-Man Wey Dey Reason

Must Read: Man Wey Dey Reason… Part 63

A story written by Flow1759… If you missed part 62, read it HERE!!!

“Brainbox who give you laptop wey you carry?” Man asked. I had totally forgotten Brainbox was with us. I turned toward Brainbox to see that he was holding a very beautiful HP laptop.

“shebi una dey fear Police, me i just carry this laptop for Ade shop, dem the police think say na my laptop wey i dey charge, even sef all the money wey dey Ade shop, i don pack all of them” Brainbox said tapping his pocket lightly.

I noticed how his pocket bulged, with my mouth ajar, I concluded that the money in his both pockets would be enough for each of us to get atleast 5k as tip.

“Brainbox! Brainbox!! Brainbox!!!” we all cheered.
“Brainbox!! But how this boy take thief this kin plenty money, com thief laptop sef, and those Ekelebe no see am” I tot.

If Brainbox were to be in the era of the Notorious robber Lawrence Anini, he would had given Anini a run for his money. Or so i tot.

The sorrows that was formerly read on the faces of Man and Bigie suddenly turned Joy.

“make we enter one beer parlour make i give una una share of the money” Brainbox said.

We got to a Beer parlour to see someone i never expected we would see there. Kate.

Kate and her s’ugar daddy. Non other than the owner of the Block Industry and cement depot close to our site, Chief Levinus.

Very stingy Chief Levinus. He owes his workers salary arrears and still yells at them. He is the perfect description of “Aka gum”. Aka gum means a hand that hardly gives. Little wonder Madam Ifeoma said over her dead body for her to buy cement from his cement depot. He was also a cheat.

We never bothered to say hello to them, because we no wan fall our hand..

We sat down and Brainbox immediately started sharing the money.

We all got 4,500naira each, while Brainbox had about 10k to himself, in addition to the Laptop.

To me, the money was shared perfectly, after all it was an L101 and not an L104. We drank a bottle of beer each, paid and left.

“thank God for this money wey Brainbox give me oh, i go go give Tupac, and i go give am the remaining necklace wey dey with me, i go tell am say i no dey do the busness again, say any money wey i owe am make him calculate am, i go dey pay am small small if we start kponkpon work” Man stated.

When i was saying i had saved enough money from the Jewelleries business than from Kponkponeries business, Man’s was saying the opposite.

Man preffered Kponkponeries business to Jewelleries business, i could tell. Well, like they say; “one Man’s meat is another Man’s poison”, or better still; “one Man’s meat is another Flow’s poison”.

We got home to meet a full house, including MOG.

“ehen we have been waiting for you guys” Pkc said. “hope no problem Pkc?” I was surprised.

“no problem, seat down, we just need to talk about something important” Pkc said. “if na house rent una want make we contribute money, i no get money oh, after all e remain 6months wey i go stay here” I tot as i sat down.

“you see, we are brothers, and as brothers, we should do things for our betterment generally and not individually” Pkc begane.

“there is this business idea Baba jay suggested to me few weeks ago, the business is for us to open a barbing salon” Pkc informed.

“how possible is that?” Snoop asked what i wanted asking. “yes it is possible, Baba jay had made inquiries and he will tell us how much it will cost us to start the business” Pkc responded.

“i have prayed over it, and God has approved of the business, so now Baba jay will tell us how much it will cost us and how much each of us is to contribute to the business, we will gain alot from this business i assure you, it is very lucrative” Pkc added. “and one more thing, it is not a must oh, if u are not interested, just back out” Pkc informed.

“Construction and painting of Container: 150,000naira, furnishing of the shop: 35,000naira, buying of other materials in the shop, such as clippers and sound system: 45,000naira” Baba jay read out. “what of Generator na?” Man asked.

“MOG has promised us a Generator” Pkc answered. “what about the rentage of the land we would place the Container?” Tega asked. “we don talk to Haruna, him don tell Landlord, him say make we put the container for near Nkiru shop, free of charge” Baba jay answered.

“so who is in and who is out? If u are in just raise your hand up” Pkc said.

First to raise his hand was Pkc, followed by Baba jay, next was Man, Snoop and Tega raised their hands almost immediately.

I and Brainbox stared at each other for about a minute.

And we finally raised our hands up.

“make una calculate how much wey i go contribute for the business, i wan pay my own now” Brainbox suddenly said as he stood up heading towards the toilet.

I was surprised at the bold steps he took to the Toilet. What i never knew was that the toilet had been his Central Bank lately.

To Be Continued…

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