-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 12

A story written by Referee… If you missed part 11, read it Here

Ella called in the night, we gisted long.. she said her airtime is almost exhausted so I told her I love her.

She was silent and then told me she is not that kind of girl.. the lovey Dovey, Mushy girl.. if I know what she means

The few weeks we have been together, I know Ella is very outgoing, fun loving, convivial person.. as she talks about clubbing, drinking, Smoking and shopping. .. well that’s her life, she has the money and the money long like well according to Davido… so who cares so far I will be getting a taste of her cookies that many of my niggers will sluaghter to taste and me am just choosen, besides you wan marry am? As my niggers will ask….

Friday Ella was all over me she even came around and stayed with my niggers, drove me home..

Ella: tomorrow is Saturday, I will miss you

Me: me too

Ella: hmm ahm hmm

Me: what?

Ella: nothing. .ah what will you be doing tomorrow

Me: nothing

Ella: lets see tomorrow then..

We agreed tomorrow by 11: am she will come get me but later that evening my parents reminded me that we were going for one of my cousins Traditional marriage in the village ( I had totally forgotten about it) and we will go see granny and probably attend church over there and come back sunday evening.. I came up with the excuse of Test tomorrow in school, cos if I say class I might be asked to forgo the class..

I went out in the morning at about 9 am.. as if its for the test as I went to see one of my nigger…. I told him about our plans with Ella he then said I shouldn’t go out Instead make I dey house say na my chance to go promise land be that since house go d free…..

Back home Momsi and Pospsi are gone only Nene and Sisi dey house.. well thats non of my business cos me I no fit b dullington again…

I cleaned everywhere in my room, arranged my wardrobe, lay new bedspread.. spray air freshner.. took one last glance at the room and smiled…behold my slaughter house

I pressed play on my compact disc as Don Carlos came alive.. (young girl the tract title.. how many of una sabi that song..?)

Entered the bathroom roll small kush chai I have never been this happy in a long time..

I shaved everywhere clean.. use Roll on, spray body spray, use perfume ontop so tey I come dey hazardous to asthmatic patient if I come across one.. I come dress nicely

I peeped at the mirror I was happy with what I saw

Time checking its 10:20 Am… I remember say I never chop and soon I dey go work abi I wan faint ontop job?

I dashed into the kitchen.. Rice and stew dey pot…I smiled cos I had something to offer Ella…

looked around, mine was already served.

Went to the parlour Sisi and Nene dey enjoy one movie like that.

I come waka go meet Sisi

Me: Sisi Mi smiling.. my friend dey come visit me today o…

Sisi: ah why are u telling me? Na normal thin na

Me: yes but this one na girl.. inshort na my girlfriend. .

Sisi burst out one kind laff eh.. me self come wonder weytin d funny as Nene dey form not listening

Sisi: girlfriend? No carry small girl come this house o … as a matter of fact if she ain’t pretty I will personally pursue her..

Me: No wahala… smiling.

I was more happy that Nene will be here to witness.. it feels so good when you getting back at your enemy…

Time checking its finally 11:00 AM in no time my phone rang

Me: hey baby

Ella: good morning.. am on my way just get ready…

Me: okay pretty I was born ready

Ella: I love that as she laughs

Sat at the balcony observing in no time an OX red Honda Accord pulled up well I wondered who it was cos I have not seen her before with this one..

My phone rang again

Me: hello

Ella: come down am looking at you

Me: come inside.. there’s been a change of plans

Ella: what of your parents?

Me: don’t worry they are not home and they won’t be home till tomorrow

Ella: really! Ok then

I came down as Ella opened the gate and came in, she was carrying a polythene bag… she wore a white T shirt, bump short,red slippers and a red handbag. I was awestruck when she smiled at me.. mehn this girl is beautiful, she is endowed…

Is she really my girlfriend?

Quickly I use eye UnCloth am I see say she no wear her bosoms complimented every step she makes with an up and down movement…

To Be Continued…

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