-The Murder Case

Must Read: The Murder Case… Part 22

A Story written by Adegwurulez…

Jacobs walked into the court. He saw Barrister clement.
“What are you doing here?” Jacobs asked.

“I came to save your a’ss as usual” he replied.

“Court rise” the bailiff shouted and everybody stood up, the judge went to his bench and sat before everyone sat down. The normal announcements where done.

There was tight security in the court premises.
“lets see your witness” justice okoro spoke to clement.
Clement called Grace out and she walked to the witness box. She then told the court everything that happened on that day. When she was through, clement came and told the court all that happened to paul and his gang.

“Do you want to cross-examine the witness” justice okoro asked Barrister Briggs.

“Yes your honour” he replied and stood up. He then faced the court.
“I have been backing a criminal without being aware. Paul Adeyemi actually attempted to kill my daughter and not her husband. Right now i am not even worthy of being a lawyer. I apologise to my daughter and this honourable court. I am resigning after this case” he wiped his face with his handkerchief and went back to his seat.

“In the absence of any further witness, i hereby make my judgement” Justice okoro spoke.
Due to lack of concrete evidence before this court, i hereby strike out this case and order the release of Mr. Jacobs with immediate effect. This is my judgement” he hit his gavel.

“court rise!!!” the bailiff shiouted and the judge left the courtroom.
Grace quickly ran to Jacobs and hugged him. Tears were flowing freely from both their eyes.
Someone cleared his throat and they looked up. It was Barrister briggs.

“I know i have been wrong Grace, but please forgive me” he said and brought out a parcel, he opened it and it was a necklace he had seized from grace when she started dating Jacobs. It was a gift from Jacobs.

Grace quickly collected it and hugged him tight.
“Happy wedding anniversary sweatheart” he said.
It was then that grace remembered that it was her 2nd wedding anniversary.
“Hope its not late to give my blessings?” he asked.

“Not at all dad” Grace replied.

Just then Briggs sighted Clement. He left his daughter and walked to him. He shook hands with clement warmly.
“I’m proud of you” he said.

Grace and Jacobs walked towards them and they all embraced themselves in an emotional group hug. That very moment, the previous chapter of their lives ended. They were going to face a new life void of the troubles of the invisible quartet.
Jacobs promised himself to personally fight for the release of Attah but that very moment, he just wanted to enjoy his victory. Indeed he was victorious at the end of [b]the murder case.



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Thank you for this wonderful story but I guess you should technically proffer a solution to the challenge of not honouring fallen heroes in your story.
Jimmy and others had done the needful by dying for their country, what would they have in return as a motivation for future security agents?

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