-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 26

A story written by Referee… If you missed part 25, read it Here

I explained this bright Idea to Dano, he believed in the Idea and even made suggestions for a better execution….

Time checking it was past eight so Dano cleared our bill and off we go…

The gate wasn’t locked I was surprised got in me and Dano.

Nene dey living room the watch movie…

When Nene saw us she stood up because Dano bin dey hold me I dey bend like say I wan fall..

Nene rushed forward and asked what is it… we no come answer am as Dano dey try put me down for one of the sofas

Nene begin dey shout on Dano what is it? What have you done to him? Where was he? What did he eat? She asked many question

Without waiting for a reply she screamed Jesus rush carry her phone I believed she wanted to call popsi them..

Dano go hold am say make she calm down say e get weytin dey my mind wey me no gree talk instead I choosed to drink and get high so as to forget my sorrows in the process me come get drunk…

So Dano come suggest say make she baff me hot water say the effect go reduce…

Dano come ask weda I bin chop?

She come answer Dano say I bin no gree chop say I bin talk say I no get appetite as I bin no dey happy…

Meanwhile me dey lie Down lifeless on the couch,

Dano come bid us goodnight and told her to Endeavour bathing me with hot water..

She followed Dano to the gate and locked afterwards,

When she return me dey ground dey form over intoxication.

She began blaming her self why she allowed me go out that night, say she noticed I wasn’t Happy and she didn’t even care…… She kept talking to herself..

She struggled raised me up from the ground and placed me again on the couch and then disappeared into the kitchen to boil water..

I just dey smile for my mind,.

In no time she walked pass with an electric kettle and moved upstairs…

As she return Nepa come take light… She come go generator house thank God battery dey okay na so she kick start come change over..

She come drag me go my room as I dey form stumbling around…

As we reach room na so me come fall into my bed.. She dey struggle to UnCloth me finally she did but she didn’t pull my boxers.. She drag me enter bathroom

She scoop water to pour on top my head but my height dey give am wahala but she continued.

I come hold am do like say na highness come try kiss am but she broke free and said stop all this..

I continued but this time she got angry cos I was punishing her.. Na so she whoz me one slap and said behave yourself, I felt discouraged to push boundaries….

she dragged me out ,me still dey form stumbling, held me and dropped my boxers, pushed me into bed and covered my Johnson with a wrapper..

I begin the form stifling and trying to vomit,…

Nene just stand dey look with fear

She looked for my phone and called Dano who told her to calm down that everything will be alright..

She sat beside me and watched over me…chai me come dey vex so this stunt no go work?

this is not how we planned it…

I couldn’t execute it well..

it’s like Nene is to concerned to even think of something bad.

To Be Continued…

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