-The Murder Case

Must Read: The Murder Case… Part 20

A Story written by Adegwurulez…

Paul walked out of the room, after dressing like the policeman and collecting his gun and walkie talkie. He came out slowly as if searching for a criminal.

He looked round and he saw that nobody was looking at him, all the other security men were looking for a guy with a white long sleeve and blue jean, nobody came to look for a policeman.
He used the opportunity to move towards the back exit. He knew the wharehouse very well, he had studied his environment before coming for the operation.

“oboy where you dey go” a policeman whispered to him.

“I wan block the back door” he whispered back to him.

“Back door dey? make we go block there na” the policeman replied. He was trying to leave the area where he thought they would be gun battle. As far as he was concerned, he was leaving the danger zone, little did he know that he was with the devil himself.

“i never see this your face before o” The policeman said when they had successfully reached outside after series of stopping and looking around.

“ehm, na C division i from, dem call us make we come back una up” paul replied him.

The guy was still asking paul some questions. Paul who was now getting fed up, silently brought out his silencer and shot the policeman.

He looked round and noticed that nobody was watching him so he quickly faced a lonely bush path.
Musa who was scouting the sorrounding, saw a policeman running to the bush path. He immediately knew something was wrong. He wanted to alert the other members of The security team but he had a feeling they was a mole in the security team. How else did paul escape and how did he gain entrance into the hospital.

He couldn’t call Jimmy for backup because there where also in another operation. He quickly brought out his phone and called Dr.Amos.

“I have visuals on paul, I’m currently in pursuit, he is headed for the bushy path that leads to ‘Jesus is lord chapel” musa informed him.

To Be Continued…

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