-Man Wey Dey Reason

Must Read: Man Wey Dey Reason… Part 61

A story written by Flow1759… If you missed part 60, read it HERE!!!

I looked from Baba jay to Pkc, and back to Baba jay, I continued the process trying to figure out the right time to steal one of the mighty pieces of meat with all dexterity.

The time was ripe, so I quickly grabbed one of the pieces of meat, opened the neck of the Sweater i wore, and threw it in. I did all these within a split second.

Just when i thought nobody saw me stole the meat, two persons saw me. Not Pkc and Baba jay, but Snoop and Brainbox.

I winked at both of them signaling them not to say a word. Brainbox winked back at me signaling; “my share dey oh”.

I thanked my stars that the meat was not piping hot, it was partially hot. Had it being piping hot, i would had stomached the pain, bcos the enjoyment of later munching such mighty meat would definately be stronger than the pain.

Evil grows with time, they say. As we continued eating, i thought of stealing another piece of meat. But what would i say if i was asked how three pieces of meat suddenly turned to one. Because i knew i would be the prime suspect. I would simply say, “make una stop rough play oh, una just dey cheat me since with rush-rush, una don chop una meat, una wan share my own with me”.

Suddenly, i grabbed the second piece of meat with the speed of light, and threw it into my meat reservoir. Just one person saw me steal the meat this time around. That one person was the ever observant Brainbox. He winked at me and i smiled in return.

Suddenly Baba jay said, “where two of the meat dey na” giving me a gaze of suspicion. “make una stop rough play oh, una just dey cheat me since with rush-rush, una don chop una meat, una wan share my own with me” I boldly said.

They both stared at each other amazed and surprised at how two pieces of meat suddenly developed wings and flew without them noticing.

“I no go gree for una lai lai, Pkc even you that is a pastor, you want to cheat? God is watching you oh” I accused Pkc. “but i am sure i dished three pieces of meat, how come just one is left?” Pkc asked the air. “Angel Anu don come carry two of meat” I almost answered.

Anu is not the Yoruba name that is shortened from Anuolowa. It is Ibo, and it means Meat.

“make una no play rough play with me oh, dis meat wey dey for plate na my own, una don chop una own, i go cause Kata Kata here oh” I threatened and i heard Brainbox giggled.

Kata Kata is the baptizmal name for Wahala. And Wahala could be interpreted to mean Nsogbu in Ibo Language.

“why are you putting on a sweater?” Pkc asked. “Pkc that one no concern you, na meat wahala we dey talk here, no be sweater” I replied.

I noticed that Baba jay was contantly staring at my pregnant stomach. Pregnant with non-identical twins. Two pieces of meat named Anu1 and Anu2.

“okay we go swear with Bible, anybody wey chop the meat go get Malaria and Typhoid” Baba jay suggested.

I knew that if we swear with the Bible, I would not only catch Malaria and Typhoid, i would also catch Epilepsy, so i said, “Pkc do u support swearing with the Bible? You are a pastor oh. God is against our swearing with the Holy book oh”. “Never!! we are never going to swear with the Bible” Pkc said. “Flow eat this meat, I and Baba jay will share the meat i left in the pot for MOG” Pkc concluded.

I smiled again.

As i munched the meat they left in the plate for me, i felt my twins kicking. It seemed i was about delivering.

Brainbox was staring at me with his face reading: “Flow where my share na?”.

I stood up carefully in other for me not to have a miscarriage of my pregnancy. And i handed over what was left of the meat i was munching to Brainbox. That was his share.

“Flow comot dis sweater na, see as you dey sweat” Tega said. If he knew what was in the Sweater, he wouldn’t had said that. “I like am like that, leave am for me, E concern you” I replied him. Brainbox and Snoop laughed out loud, bcos they knew what was in between the sweater and my stomach.

I hurriedly walked to the hospital to give birth to the twins in my stomach.

To Be Continued…

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