-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 3

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Waoh av jst had s*x 4 the first time…well it was a mixed feeling like is that all, the so much talked about thing… but I was happy I finally did it.. but I was so ashamed of myself 4 shooting that early . How do I face Nene again? Well me and Nene had became partners in crime after my discovery though for a while she was feeling awkward but she got over it. I discovered that Nene is that adventurous girl who wants to explore but her shyness wont allow her so she waits to for a motivator…


I met my Nigas to tell em my achievement they were happy for me but they told me I had fallen my hands for shooting that early, there for I dare not tell em about the slap so after much yabbing the gave me an advice that I should get high before the s*x say when I do, say na she go beg me… I left with so much determination to redeem myslf as I stopped by to get weed. Standing there I remembered the slap and the last words she said before she left I doubled the quantity of weed I wanted to buy…

Nene looks at me with me sympathy chai shame wan kill me I became so determined to redeem myself…but the problem now was that Nene no even get my time again. So how do I get a second chance? I got Plnty advice from my nigas em but non was working I even wrote an apology letter telling her how sorry and that it happened that way cos it was my first time….blah blah. but Nene still d form for me.. she even come dey laugh me ouch shame wan kill me.. well I kept trying cos the shame was too much I cant quit now.

After 2 weeks the following weekend my parents travelled to my mums place Sisi use that opportunity go see her boyfriend leaving me and Nene in the house.. she come the form busy do plenty but after everything at about 8pm she come follow me the watch Tv she follow me sit down for the long couch…chai my heartbeat increased, am looking at the screen but I am seeing nothing after about 5mins I come place hand for her laps she no talk, I romance am small she no talk, I come touch Bosom she no talk …O mehn na kissing things…we kissed hungrily only to be separated by a bang on the gate apparently it was our night watch man….so I go use that opportunity smoke my weed as I was smoking I remembered the slap na so I wrap another one, I have never finished a wrap on my own before, now I just blew two wraps I got so high 4 the first time in my life that my brain became dull I came back in and headed straight to my room the lights were on I saw Nene in my bed with only pants and bra she smiled and said some words which I couldn’t comprehend. I fell into my bed na so I pass out..

I woke up so damn hungry & dizzy, time check it was 8:30 am..someone was singing ouch it was Nene as I came back to my senses..I remembered everything at that point I felt foolish what am I doing to myself I over high just to prove a point..I decided to give up. Staggering on my feet I brushed showered. Nene still at kitchen damn I couldn’t still face her I stayed 4 a while but I was damn hungry make I no die I headed towards kitchen.

Me: Goodmn

Nene: Mrnin, looking up she gave me a plate of fried yam and Indomie. So U smoke weed? Not even cigarette hmm. Are mum and Dad aware?

Plate almost fell from my hand, the last thing I want to loose is my Parents trust..I looked down foolishly as she shook her head and left me… I made my tea finishes my food..even the fear of my parents couldn’t take away my appetite as I was very hungry, effect of weed I guess but I needed to do something….

Approaching Nene’s room with heart beat as fast as Usain Bolt..

Me: Pls Nene don’t tell Mum & Dad, pls I swear I wont do it again, I promise you.. As a matter of fact I will do anything you want, please don’t just tell…

Nene: anything?

Me: Yes!

Nene: ok when they are back you go and report yourself by your self

Me: No na ah pls na..pls

Nene: see I don’t know Why You smoke don’t you know the damages it does to our health? Your brain? Blah blah….I have to tell I can condone any other thing but this is serious I cant so if you don’t mind leave my room..

Chai liver fail me…I didn’t know when I said I did it because of you

Nene: What? How?

Me: I wanted to last long to Impress you

Moments of Silence Nene surprised, speechless but impressed chuckled.. I waited for her response but none was forth coming.. so I left.

To Be Continued…

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