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Must Read: Man Wey Dey Reason… Part 31

A story written by Flow1759… If you missed part Twenty Nine, read it HERE!!!

The next day, Brainbox was discharged from the hospital.

“e get as dis house dey smell since yesterday oh” Man said. “na true talk oh” Snoop added.

“maybe na dat dustbin wey dey outside” I said. “no be dustbin jor, the thing dey smell like piss, abi person piss for our rug?” Man inquired. “maybe na Daniel and David” I said.

At that moment, Bigie came in, “Bigie where tupac na?” Man asked, “him go gym for Tony side” Bigie replied, “ehenn! Make we go gym na, e don tay wey i gym sef” Man said. “who be Tony?” I intentionally asked knowing what would be Man’s response, “when we reach there, you go see am” He replied.

“i go follow una go gym oh” Brainbox said. “ehnnn! U wan die? e be like say life no dey sweat you again? U just dey come back from hospital because of blow wey Papa Ejima blow you for chest, u wan com follow us go gym” I said.

I, Man, Bigie and Snoop were off to Tony’s place, which was the next compound.

We got to the shanty looking hostel and we walked straight to the backyard, where the gym was.

Tony’s gym was equiped with two barbells and four dumb-bells.

We met Tupac alone working out. He wasn’t only working out, he “garnished” it with igboh.

My oh my!! How i loved working out and smoking at the same time. It reminded me of a place called “Sokoto”. Sokoto was a bush path in the barracks where we gathered every evening to smoke weed. And at the back of Sokoto was a local gym constructed by a member of Sokoto.

I was displaying the stuff i was made of. I was displaying my “gyming skill”, when a guy came, “whooooooooo beeeeee this?” I tot he was singing, “Tuuuuuupaaaac, i saaaaaaay whoooo beee this?” He said stamping his foot on the ground, i tot he was dancing.

He wasn’t Singing, neither was he dancing. He was a heavy stammerer. And his name was “Toooooony”. My bad! Tony.

“na my guy be dis, him name na Flow” Tupac introduced me to Tony. “ooooookay, Flooooooow hoooow far?” Tony said giving me a handshake.

Mehn! Tony was going through Hell as a stammerer. Although, stamping his foot on the floor seemed like he was dancing “Atilogu”, he did so to ease the stammering.

Since i was born, i had never seen such a stammerer. His stammering sounded more like rap music. Hard core rap music.

Since we were smoking and at the same time working out, we never saw Time flew.

Darkness came gradually, and soon it was night.

After working out and smoking, what comes to mind? Food! Food! and Food!

It was Baba jay’s turn to cook, so we got home to meet a delicious Okro soup.

It was my turn to lie on the floor that night.

That night i called Florence. I had earlier told her on phone that i would give her a mid night call. because it was free. She bought the idea anyways.

I was lying on the floor “Jejely” making my call and using sweat words to woo Florence, when i heard a thundering b”ang on our door. I stood up to see who was the f’ool b”anging at our door at such an unholy hour.

It was no f”ool, it was the Wise ones.

The gentlemen in black.

I was hearing heavy b”anging at the doors of Kate and Papa Ejima. The robbers were much.

They were much, but only two of them entered our room. They looked more like masquerades with the black mask on their faces. Their torch light gave the room a glow, as if the Moon was in our room. The name of one of them was MOPO, while the name of the other one was MOPO. Maybe that was their code name, or maybe not.

Maybe it meant Mobile Police. Or maybe it was an acronym for “Mobile Oleh and Pilferers Organisation”.

“if i catch any of una look up ehnn” One of the MOPO warned. As i lay facing the floor, i was dancing “Makossa” to the “drum beats” Baba jay’s non stop fart was playing.

I wasn’t the only one dancing Makossa, we were all dancing in fear as we lay facing the floor.

“common! Stop to dey mess!! before i use dis gun shot your n’yash” MOPO yelled hiting Baba jay on the a”ss with the flat side of a cutlass. The fart stopped, but we were still dancing. Shaking as if we were having s’ex with the floor.

“where una money dey?” MOPO yelled, “oga MOPO, we be poor boys, we no get money oh” Man said.
“we know say una no get money, we no come for una sef, we come for another thing” MOPO said. Only God knew what he was talking of.

“ok, who get dis watch and necklace” MOPO was talking of the watch and necklace on the table, “na dis boy here, him name na Tega” Snoop said, “u dey mad! Oga MOPO no be my own oh, na him own” Tega refused ownership of his properties, “na your own! na your own! Na your own jor!” was the argument that ensued between Tega and Snoop. “shut up!!” MOPO brought the argument to a stop.

“MOPO dem cook better soup with plenty meat oh, Eba even dey sef” the other MOPO informed his friend. “ehen, bring am make we chop na” the other MOPO replied. He was talking of the Eba we kept for Pkc, incase he returned.

Talking of Pkc, he was hardly around when trouble came. Or was God watching over “His own” Pkc. I too could be reffered to as “His own”, His own that had gone astray, like the lost sheep. Or so i tot

“MOPO! Them dis guys get fine fine shoe oh” MOPO informed his friend. “pack all the shoe na!” the other MOPO commanded. “wetin we go dey wear na” i almost said, as i heard MOPO bagging our shoes.

“u dey look our face abi? Stand up!! You!!” i tot the MOPO was talking to me. He was actually talking to Man.

“pack all una phone put for nylon, and give me” MOPO said to Man after giving him a deafening slap. “wetin be ur name sef?” the other MOPO asked Man. “my name na MAN, my papa name na WEY DEY REASON” Man said. Maybe the slap had turned his brain up side down, maybe.

On hearing how Man introduced himself, i mistakenly laughed, “who laugh?” MOPO queried. “na dis boy laugh” Man tapped me.

At that moment, i felt poo running down my bowel, “i don die today” i tot. “stand up!!” MOPO ordered. As i stood up, i heard, “gboooooaaaaaar!!” it was a gunshot, i tot i had been shot. I felt my heart fall off my chest. The next noise i heard was someome crying bitterly, that was when i realized i wasn’t the one shot. It was someone else, someone not even in our room.

“MOPO!! MOPO!! We don kill am, make we dey go” i heard a voice outside informing the two MOPO in our room, and they quickly left.

What i couldn’t tell, was who they had killed.

To Be Continued…

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