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Must Read: It Is Teenage Love… Part 4

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“so where should we go?” she asked.

“Ikolaba grammar school.” segun

“Do you have friends there?” she

“Yeah.” he replied.
“But, am afraid o.” she said.

“Why?” he asked.

“Emma is writing his exams there.”
she warned.

“Forget about him, nothing will go
wrong.” he assured.

“Okay.” she replied.

They got to the main road and boarded a
bike and
off they went to Ikolaba.

They got to the
front gate of the school and segun brought out his
phone and
called Mike.

“Hello.” segun said immediately Mike
picked the
“Hello. Where are you?” Mike asked.

“I’m in front of the gate.” segun

“Okay. Am coming. What are you
wearing?” Mike
“You might not notice me but am with
a girl dressed
in a yellow gown top and a black
leggings.” segun

“Nike abi?” Mike asked.
“Yeah.” Segun answered.

Segun dropped the call and turned to
Nike. “He’ll
soon be here.”

“Okay.” Nike replied.

“Let’s go somewhere he could easily pick us.” Segun

They both walked towards a fig tree
opposite the
gate, when they both sighted Emmanuel
and six other guys coming towards them.
“Let get out of here.” Nike said

“We are not going anywhere.” Segun

“Segun please don’t fight them.” she advised.

“I won’t. You know am
out numbered.” Segun said.

Emma and his boys Joined them in no
“Hey boy.” Emma greeted.
“How far.” Segun replied.

“What are you doing with the girl.” A
member of the
gang Tony asked.

“Which girl?” Segun asked.

“My girlfriend.” Emma said.
“Your girlfriend.” Segun asked

“Go down on your knees.” Tony

“Go down for what?” segun asked.

Another member usman removed a dagger from his
pocket and showed segun.

Segun was scared.
“Guys please, we can settle this
peacefully.” he
“Who are your guys?” Usman barked
towards him but he moved back.

All these Nike was pleading with them
and telling
Segun to obey them. To which they all paid less
attention to.

Segun studied the guys properly, they
were all
dressed in red T-shirts and black jean.
Segun sensed cultism.
Segun discovered they had attracted

“Okay please lets leave this open
space.” Segun

Immediately usman tried hitting him
with the
dagger but segun was fast enough to
hold him as he
head butted him on the chest as he
reeled in pain backwards.

The rest of the squad excluding
Emmanuel attacked
him as they pushed him to the ground
and started
hitting him. Olanike was begging Emmanuel not
minding the onlookers.

“What’s going on there?” Micheal

“Who are you?” Tony yelled.

“You dey craze. What are you doing to do boy?”
Akin a well built boy with thick voice
asked angrily.
(he was also Segun’s friend).

Then the battle began, the two squads
faced each other, within a short period of time, it
seems like
Segun’s team are leading because
Emma’s team
boys are begging for their lives before
the school security men disengaged them.

Emma and his guys left in annoyance but
not after
promising Segun a rematch.
sustained a
number of injuries as he was bleeding.

Having watched the whole drama
Omolayo and
Jummy pushed their way out of the
crowd as they
came to segun’s aid by applying some
first aid drugs on the wounds.

“Segun. Are you alright?” Omolayo

“Yeah. Am okay.” segun replied.

“Let me help you with water.” Nike
said as she tried removing a bottled water from her
school bag.

“No, don’t bother yourself.” Omolayo said and
looked at her murdrously before she

Segun and his friends walked round the
leaving Olanike, Jummy and Omolayo
behind. By the
time they arrived Olanike was no where
to be found.
Segun dialled her number but his calls

He left ikolaba and went back to his
centre only to
see Olanike alight from a bike. He ran to her but she
walked into the school compound.
he met
Caleb, his seatmate.

“Hey, shegzy.” Caleb greeted.

“How far.” he replied.
“What happened to you in Ikolaba?”
Caleb asked.

“I’ll tell you later.” Segun told him
as he ran past
him in chase of Olanike.

“Bad news spread faster than good news.” he
thought to himself.

Segun ran after Nike as she increeased
her pace.

“Nikeā€¦ Nike..,” he called as he ran.

She ignored him and entered the exam hall but took
the other exit and got out again to the
back of the
Segun entered the hall and
couldn’t find her.

He asked the candidates in the hall but they all
claimed they saw no one.

He got out and began searching for her.

He saw her
afar, seated in a deserted part of the
He ran towards her.

“Nike, what’s wrong with you?” he
asked angrily.

“Did i tell you anything is wrong with
me?” she
He walked up to her and held her hand
as she made
to leave.

“Are you crying?” he asked got no

Getting fed up of the whole situation.
“Okay, why did you leave Ikolaba
without telling
me?” he asked.

“Ask your cousin.” she replied.

“Omolayo! What did she do to you?”
he asked as he made her to seat down.

“You need to see how she blasted me.
Saying i am a
slut who gets involved with cultist and
then decided
to put an innocent guy like you into trouble by
forcing myself on you.” she explained.

“Am very sorry about that.” he

“It’s okay.” she said.

“Let’s get back to the hall, so we can settle down
before the paper commences.” he

“Okay.” she said as she stood up and
followed him.

“Can you do this paper on your own?” he asked.

“Yes. I’ll try.” she replied.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes.” she replied.


“And am very sorry for all i put you through today.” she apologised.

“Oh! It’s nothing.” he assured her.

They both entered the examination hall
five minutes
after the commencement of the paper.

“Where are you two coming from?”
the invigillator

“Sir, we don’t know the paper had
already started.”
Segun replied.
“You are silly. Don’t you know the
break is over?”
The man asked.

“Sir, its not yet 2.30pm. Which means
the paper is
not yet supposed to start.” He defended.

“Look at this boy. Bastard son of a
fathers.” the man said.

“Point of corrections sir. I am not a
bastard and you have no right to call me one.” he
replied rudely.

In a blink of an eye the invigillator had
slapped him.
He wanted to retaliate but Nike held him
“Segun don’t try it.” she warned.

“I am old enough to be your father. So
don’t dare try
rubbish with me.” the man warned.

“You can never be my father.” segun
said angrily.
“please sir, we are very sorry for
coming back late.
We thought the paper will start by 2.30.
explained kneeling down.

“God bless you my daughter. I’ll allow you to write
the paper for your sake.” he said as he
gave them
the objective question paper and the
OMR sheet.

“Thank you sir.” Nike said.

Segun walked to his seat angrily and left
Nike with
the old man.

Nike begged on segun’s behalf for sometime
before the
invigillator told her to go.


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