-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 9

A story written by Referee… If you missed part 8, read it Here

I was restless, I began to sweat, I shower, I wan sleep I no fit.. I check my Kush stash make I roll something, as d tin sabi cool me down, chai my stash was empty.. which kind show be this I check time na 2: 34pm, time still dey before my popsi n momsi dem come back.. so I bust out.

I reach one of my niggers em place, we come comot be4 I know watsup we don complete… na so I come gist dem whatsup.. but I come Lie say I don beat the Nene wella, why she go dey slap me.. say I no need the girl again..

Some of my niggers hail me say I do well say y I go d allow girl dey carry me play.. One of them come talk say, say I Bleep up! Say dat girl no b my mate, and she too fine say I suppose d treat am like queen, say normally no b person like me suppose dey date am.. and moreover a relationship with a girl of her class was expensive and me am gettin it for free…say na total Bleep ups me do so…

Ouch those words sank deep into me, I just remembered how beautiful this girl was, I drew in my weed but my kush began working oppositely the only thing I was seeing was that of Nene … I took in again it was now the video playback of our shakespare moments. .. for once my Kush failed me I decided to leave niggers and to hit home…

As I leave my niggers I decided to board a bus instead of using motor bike to save me a lil money as I was now left with only four hundred box in my wallet. 4 inside bus na so one guy do like say him wan call person outside the bus the halla Margret! Margret ! D press me.

Na so me vex chance this guy.. He apologised and said I should not get angry say e don tay him no see dat girl na so him comot from the bus…

The bus don nearly full as d conductor begin the ask for money na so I put hand for pocket I realised my wallet was gone.. that guy bin don comot my wallet. Na so I begin do explaination give conductor but na meanigless as d guy ask me say how him go do now? I no fit ansewr that question, na so I step down

Lying on my bed so tired as I come d Imagine children of Isreal trekking for 40years in the wilderness I pity them… cos no beans.

As I remember the trekking wey me trek today I come d vex.. I decided I should go and collect d handbag wey I buy give Nene after all na she cos all this misfortune, she doesnt deserve anything good from me……as I stand up from bed make I go her room go collect d handbag na so my mumsy hala me say I get call

Me: hello

Ella: hey dear whatsup?

Me: fine n u? As I smile wey be say I don forget as person d take smile…. we had a brief conversation she told me she ll b comming in tomorrow say she dey touch down by 1: 30pm .. I promised to call her moro.. and that I could not wait to see her on monday in school….

After the call I come borrow posture from those people wey dey stand for cabin biscuit… as I come d smile..

I enter my room begin look for my best cloth.. I put am on top Ironing board..

To Be Continued…

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