbbing d!ck.I didn’t need her to inform me before I could ride her, because that was what I had in mind all along.Before you could say ‘Jack’, I positioned between her legs while she lifted her thighs with her hands as I pierced her love hole, and she closed her eyes hissing “hsssst” and moaned “ooooh” as I began to drill her snatch.

Leturah was so wet as I f*cked her, and her pusse began to make squishing sounds accompanied by slurps which were complemented by her soft moans while I f*cked her slowly, moving my waist from left to right and then in circles.She seemed to welcome my mild thrusts as she wriggled beneath me, tweaking her nippIes and sucking her fingers.I was giving her a good f*ck.

Then I bucked my waist higher, increasing my tempo with each successive thrust and her hands left her breasts and grabbed my shoulders, widening her eyes and mouth, overwhelmed by the sudden change in tempo as she gasped deeply.I pounded her hard and fast without stopping, and she gave a shriek and began to scream aloud,”ohh…ohh…ohh” and I kept on banging hard, moving my waist to different directions from time to time.And she dug her nails into my shoulder, as her lips began to quiver frantically.Then I felt her hips buck backwards and she arched her back, thrashing her hands desperately on the bed with her face to one side, and eyes tightly shut as she cried out,”Yeesss…right there…f*ck me…right there” and I banged on, encouraged by her demands, moving my waist at ‘hyperspeed’, riding her all the way and was lost in realms of passion.Till i felt her begin to shudder, whimpering and spasming at the same time, moaning out incoherent words as her orgasm racked her body.And she gave a melodious tune “hmmmm” as she came so hard, her body convulsing….I tappered to a halt, rotating my d!ck within her depth as she breathed out,”Oh God,oh God…give me more…more baby”, she whizzed.

I sat up smiling at her spasming body and maneuvered her to the doggie style.She said she wanted more and I was going to give her more.I stuffed a pillow under her stomach and pressed her down to bed, making her wide hips jutt in the air.Gently I penetrated her (holding her hips) and began to thrust again.Her Buttocks vibrated with each thrust I gave and it felt so wonderful seeing her fair bums wobble at my command.I smiled in satisfaction and resumed pummeling harder, making her rotate her hips in unison with my assault.And she began to thrust back, rising on both hands and threw her head backwards, enjoying the feeling of my shaft in her and started to yammer,”Yeahh…that’s so good…that’s so good…”

My thrusts were begining to go ‘hyperspeed’ again as I positioned my shaft to hit her centre spot and pummeled harder, making her thrash her head back to the the bed.And i pressed her hips lower, swatting my tighs on her vibrating Buttocks and she grabbed the sheets, stuffing them into her mouth to muffle her cries as she screamed,”oh shít, oh shít, oh shít”. I kept f*cking her in a wild marathon.Then I felt her pusse stiffen around my c0ck, sending vibes to my brain as I groaned like a bull.And her body began to tremor, ushering her into another spasming orgasm (she continued screaming) as we climaxed together with my seed spurting up her back…..We fell back to the bed, our bodies gleaming with sweat.

In truth Leturah had promised to get me the job, but not without paying in kind to her lustful desires.That night marked an epoch in our illicit affair.I call it illicit because my CMD would have my head on a platter if he discovered I was f*cking his little girl.That same night I returned home very late, though Leturah had pleaded with me to spend the night, but I didn’t want to risk anything so I turned down her request.

It was around 11:00 pm when I got home into the confines of the lonely compound.Everywhere was dead silent except for the creaking of crickets that broke the silence at intervals.I made to walk to my balcony when I heard a female voice call softly.”Doc”, the voice said and I turned to see mummy Junior seated on the frame of the flower bed, toying with her phone.Her figure was silhouetted and made visible only by the dim light from her phone screen.She sat crossed legged in her nightgown and I could inhale a streak of her lovely scent from where I stood.I turned fully to face her,”You’re still awake”, I said, and she heaved a deep sigh,”Its been long i’ve been waiting for you”, she said.That was the first time I was hearing the woman speak fluent English.Though I preferred the pidgin she spoke because it sounded so original coming from her mouth.

I took few steps towards her and stood some metres away, then said”,There’s no point waiting for me mummy Junior”, and she shot me an angry look.

“Doc na bad thing to love you?” She asked and stood up, walking towards me as i took two steps backwards and she stopped in her way.

