-Man Wey Dey Reason

Must Read: Man Wey Dey Reason… Part 50

A story written by Flow1759… If you missed part Forty Nine, read it HERE!!!

As i ran slowly into the bush trying to catch my breathe, i saw Man and Brainbox discussing. “wetin mad man and person wey no mad go dey talk?” I asked myself.

I thought Man had Joined the Madness, so i took steps backwards, “Flow no run, we never mad” Man said, “how i go take know say una never mad? Mad man no dey gree say him don mad na” I replied still taking steps backwards.

The total darkness in the bush really frightened me, also the calmness in the bush almost made my spirit leave my body. I felt like running.

“Flow i never Mad, i just do that thing so we no go pay for the beer wey we drink” Brainbox said.

I was partially convinced he wasn’t mad, because Brainbox was capable of displaying such Con.

What fully convinced me was when Man said, “take ur cloth, wear am make we dey go house”. And Brainbox wore his clothes.

So Brainbox put up such a risky Con just for us not to pay for the beer we drank? Why must he poo on the floor? I was sure nemesis would catch up with him when the bar owner sees him in his right senses someday, or so i tot.

Brainbox!! The best 419er!!

“i no fit do dis tin wey dis mumu Brainbox do oh, just because say him want make we no pay for the beer wey we drink, Brainbox u no get shame oh, see as u open ur nyash dey s’hit for bar where everybody dey drink” was what i was saying in my mind as we walked out of the bush.

I was still very much at alert incase a nut in Brainbox’s big head loses, and he ran mad for real, i would be the first to flee.

I was also at alert for Brainbox not to walk close to me, incase his teeth was in search of what to bite, it wouldn’t be my body.

When we were much younger, we were told by our elder ones to always stay off Mad men, because if they bite us, we would join them in Madness. That believe had stuck.

“but Brainbox u get brain oh” Man complimented. “as i drink that Tea and Beer nahim make my brain think of how i go do wey we no go pay for the beer wey we drink” Brainbox said. “but guy make u no dey try that kin thing again oh, before people go tie you rope say u don mad” I said.

Apart from the fact that Brainbox drank Beer and Tea, he was capable of pulling such Con anytime anyday.

Sometimes i wondered if Brainbox had the same brain we all had, or God blessed him with uncountable amount of brains. Little wonder he had a mighty Coconut shaped head.

Head boy!!

The way he thought outside every box dazzled me alot.

If there was a University of Con, and Brainbox was a student, he would sure graduate with a first class.

“Flow i no know say you be Taekwondo guy oh” Snoop said to me as we returned from work the Following day, “how you take know?” I asked Snoop. “i see your dobork inside ur bag na” Snoop replied.

Dobork is the Korean Terminology for Uniform a Taekwondo Martial artist wears to his/her Dojan.

Dojan is also a Korean Terminology for Training ground where Taekwondoist trains.

“wetin you find go my bag” I queried. “na when i dey find my boxers, but i don see am sha” Snoop replied. “na everytime ur boxers dey lost, na evertime person dey take ur boxers” I said to him.

“Flow so u be Taekwondo guy?” Snoop asked me. “yes na, i be Red belt” I responded. “me na Blue belt” Snoop said. “where be ur Dojan?” Snoop asked me. “na for Dan Anyam stadium, but no be everytime i dey go, my main Dojan na for Barracks for Lagos” I replied. “me my Dojan na for Old stadium wey dey for Tetlow” Snoop said.

“Flow make we go train this Saturday for my Dojan na, u go like am oh, e don tay wey i go train there sef” Snoop said. “no wahala, i go follow you go” I agreed only because Saturday wasn’t a day for Kponkpon.

My name was in the cooking Time-table for that evening.

I started cook with Brainbox coming from time to time to assist me with some chores.

It was vegetable soup.

Vegetable soup and Fresh Fish. A perfect blend.

I rinsed the fish and threw away the dirty water. The water had barely rested on the floor when i realized i had thrown it on the wrong place.

To Be Continued…

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