-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 31

A story written by Referee… If you missed part 30, read it Here

Waiting for school to resume made my life revolve around my niggers and house and I relapsed totally to my former life….

No more wenesday Bible classes, I went back to kush blowing like a wrap completely on my own…na only on sundays I dey remember church

Spent the afternoon with my friends, roll kush, play video games, listen to them talk about thier female conquest…and clubbing which made wonder when my parents go loose guard small ontop my head make I too dey folo enter club..

Back home Nene dey flaunt bum bum, fresh thighs, blown bobby, and hips dont lie… my mind revolved around Nene video games, kush and this affected me as in my thinking…

Nene still they ignore me and this made me go mad… my jealousy kept growing and her beauty kept glowing…. everything seems to be going on fine for her

chai I needed to have her attention so I thought of ways but nothing seems to be working..

One wenesday Mumsi and Popsi don go work as usual my dude came around we visited a cyber cafe make we go do small Face book as the thin just dey come out that time

I go the search for Ella and Jenny to see how dem dey now… sha finally our time finish we come dey stroll go back our seperate houses…

As I reach our street I see Nene guy car parked close to our gate ah I surprise cos the guy supppse dey work…

Well him fit dey lunch break

Nene come comot with a skimpy dress E b like say the guy bin come visit her for house… she carry nylon

Before I reach there the guy don move…

I enter house just chill for living room with one glass of cold water that treking no be here…

Leta on Nene come down from her room with Ice cream and meat pie..

Sitdown carry remote flip through channels as me been dey watch channel O..

She carry am go Mnet without even saying a thing..

The thing vexed me I asked her what was the meaning of that.. she kept quiet and leta said Referee I am not your mate you cant talk to me any how what sort of question is that?

Me: you are not my mate? after you will be lying Unclad in my bed crying rubbish…

I said that with a smirk on my face

Nene wan mad na so she begin run mouth

Nene: you are crasy me in your bed? Ah see your head I know you are dying to get in between my legs but it will never happen……., I roll with men not boys, has that thing inbeteween your legs grown from boy to man? Blah blah blah

Those words pained me and one thing about girls you can never win by exchanging words as they never keep quiet make you follow talk your own..

I moved upstairs straight… Nene stood up and started clapping her hands ah Idiot come stand and exchange words with your mate fool… blah blah blah

After a while I came down Nene was settled in one couch feeling like a winner holding the remote very tight..

Me: ashawo I came to return your pant.

With a deep, convincing voice feeling like I have nailed it…

Nene raised her head up and smiled,

Me was astoned this wasn’t the reaction I expected.. I was furios and I was about talking again when she dropped her punch lines

Nene: well keep it like souvenir to remind you that you once had a gold ring in a pig’s snout…

She said that smiling

Chai my head spin, everywhere was black… e b like say I dey inside air tight box, I stuttered, words escaped me totally…

Finally I manage something

Me: well I would have kept it but the stench, funk, reek from this pant is suffocating… smelling forking kitten

I threw the pant at her face…turned and walked away feeling like an abysmal looser, not knowing those words don pain Nene die….

On the stairway I heard footsteps, I knew it was Nene….

Intuitively I knew what she was about to do…. as I turned Nene fling her hand towards me since I was prepared I ducked.

She rushed me and started throwing pushes,.. Out of annoyance I pushed her, Nene tripped and fell akwardly rolled down the stairs with a scream….

To Be Continued…

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