-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 11

A story written by Referee… If you missed part 10, read it Here

Ella apologized for comming late and that had it been I had a phone she would of called to inform that she was busy with her mum… she requested for only water.

All the rhymes and lyrics I memorized escaped me as I was just smiling and ansewring yes and No.. and besides the things she was telling us we couldnot contribute much as she talked about her trips…

We wey just dey town with our niggers weytin we wan talk join?

Dano wey me dey even fyl say na King kong fall me hands as he formed watching Tv and before I know whatsup He bailed on me.

I had to man up as I was now left with her alone and gradually I became more confident as I noticed she was smiling at everything I said, I never knew I was this Funny.. Out of no where I told her she was adorabe, I noticed she started writing lines on the table with her finger as she muttered thank you.. I got inspired and dropped more lyrics and rhymes..

Ella drove me back home, at the gate she said she had brought something for me.. opened her glooves box removed a wrapped pack for me… I thanked her, smiled and asked her to wait as I rushed inside and came out with the handbag I got her…

She was happy as she Smiled..came out of the car and gave me a hug and whispered thank you Mr mathematician…

I got back in went to my room opened my pack and behold Ella bought me a phone Samsung R220 and an MTN Sim

I stood up rushed to the mirror to see weytin Ella see for my body cos I was confused.

Why would she get me such an expensive gift..? Am not even her boyfriend, could it be she is instrested?

But then I cant use this phone cos my parents will ask me where I got the money from, after much thinking I decided am going to use the phone in my room alone and it will always be on silent until when am outside the house, in that way my parents will never know

For two weeks I couldn’t take the relationship to the next level all my niggers took turn in yabbing me as we all laughed I pretended It didn’t hurt but deep down it got to me.. the funniest thing was that I haven’t even asked her to be my girlfriend. .. My niggers said we were brothers and sisters.. Since I didn’t have any Siblings God sent me this one.. they changed my name to Dullington.. Saying I dey dull

Finally I swallowed my pride and ask my niggers what is the way forward as they came out with series of strategy finally we picked the one deemed fit…

I called Ella 5 times on Sunday she didn’t pick up and she didn’t return the calls..

On monday I called severally but she refused picking up, same on Tuesday..I dropped several messages yet no reply…

I had to tell my niggers what’s happening they laughed and said since am Dullington I never know say fine rich girls dont like dullers ..

I was sad I looked for Ella everywhere and the hardest part was trekking to school becos Ella had been picking me up and droping me off. I had exhausted my allowance for the month becos of my new expensive lifestyle and I wasn’t good at borrowing money, though we are in the last week of the month I couldn’t ask my parents for more money as I could not explain how I finished the huge amount of money I was given.. so I waited patiently for next week

Finally on thursday I saw Ella with her friends. . I stood from afar I dialled her number, she removed her phone looked at it and dropped it back inside her hand bag.. I decided to get to her.. I met her and she excused her friends. .

Me: av being calling you since

Ella: yeah and I have being seein em

Me: so why have you not being answering?

Ella: nothing, pls not now and here if you wanna talk about that I suggest we go somewhere more private and comfortable, so if you are serious call me by 2:00pm I will be free if you don’t mind Excuse me… as she walks away

Thank God I wasn’t with any of my niggers today I would av been given another name.. I thought of what could made her so cheesed off, so frosty? Well I decided to play cool till 2pm to find out… I met one my niggers to borrow from him a lil cash should in case we r going some places.. I can at least buy coke.

2:30pm at coca cola spot

Me: seriously I don’t get it? What’s happening

Ella: nothing!

Me: so why this attitude?

Silence as Ella formed watching TV

Me: for the last time what is it?

Ella: have told u nothing, If u have nothing to say can you allow me go.. without looking at me as she continues watching her TV

I was delirious but I maintained my calmness, as a shy guy we don’t like embarrassment, I wanted saying something but I remembered I had said for the last time so I walked over to the bar man paid for the bottle water came back dropped the phone she bought me on the table and walked away

I thought of meeting up with my dudes but I was feeling droopy so I headed home..

Met Nene at the balcony.. walked pass her since me and her no dey talk, went straight to my room looked into my stash of kush took some rolled up and moved into my bathroom

I tried figuring out why the sudden change in Ella.. was I really dull? Na becos of this girl me n Nene vex and now I couldn’t nail her.. I accepted my dullings.. showered, came out admired myself using the mirror on the wall.. I noticed I was growing into a very handsome guy.

I was vexed, see Dano wey no even fine half of me dey dump girls whereas me here na dem dey dump me.. I thought within me..

I smiled as I remembered my niggers calling me Dullington D. C.

Truly I was dull.. I told myself from next week there will b a change of name, I will be bold and ask a girl out after all its either a yes or No… slowly my Kush sent me into the dream world. ..

I was awoken by a persistent knock on my room door..

Me: yes

Nene: some one is looking for u

Recognising the voice I didn’t border asking anymore questions cos she wont answer.. she even tried coming to call me.. I believed it was one of my niggers that she knows

Sluggishly got up and wore a Nike short and singlet…

Surprisingly it was Ella.

Ella: hey handsome as she smiles, Sorry to disturb from your sleep.. I came to say am sorry..

Me was quiet and Impassive

She smiled and moved closer

Ella: see the thing is you are confusing me, I like you a lot but I don’t understand you, what do you want from me? Blah blah blah

I understood what she meant since I promised to changed my name from Dullington I stepped closer held her and kissed her as she responded… and we had our first kiss…

To Be Continued…

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