-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 13

A story written by Referee… If you missed part 12, read it Here

At the parlour Sisi and Ella met and knew each.. Since Sisi na grooving girl so they must av met somewhere… they had a lil chit chat and in no time Sisi excused us, but Nene no gree excuse us as she dey form movie freak..

After 30 mins Sisi alerted us that she is going out and urged me to take good care of her friend. … Nene still dey form movie freak….

Ella began acting uncomfortable and finally said the Movie is boring and making her feel sleepy If she could use my room…

Nene gave her a stolid stare

So I stood up, packed her bags and the ice cream she was licking and said baby lets go to my room… as I gave Nene an expressive look.

Nene was so ruffled that it was visibly expressed on her face

In my room we had some awkward conversation I was increasingly getting thirsty cos of increased Metabolism.. . My heartbeat increased…. I began to sweat, even though fan was at a top speed, I needed to make moves but I had hard starting….

Ella was tired of waiting on me as she stood up and walked up to me..

Ella: when I like someone I get a lil bit experimental. .

Me: well call me Einstein/ Isaac Newton,..cos me I love experiment

Ella: smiled, I mean I like exploring

Me:smiling, then call me Christopher Columbus..

Ella smiled and said this is what I mean..

She steps backward and pulls off her Tshirt exposing her round Vigor bosoms, she unhooks her short and pulls it down as she stood beautifully Unclad before…

I was awestruck, thunderstuck, dumbstruck in short I was Ella struck… . She has an hour glass shape..

Ella has a perfect, delicate and spotless body.. she seemed more developed than Nene she looked like a Lady but she was just 19..

I ran out of Ideas as I was rooted to the spot

Ella: your turn

Me removed my clothes as my black Johnson came alive, I have never seen so much veins on my johnson, it was so angry..

Ella smiled and muttered huge, impressive. . As she steps closer and we melt into each others arms…

We kissed deeply and passionately..

As I squeezed her right bosom and grabbed her assh.. finally gasping for air we broke the kiss.. she pushed me into the bed knelt down, and slowly covered the tip of my johnson with her mouth, she rolled her tongue over and over again on the tip, kept tickling the opening on my johnson with her tongue as this sends some electric waves to my brain….

She stopped removed the Johnson from her mouth and admired it, I was about asking why she stopped cos it was as if I was in Berlin Live watching 2015 champions league finals

Na So she carry her remaining ice cream and and poured some on my Johnson as the heat from my Johnson melted the Ice… and slowly she starts licking the ice cream off.. my eyes were shut, in short my brain too or brain dead I dunno….because of the pleasure, she is Lionel Messi in Mouth Action….

To Be Continued…

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