“You dey run from me?” she asked innocently.The fact was that I was avoiding the woman.Her constant love talks were now a major concern to me and I saw it as insane, owing majorly to the fact she was married with kids.And anything beyond the ordinary would lead to a gruesome scandal.

She resumed her pace towards me and came standing before me, looking into my eyes.I could make out shades of tears in her eyes.

“Are you okay?” I asked and she wrapped her arms around my neck and snuggled up to me.

“Doc you no go understand at all”, she said sniffing.I raised her face to meet mine and said,”Make me understand…what’s wrong?” That was when the woman opened up to me.She told me her parents had forced her to marry her husband because he was rich but the man had never shown her love or romance right from day one.She went on to tell me that her husband had even impregnated a girl 4yrs ago because he thought she was barren and was a chronic womanizer who hardly spent time with his family.She felt so bad that since the company he worked for sent him abroad, he hardly called her on the phone.

“Only God know how many oyinbo women him don f*ck for there”, she said.

Her story was touching and I instantly felt pity for her.

The lady had been in emotional pains all along and hadn’t broken a word to anybody, not even her elder sister, inorder to avoid bringing in a third party which could ruin her marriage.She was indeed brave.Out of sympathy and in a bid to comfort her, my arms unconsciously wrapped around her curvy hips and she gently placed her lips on mine, smouldering me with mild kisses.And I responded instantly, tongue lashing her mouth and roaming my palms on her heavy ikebe.Caressing and kneading her fleshy buttocks, making her moan softly “hmmmm” as I kept handling her in my arms.

She kissed me so deeply, deriving comfort in my arms, before withdrawing her lips, and looked at me intently.

“No be f*ck I want this night”, she said to my surprise.”Na your attention I need”.Truly mummy Junior needed attention and someone to talk to.And i could tell she was satisfied by confiding in me.She claimed to be in love with me, but I knew it was just her heart playing tricks on her, as it looked for a way to escape its pain.Well I decided to play along with her if that would help her overcome her heart break, till her infatuation with me disappeared.This wasn’t the first time I was dealing with women like this and my experience in such situation date way back to my juvenile days.

Slowly she disengaged from me, unlocking my arms (around her) and held my hands.

“Abeg no tell anybody wetin I tell you this night”, she pleaded.She was trying to protect her marriage for the sake of her children.

“Don’t worry, I understand”, I replied.

Then she bade me good night, dropped my hands, then turned and walked away, swaying her hips provocatively as she headed back to the house.


I arrived the hospital the next morning amidst the buzzing news of the newly selected doctors who were chosen by the CMD and his daughter.My buddy, Patrick met me by the the walk way and told me that the list was out, and he was on his way to see it.Together we headed for the notice board at the hospital lobby.As we walked down, a cloud of doubt besieged my mind.What if Leturah’s father had refused to approve my transfer, I thought.There was only one way to find out and that was by seeing the list first hand.

The number of staffs around the notice board was large,but I pushed my way through as my heart beat quickened.And I scanned the list which contained the signature of the CMD and names of eight doctors.Then my eyes caught my name.Yes!! I exclaimed pumping a fist into the air.I was the seventh person on the list, to Patrick’s surprise.Leturah had kept her word..

Later that day the CMD sent for me and I walked into his office as he and Leturah seemed engrossed in their discussion.He turned to look at me as I stepped in.

“Take a seat”, he said gesturing me to a chair and resumed his discussion with his daughter who pretended not to notice me walk in.

When they were through, Leturah got up and excused herself and left.Not without giving me a discreet smile as she turned her back to her father.Immediately she left, the CMD cleared his throat.

“I wonder why my daughter insisted on you”, he began.”Well I cant refuse her anything”. He opened his drawer and brought out a white envelope.”Here is your report of good conduct”, he said handing me the envelope.And I thanked him and stood up to leave, then he asked

“Are you having an affair with my daughter?” I stood quite shocked before regaining my composure.

“No sir”, I replied and he nodded indifferently,then said,”You’re a good boy and a smart one with a promising career…hope you find what you seek for”. With those final words, I breezed out of his office, took in a deep breath of relief and looked to my left (down the corridor) to find Leturah leaning on the wall some feet away, smiling at me.

To Be Continued….

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