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Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 6

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I rearranged my life, I attended classes, spent more time at the Library and less time with my niggers, I told myself during holidays I will have all the time but now its school time. I had to be serious cos I had no reason not to, as my parents made sure I was comfortable… but I couldn’t stop thinking about Ella, she was beautiful and classy I believed she was the perfect replacement for Nene at least to show Nene am not such a looser. Talking about Nene hmm she was having Fun, her boyfriend showered her with expensive gifts she was turning into a very beautiful Lady.. I couldn’t stop fantasising about her, as I remembered our moments together……sometimes I wonder if she didn’t miss me a little.

Exams came I was happy with myself cos I did well but I was sad I wasn’t going to be seeing Ella any more at least admiring her from a distance as we will be going for our 1st semester break. I thought of what to do, to leave a good impression so a least she go remember me as we dey go holiday. I decided to buy her a card and a perfume but how do I face her again after that Bleep up for the maths test, I decided not to buy her anything I decided to wait till next semester at least by then she go don forget about am..


During the holiday I wasn’t lonely, Nene and Sisi didn’t travel so house chores wasn’t a problem it gave me time to ball with my niggers. I decided to hit the gym to develop a more broad chest and a little more biceps. One afternoon as I enter cyber cafe say make I go do yahoo messenger (as facebook no dey that time) and play some games on line.. as I wan buy time na so person tap me for back as I turn na Ella..

Ella: hello mathematician

Me: I laugh hard to cover up the sha

I still dey think my treking things next thing na so Ella ask me which side you de stay?

Me: hmm 72 Alvin street

Ella: alright lemme drop you off…..

Next thing Ella open door as we enter her black BMW it had a govt plate number.. I was surprised but I arrange my self acted as if its nothing.. she was wearing a skirt as she sit down she come pull her skirt come up e b like say she was still a learner as she drove with so much care….she exposed a good portion of her thigh, she fresh die, I felt like touching…ouch Nene don starve me for 4months I never do anything person wey bin dey live like married man, I needed to have s*x soon, I remembered my niggers promised to organise one babe give me.

Me and Ella talked little as any time am with this girl I sincerely run of words plus this laps in front me.. I totally went blank.. she told me she will be travelling next week as she is bored here..


My niggers organise one babe for me her name na cynthia O mehn as this babe show I tire, If Nene see this babe she go too laugh me it will look as if I could not get anything better other than her…. but conji wan kill me so I need am.. d babe no ugly o, she no fine o, she just dey…but she get bobbi.. Immediately I saw the bobbi I got a hard on and she knows her selling point as she arrange am well come put pendant for the cleavage…

I planned everything make nobody dey house…on this fateful day me and this girl don dey make movement dey go house as I reach house na so my Mumsy dey house my Liver fail me as I don already enter inside compound with this babe…she dey balcony d read newspaper. .

Weytin Mumsy dey do 4 house? Its very unusual for her to be home at this time, why today of all days? which kind bad luck be this? I arrange my self like say nothing happen……

Me: Mummy Good afternoon. . With a sad voice

Mummy: afternoon smiling..

cynthia: good afternoon Ma

Mummy: afternoon dear

Me: hmm mum here is my assistant course rep.. I want to return her text book

Mummy: don’t you have a copy?

Me: I did but I misplaced it and since she was just around the corner she decided to stop by and get it..

Mummy: you are always careless hope you haven’t misplaced hers too..any ways make it snappy and come up here I want to have a word with you..

I go carry text book wey no even concern cynthia come give am as I open gate for am I just remembered the chicken, fried rice, salad and five alive wey I buy give this girl I wan cry..I no even touch Bosom nothing..I still give am two hundred naira make she climb bike dey go..

I climb up go meet mumsy she no get anything to tell me other than say her work place head of IT die this morning for motor accident so dem say make every body go house. . She bin just wan make cynthia go..

Well we come they talk about other things she say make I go fridge go bring something make we carry dey chill.. as I just open a pack of cream cracker and five alive na so Nene open gate crying as she rush enter house like say na person pursue am…

Mummy: Nene Nene, what is it? Why are you crying?

Nene: mummy nothing as she rushed inside

Mumsy drop her newspaper stood up and went after Nene…… Me just smile ah ha shey she dey feel like Beyonce even if she wan die, or cry blood weytin concern me yeye girl, finally something to cheer up the downfall of Nene…… I smiled and took a Sip of my Juice.

I dey try concentrate for my Juice and Newspaper I no fit…I wan know weytin happen to Nene I stood up and moved to Sisi’s room as they share a door with Nene’s room na so I go eavesdrop.. Nene no gree talk as she continues to sob Mumsy dey try pet am make she open up, finally Nene come talk say she met her boyfriend with another girl and she asked who the girl was only to be slapped hard, beaten by her boyfriend and pushed out of the house…. She come dey narrate stories of all her relationships how her X boyfriends them had all cheated on her using her as an option even though she has always been faithful.. that she is tired of relationships that she doesn’t believe in love any more, if Henry could treat her like a queen only for her to discover that she was just the side chic.. that all guys are the same blah blah blah she cried and talked plenty that she loves this guy that he’s hurt her so badly….. she blames herself for opening up again that she was happy when she wasn’t in any relationship and then Henry came and ruined her life….Nene come say If not for the sake of children I wouldn’t marry, my mumsy come laugh as she talk that one…. well my mumsy come dey console am as me come happy dey comot go back to finish my juice.. I was so happy

Nene stayed in the house for days she was depressed walking around with a sad face and singing all the sad songs she knows me, am balling acting very happy blasting music from my room as if its a music competition spent my allowance as if am a salary earner and before I know what’s up am almost broke so I needed to slow down and month never reach half.

Ouch Friday I woke up so excited I just had a dream about Ella waoh I kissed Ella and we undressed and almost did it when she told me she was a virgin na so I wake up.. I laughed if Ella na virgin make I bend I said to myself…. House was boring every one were gone as usual except Nene who was now always indoors, I decided to visit the cyber cafe and if am lucky I might meet Ella on line if am not then I will drop an offline message through Yahoo messenger. As I dey bathroom I began thinking about this Ella.. I asked my self many questions who she be? Who be her parents wey she go dey drive that BMW with government plate number as I come dey remember my dream about her, my dickenson began to respond ..It was as if I was viewing her I became so hard that my Dickenson started paining me as I stood up from the toilet seat to step under the shower make I pour cold water make my dickenson come down na so person open my bathroom door as I shout who b that, I looked up…

To Be Continued…

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