-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 50

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Forty Nine read it HERE

I wondered what Joy was doing here?
All the way from my state…
This people are every where hooking up with the rich….

My Oga who was our family friend, that explains how I got my Placement in that company, He was a widower and had three children whom are all grown up and working at diff location in the country and outside…he even offered I stayed with him but I declined cos Suga was always visiting before our time out and besides living with him will take away all the fun I planned on having during my service year..
But my break up with Suga changed all that.

My Oga introduced her saying she is my sister becos we were from the same place, we talked a lil in our language..

My oga now said I should see her as my elder sister any time I had a problem I should meet her… he said he is planning on marrying her..

I looked at my Oga again he was in his late fifties or early sixties and this Joy dey her late twenties or thirty at most.
What is she doing with him I asked myself ..
Girls and money …. money is the motivation…..

Whoever said money cant buy you happiness didnt know the right shop to go shopping.. as it buys you erything even the so claimed love by ladies…who continually say its not because of his money …

I gave him the documents and everything he had asked me to do for him….. he was travelling out for a Diploma programme in Uk the next day…. that explained Joys visitation as I believed they will be having a good time this night… my oga said tomorow I should be at his place by 8AM… I was always given saturdays and sundays off …

I didnt want anything to do with Joy anymore

She is bad luck , I dont want anymore problems, I just want to concentrate on my life and build my career as I have 7months more before NYSC finish…

Leta that evening my phone rang..
I picked up and it was Joy..
She said she wanted to see me…
I said me no wan see am..
She said she wanted to discuss something with me..
Me told her I have nothing to discuss with her..and then hanged up..

She called again I rfused picking up, she kept calling till I switched off my phone,..
I remembered how I helped her and then it turned into a nightmare for me…

One of my coper friend came visiting with his girlfriend,.. It brought back memories of my Suga… I realised I loved this girl and will always love her… but again pride wont allow me call her..I felt like hearing her voice,.. I swear love is our weakness…

He leta left with his girlfriend for the club but I stayed back…. I no longer felt the fun again…as in I hibernate…

Suga took a part of me with her

its been 2 months now me and Suga has not talked… and yet still I still think about her, I still wish we came back together..,..

I cant believe she would just break up with me that way.. no reason or whatsoever..
Whats the rush in marriage she was 23 and already acting as if she was 30…

To Be Continued…

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