-The Murder Case

Must Read: The Murder Case… Part 1

A Story written by Adegwurulez…

Mr. Olundare jacobs felt a pang of guilt as he stepped out of the blackmaria. As a kid who was brought up in the barracks, he used to see many criminals being transported in that van to the prison and he would always say “why would someone waste his life in criminal activities when he knows fully well that one day, he would be transported in this dark, poor ventilated van whose only route is from court to prison, prison to court? Surely, i would never step my feet in those vans”. How would he have known that 25years later, he would be the one inside the van? Well, as a child he didn’t know that someday he was going to point a gun at his wife.

The thought of his wife made tears to drop from his eyes. Their relationship was the type only obtainable in movies and romance stories. He remembered vividly how she married him despite pressure from her family to marry the promising soldier officer Paul Adeyemi. He was just an odinary civil servant back then in the lagos state ministry of information and communication. He had met the beautiful miss grace briggs when she was posted to the ministry as a youth corper. He never used to believe in love at first sight but grace changed his perception, not only about love but life in its entirety. Mr. Jacobs doesn’t even know the part of her body he loves the most. Was it her radiant hair which is as black as Taye Taiwo’s face or her lips which was wonderfully placed on her face just below her pointed but beautiful nose. He doesn’t even know If it was her shiny eyes that could give the stars a run for their money or her fair skin which sparkles in sunlight. In jacobs own words “grace, even monalisa would be jealous of you”.

Back then, he would always use his meagre salary to take her out for lunch until immediately after she completed her youth service when they decided to tie the nuptial knots. It only took the effect of the scorching sun to bring him out from his journey through the land of emotional el dorado. He had just stepped out of the van. He was standing taller and well built than the two policemen who where escorting him. He was very dark, infact his mates in university used to call him blacky which is one of the reasons he married someone who would complement him. His hairs were unkept, what do you expect from someone who was just coming out of a police cell?

Even though he has not been proven guilty of any crime, he has been sleeping in the police cell for over a month. The law stipulates that no citizen should spend more than 24hours in police custody except sentenced by a law court but it seems the law and the police force are enemies. Its ironic since the police are supposed to protect the law. He looked at his environment, it was like every other typical trial court in nigeria. He took a deep breathe but just as he was about to enter the court, he sighted paul Adeyemi. He just shook his head and walked into the court room

To Be Continued…

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