-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 27

A story written by Referee… If you missed part 26, read it Here

As I lay in my bed with frustration, I felt pity for Nene kai see stress wey me put her through…and ontop this my plans no dey see lime light…

Nene kept starring at me suddenly she turned and walked away…

As she shut the day behind her e b like say na my heart she shut.. so last last na so my stiffling, stumbling and forming convulsion go just end?

I come carry wrapper cover myself say make I sleep after all na so person container dey sink for high sea..

Sometimez we loose and sometimes we win.

After like 30 minutes the door re opened and this time Nene walked in with her short and semi transparent night gown,

Looking at her I could see her white pant..

Her round firm Bosom lifted the front side of her gown, exposing her fresh thighs.

I realised she went to shower..

My memories of me and her made me squirm plus the fact that she has developed more now.. you know more hips and so on,

My conji level increased to maximum level.

Nene walked in and dropped a Bible on my reading desk and then she picked up a rechargeable lamp ( back then one red lamp that also has a radio player) and she walks out again..

In no time the generator went dead and Nene returned to the room…

She opened the Bible read psalms and then she knelt down and prayed..

She prayed with sincerity and concern…

Afterwards she slept beside as I Still maintain my motionless posture.

Nene switched off the rechargeable lamp covered her self with a wrapper and faced the opposite direction…

I felt I had gone too far, I felt terribly bad. I was sad, all the conji leave me.

I never knew Nene could be this caring, I felt like waking her up and tendering an apology, I couldn’t sleep… I decided tomorow morning I will apologize to Nene…

I didn’t know when i finally slept off only to be woken up by a bright light, my eyes popped open Waoh Nepa don give light.

Time checking it was 2: 30 Am.

I stood up and moved towards my wardrobe, dropped the wrapper around my waist and then got into my boxers. As I turned around Nene was starring…, she was awake.

She maintained an impassive stare, I couldn’t look back into her eyes and I couldn’t return back to the bed so I sat on my reading seat..

Nene: how are you feeling?

The sincerity and the concern in her voice made me stammer… as I remembered all the stress I have made this girl pass through.. I just couldn’t lie anymore..

Me: I am very sorry…

To Be Continued…

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