-Man Wey Dey Reason

Must Read: Man Wey Dey Reason… Part 33

A story written by Flow1759… If you missed part Thirty Two, read it HERE!!!

U’gly events were unfolding like Domino effect.

Our world was gradually crashing, so i tot

Man and the rest came back with the Jeep, without Chief.

Chief had kicked the bucket.

The other guys wore gloomy faces, but Kate was crying.

She had lost her Lover.

“but who go kill this good man na?” i asked myself. Maybe one of his political opponents wanted him dead. Maybe he had stepped on toes. But one question i felt like asking was why Chief came alone without his bodyguards. If only the dead could speak.

Kate was almost crying her eyes out, so i went to hold her, to give her my shoulders to cry on. As i held her close to my body, a tingling sensation ran from my head to my John thomas.

A sensation i was enjoying. So i gradually moved my hand to her a”ss, i knew she wouldn’t complain, so i f’ondled it. Mehn! It was soft, and it bounced like a ballon. A fully inflated ballon.

“Kate don’t cry again, God gives and God takes” I consoled with my hand still on her a”ss. As if it was her a”ss i was consoling not her.

I tot nobody saw my hand behind. I was wrong, the ever sharp Brainbox say it and winked at me. I winked back.

Just when we said we had drank Wahala to Stupor, wahala came.

“if una no buy my fowl back before tomorrow, all of una go run mad” Haruna who just walked in threatened.

Empty threat. Or so i tot.

Not until he brought out fetish feathers stained with blood.

“Una see dis feather, na the feather of the Fowl wey una chop. I don carry am go Babalawo place, him say if una no confess before tomorrow, all of una go run mad” Haruna threatened.

This time i was convinced it wasn’t an empty threat, but a full threat.

I was ready to confess instantly, but the problem was that was my friends ready to confess?

It was about 8am. Time for work.

“Flow make we dey go Nekede Exclusive garden, we don late” Man said to me.

“i go follow una go oh” Baba jay suddenly said. Maybe he tot we were going for funfair in the garden. Maybe “where u think say we dey go sef?” Man asked Baba jay, “una dey go mix rice and beans na” Baba jay replied.

It was very certain we would soon have a visitor in the compound. The Police. Bcos after the gruesome murder of a prominent man like Chief, i was 101% certain the Police would come for questioning.

Was Baba jay scared of being question by the Police? Why would he be? When he never had a hand in the death of Chief. But why did he suddenly decide to go with us to mix rice and beans? Only time could answer these questions.

“Flow go buy slippers wey we go wear comot, as dem don thief our shoe and our pam sef, make we wear slippers comot na” Man said offering me 500naira to buy four pairs of rubber slippers(na Flip flop English dey call am oh, but make i just call am the baptizmal name, slippers).

Like minds would always reason alike, i winked at Brainbox, and he understood i wanted him to join me to go submit my L102 Assignment to the Lecturer.

As we walked to Nkiru’s Shop bare footed, Brainbox said, “Flow, i go dey for back of the shop, u go dey throw them the slippers come where i dey”. “No wahala” I replied. What it meant was that i had a big task ahead.

“Nkiru, i wan buy slippers, the big size” I said as i got to Nkiru’s shop. “take am there and give me money” Nkiru replied. I took a pair of slippers and gave her the 500naira. “i no get change here oh, make i go bring change come” Nkiru said and rushed into the house.

Opportunity!! Big Opportunity.

I threw a pair of Slippers quickly, and i threw another pair. But before i could throw the final pair, Nkiru came with the change. Since i was with one pair of slippers and i already threw two pairs to Brainbox, so in other to complete the pair of Slippers, i quickly demanded, “Nkiru abeg give me another Slippers”. She gave me, and i left peacefully.

Peacefully indeed, as a successful candidate of L102 course. An “A” course.

As i walked out of Nkiru’s Shop, i saw Haruna came walking towards me.

I was wearing a pair of slippers, and i held another pair.

The way Haruna stared at me, it was as if he was suspecting i stole the pair of Slippers i held. “i no thief am oh, i buy am, them the one wey i thief dey with Brainbox” If i said that, maybe i would instantly run Mad.

Talking of Mad, i quickly recalled Haruna’s threat. And i promised myself i would talk to my guys for us to go plead for Haruna’s forgiveness. And that they should remember Haruna gave us just 24hours.

“Make we go beg Haruna na, make we no run mad oh” I said as i entered the room. “Bone that thing abeg, that Aboki want make we fear” Baba jay said. “na lie oh, him mean am oh, make we go beg am oh” I repeated. “Flow leave that thing jor, why u be fear-fear like dis” Man said. “how i no go fear? u no see feather wey blood dey wey him carry that time” I yet repeated. “Flow we no dey go beg am jor, that feather no mean anything abeg” Snoop replied.

“E mean something oh! E mean something oh!” I warned.

Like the pidgin English adage goes; “fly wey no dey hear word dey follow dead body enter grave”.

Since i was called “fear-fear” just bcos i told my friends what i felt was right. Well, i had done my best. I was sure even if Haruna cursed madness on all of us, my madness wouldn’t be as severe as theirs, or so i tot.

To Be Continued…

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