-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 30

A story written by Referee… If you missed part 29, read it Here

Eeeewh…. I never knew that s*x could b anti depresant, I felt so good the following morning I felt like rolling up kush but my stash was empty, well I decided after service I go meet up with my guys…

While cleaning up the house Nene was fixing up breakfast and by the time I was eating she was showering…

Finally we met for the first time since last night… Nene was in a gray suit… If not for age diffrence me for no gree that Micheal

Waoh she looked like a banker, U know the Zenith bank them customer care…

Me: goodmorning beauty

Nene: what ? Please behave yourself..

Me: how now? You are a beauty and I believe most times you forget that, hence my decision to remind you ery morning wheneva the opportunity present itself

Nene no ansewr me as she dey busy to lock main entrance door when the gate flung open it was Sisi… we talked a lil bit with and she went in as she said she won’t be attending church today cos all her body na sin sin full am…

Finally we stepped out and a Toyota Carina deep blue pulled up it was Micheal…

So Nene and Micheal were planning on going to church together and she didn’t inform me? Or is he dropping us off?

Nene: goodmorning sweets

Micheal: morning my love oh you are so time conscious I was thinking you will keep me waiting but surprisingly you are done

Nene: yes deari I couldn’t sleep so I woke up early

Micheal: hey pretty whats on your mind thats making you loose sleep?

Nene: you of course, just kept thinking about you…

Nene and Micheal kept talking for like 5mins and it was as if I was air as in no one saw me, finally Micheal come notice me

Micheal: guy goodmorning

Me: bros morning o

Micheal: how you dey? Come inside na are you not comming with us?

Me: I ……..

I never answer the question wen Nene jumped in

Nene: no oo he is waiting for Sisi they are going together..

Micheal: ok lets drop em off na?

Nene: honey common I don’t want to miss praise and worship you know thats the part I love most in your church programme..

Micheal: ok babe anything for you… guy leta na include me in your prayers

I manage a smile for the guy as Nene just look me like say I dey smell…

I no believe am say Nene just no gree make him guy drop me.. ah for weytin na… just that small play wey me and am follow play last night

Well no wahala I decided I will learn how to drive which kind falling of handz be this…

What of I bin no get transport so Nene for just abadon me like that..

After church I went for second service me and my niggers…as we sitdown roll small kush……

I come confess give my niggers say last last me like that gurl weda Idea no dey wey I fit just do make Nene like me..

Most of them said I didn’t stand a chance say Nene na big gurl say normally me and her no suppose dey run things and moreover you know girls and marriage na…

Say as Micheal dey talk of marriage that means say me dey offside the earlier I realize that the beta.. say dem fit organize me any other fine girl as dem begin mention names… abi Nene get gold for p&&&&sy…?

Well one of my dude wey don high come tell me say all I need to do is express my love for her and wait for my chances say since she and Micheal no dey tidy and me dey around say conji go do am again and whenever that happens I should give her a good a reason to ask for more….

Those words were truly wise… Chai Kush is truly inspirational…. I remember say mumsi dem go show back house so I no need overstay…

Back at home Nene no even send me, she dey do like say I no even exist as if we did nothing chai the thing come dey pain me..

Na so me say make I do something wey go follow pain am…

To Be Continued…

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