-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 1

A story written by Referee…

At the age of 16, I was in my SS3 in one of the best Govt Secondary in my state back then, I was tall lanky and cute. Although Young but rolled with the Big boys who were way older than me and matured remember back then sec school was not for boys… Moreso they were from very wealthy families, some were like above the law bcus of thier parents influence. I had a spot in the group not bcus of money but bcus I was brilliant as it was fail in the school and go so I helped them academically in exchange for Protection and popularity.

Rolling with D boiz exposed me to X-trated Videos, Girls, Smoking and Drinking. All the boys in the group had girlfriends but I was the only one without one, not even with the amount of Coaching and Motivation made me ask my crush out. Even though I helped in most of the love letter writing bcus of my good handwriting but I couldn’t write one for my self. So I resorted to watching of X-trated when am on holidays and being a shy guy means I couldn’t get one from the movie shop except the ones given to me by my guys and that wasn’t a problem for them.

Back home am the good kid my parents, neighbours can swear for me that I don’t know anything other than my books.. but I was now olamide (baddo) and being the only child of my busy parents meant I was most of the time lonely until my dads best friend children(2 girls) Nene and Sisi popped up, they are twins(not identical) Nene is the senior and they both gained admission into the university in my state n since their parents are based in Abuja they automatically stayed with us and this interrupted my viewing sessions, the most annoying part is them acting like senior sisters to me.

Its Monday Dad n Mum off as usual (work) Nene and Sisi off (school) Me locking gate waitin on Nepa with my Joystick semi turgid bcus of anticipation… waiting patiently on Nepa admiring and fantasising about the Unclad and s*xy** gurls on the X-trated vcd cover, Nepa came I hurriedly moved to the VCD pressed open n inserted my disc and turned on the TV.

n a relaxed and happy mood I sat on the couch the TV came alive then I realised I wasn’t with my star head screw driver so I went for it …came bk and there was was this beautiful dark lady with a great body being interviewed, afterwards came the guy with only boxers moved towards the girl and then grabbed her Buttocks and they kissed briefly as the girl went for his boxers…and bought out a semi active d:; ck stroke a lil bit and then licked the tip of the D;:ck moving from the tip to the crotch as she took em balls one by one. She sucked and licked the d:; ck as if it was sugar coated as she licked every part, this made the D:; ck so hard as the veins were now clearly visible on the 9 inches dark rooster.

The guy pulled his D:; ck out carried the lady to the couch spread her legs n reciprocated he kissed and ate the p:;; sy so well as the girl legs started shaking he manipulated while his tongue was still on the femalecore she moaned loud and begged to be bleeped…pls Bleep me Bleep me pls pls she begged. He obliged as he rammed his Joystick into her with her legs raised n pressed towards her head, he bleeped her hard as the banging sound and the moaning, tah tah ouch ouch ha ha made me more harder her round big Bosom were bouncing up n down in tune with the rhythm. After a while came change of style this time doggy he kept bleeping and all of a sudden started breathing heavily and then he emptied as the girl licked everything and visibly not satisfied….. scenes and more scenes played and I finished a disc.

Time checking it was time to arrange the house ….

Things were going on well b/twn me n the girls, Sisi was a very open person no formings she treated me like a friend n not like a junior brother, she tells me things, partying, boys and school in fact almost everything.. waoh with all this things she saying I cant wait to b in the university.

Nene was a shy church girl though she was more beautiful I didn’t like ha muchmuch cos she was always forming 4 me as if me na small boy so me and her was just normal talk nothing much….if we gist its just church talk cos she na holy holy she b o… But the day I found out that she has been watching my X-trated videos I felt I was dreaming. she had discovered my stash of X-trated videos I don’t know how but mehn fear church shy girls that girl eh…

To Be Continued…

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